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Zendaya’s Euphoria is depicting the miseries and lives of 4 women

by Naz khaliq
Zendaya as Rue in HBO Euphoria

Disclaimer: If you are a sensitive person, Euphoria is not for you and especially if you are suffering from depression. The reason is you will start relating your self to the character Rue and will be more depressed than before. The other reasons are Euphoria has violence, sexual abuse, abusive relations, drugs, nudity, depression and everything that occurs as a result of this.

I was hearing a lot about Euphoria here and there and thought to watch it, although it is not of my taste as it is very depressing. However, I like it because of the amazing acting of actors especially Rue. Honestly, this drama has so many plots and so many things that it needs more than one article to cover it all.

Female characters are overshadowing Male in Euphoria:

Rue is a drug addict and she is the most depressed but I found her the most powerful character of Euphoria. Right from the beginning, she is fighting with depression and doing struggle to survive. There are many kinds of drugs you can find in Euphoria.  Rue feels all alone since her childhood, even her mother and sister try to console her, however, she does not find solace in anything until she meets Jules. However, later Jules also leaves her and she is back on her struggle with depression and drugs.

With the character of Rue, we can have an idea about how it is difficult and almost impossible for a drug addict to leave the addiction and how it is difficult for a depressed person to live a better life. She tries much time to leave it, but every time she feels unfit or alone, she finds the company in drugs. She does not want to go into the world of drugs and numbness again but she has no control.

Although, she is in lousy trousers or sweatshirts, etc in whole drama she is the only girl that I found attractive in Euphoria.

The whole drama is narrated by Rue and in each episode, she tells the story of each character from childhood until the present.

HBO Euphoria cast
Cassie, Kate and Maddy in Euphoria

Maddy, Cassie and Kate are friends but they are different from each other.

While Kate is almost an outcast because she is chubby and no fashion sense, in the beginning, Maddy and Cassie are considered to be pretty girls.

 HBO Euphoria cast

Maddy likes to pass comments on Kate’s appearance but she is also messed up in her life and overall her bond with her friends is good. She brought up like a star kid although her mother was not a rich person, so she always finds a way to enjoy everything. Maddy is involved with a rich guy Nate, in fact, she is in an abusive relationship which she is unable to leave.

One reason can be Nate is one of the hottest guys and the other is he is rich and buy her everything that she likes. Moreover, maybe she feels power with him.

Cassie has a nice heart and an emotional person. She needs a person who can love her. When finally she thinks she has found one, that person is unable to support her. She is treated like a princess by her family but still, she is humble and is confused in relationships. She tries to stay loyal in her relationship. At the end, when her boyfriend is unable to support her because of his confused and weak character, she decides to move on.

 HBO Euphoria cast

Kate is surviving as a chubby girl and no one gives her attention. She hides her talent of writings under her physical appearance. Her video gets viral one day and she decides to step into the world of porn. She starts doing face/webcam and through it earns lots of money. However, money is not her priority. This new Kate feels powerful by shedding her boring avatar and turns in to a fashionable woman. The body she once ashamed of, now becomes her power and she confidently flaunts it.

She starts having sex with random people and feel the power in it because there was a time when no one even used to look at her. However, she still needs a person who can love her truly and at the end of season one she finally gets one. In fact, she is the only person who is able to get her love at the end of season one. Honestly, she is the most attractive and beautiful girl of Euphoria and her confidence and innocence make her perfect.

 Euphoria cast

Jules is another confused person who is seeking affection because of her traumatic childhood. In her childhood, she was forced to live like a psychotic person who needs treatment. Her mother is unable to understand that she needs affection and not treatment.

However, these incidents make her more like a person who tries to gain affection even if it is temporary. Through her social media accounts, she goes to have sex with an elder man and one of them later turns in to Nate’s father (boyfriend of Maddy and later Jules falls in love with him too). When Jules comes to know about the truth of Nate, she comes to Rue who is already in love with her. Jules tries to seek peace in the Rue company. However, she is not at the comfort and she leaves for a holiday. She meets another woman and she likes her craziness.

Jules needs craziness in her love life and for this, she tries to seek it everywhere. However Rue is more like a person who has no idea how to be crazy in a sexual relationship, she is more like a companion where you can give peace and get comfort in return. She herself is too sensitive and wants a person who can love her but Jules is unable to feel that way.

Rue’s mother and younger sister are no doubt supportive of Rue. Rue’s mother tries her best to make her normal and live a normal life. Rue’s younger sister loves her as she is and gets anxious whenever Rue is in an abnormal state. However, there are signs that maybe Rue’s sister will go on her way. Rue’s mother is finally fed up at the end of season one and asks her to leave the house. I cannot blame Rue’s mother either or even Rue, everyone is suffering from their own miseries.

Euphoria’s female characters overshadow male characters, although they are messed up, helpless and seeking love still the struggle of Rue and confidence of Kate make Euphoria a female-oriented drama.


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