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10 English Comedy Movies From ’90s That You Should Watch

If you want to relax after a hectic day, you need comedy movies to relax your mind. Here are 10 English Comedy movies from the ’90s that you should watch. Some are really popular in this age too. Some are black comedy and some are pure comedy that will make you laugh hard.

These are the top English Comedy movies from the year 1980-1999. You can suggest your favourite too.

  1. The Man with Two Brains (1983):

The Man With Two Brains is a science fiction movie and it is a black comedy. The movie plot revolves around a brain surgeon Dr Michael Hfuhruhurr played by Steve Martin and his relationships with women. Dr is in search of love and in this quest he tries to put brains in one body or another. He fell in love with a gold digger and feel dejection after finding out.

2) Something Wild (1986):

Something Wild is another English comedy movie and the cast includes Melanie Griffth, Jeff Daneils and Ray Liotta. The movie plot revolves around a woman who kidnaps a man for adventure but eventually fell into unexpected situations.

3) Beetle Juice (1988):

The genre of Beetlejuice is a fantasy comedy movie. The movie revolves around a dead couple who has become ghosts. They try to protect the place where they used to live. They scare the people away from their place. This movie was released on March 30, 1988.

4) Home Alone (1990):

Home Alone is a series of movie that revolves around an American family. The family leaves the boy named Macaulay Culkin behind and the rest of the family goes for the Christmas holidays. The movie is about the survival of the boy in the house by saving himself from thieves. Home alone has made your childhood awesome.

5) Clerks (1994):

Clerks is a White and Black English Comedy movie. The cast includes Brian O’Halloran and Jeff Anderson. the movie plot revolves around the lives of clerks. The movie was released on October 19, 1994.

6) The Mask (1994):

One of the most popular English Comedy movies is The Mask. Starring Jim Carrey in the lead role, the movie plot revolves around a man who turns into a maniac superhero after wearing a mask. Even after all these years, the movie still has the same popularity.

7) Ace Venture: When Nature Calls (1995):

It is an American comedy film about the detective. Jim Carrey is in the movie and he is amazing in this movie too. It is also an adventure comedy. The movie revolves around the crazy adventure of a detective played by Jim Carrey.

8) The Cable Guy (1996):

Jim Carrey is again doing wonders in the English comedy movie The Cable Guy. The movie was released on June 14, 1996. the movie plot revolves around a cable who wants to befriend his customer but the person rejects him. This increases the craziness of the cable guy played by Jim Carrey and he plans to take revenge on him.

9) Election (1999):

Election is a black comedy movie. The plot focuses on the life of students and revolves around school elections and satirizes high school life and politics. The movie was released on May 7, 1999.

10) Mystery Men (1999):

The movie plot revolves around a group of amateur superheroes who want to save people and the city. A supervillain threatens to destroy the city but the superheroes try their best to save people. This is a superhero comedy movie and has Ben Stiller as the main cast.

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