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Fair complexion vs Dark complexion and Brown girls Problems

ByNaz khaliq

Feb 20, 2020
dark complexion woman images posted to clear the difference between fair complexion and dark one. No racism intended as I am also dark skin color person
They are beautiful in their own way, I do not understand why their is need of social standards

Shaniera Akram the beautiful wife of cricketer Wasim Akram recently talked about fair complexion problems and dark skin color. She talked about how brown girls should be contented in their own skin color as fair complexion brings lots of skin diseases.

However one needs to understand why in the first place the girls need to do it. Is this urge of fair complexion comes naturally? Is the desire of fair complexion grows with the age or is it from childhood? Let’s look into this:

  • A girl who is born with a dark complexion, not even dark she just does not has the fair complexion of how she even come to know that this color group is considered beautiful and this not. Here I tell you how:

We went to see some relative and there their married daughter was also present. Her daughter did not have a fair complexion and one of the other relatives who were also present there with fair complexion and also has fair complexion children passed a remark that oh, your daughter is black.

Her mother could not say anything other than that, of course, its in her genes as there are many dark-skinned people in her elders including her father. So these all shitty people think that a girl who is of 3, 4 years cannot understand their remarks. This is the beginning of her journey towards having the dream of fair complexion.

There would be hundreds of examples like that circulating in the toxic society of Pakistan.

  • The next, most important and the pathetic reason why there are hundreds of fairness creams and products selling like hot cakes day by day. It is to be liked by someone and if I see it Pakistani scenario, to be liked as a daughter-in-law or as a wife.

It is a proven, well knows and pathetic fact in Pakistan, that a man prefers to marry a fair complexion woman. Afterall he has grown up by seeing all the gorgeous, fair complexion actresses in the entertainment industry. Most have no idea that how many filters, how much tone of makeup or surgeries these actresses have done. They just fix their image in their eyes and start finding a bride for them. https://dribblingthoughts.com/mere-pass-tum-ho/

Here the problem or fault is not only of men, but it’s also the choice of his mother or his sisters who are in search of a fair complexion bride for their son/brother.

The women who are born with fair complexion flaunt it everywhere. They are born with it, so they should thank God for it instead of name-calling of dark skin people.

You are beautiful as you are born. You should feel proud of your skin. You should be contented with what you have. These all are myths. A woman who is getting bullying and is rejected many times because of her skin tone or her physical appearance, these all will be myths and lies for her.

People nowadays are more attracted to physical appearance and have greed for money. People prefer fair complexion over dark skin and where will these are dark skin people will go. How far they will fight for acceptance.


These all can be possible only for some women, otherwise, in a common household of Pakistan, you can easily find lots of fairness products and if not at least different herbal treatments for fairness. If this is not possible, then look at the number of views, likes, and comments on fairness videos on youtube, that do this and that and achieve fairness.

I am talking about Pakistan but I know really well that the same problem and same society standards are in India too.

Shaniera was right in her own way and tried to make girls understand, however she has no idea how deep this s*it is. So, if someone wants to ban all these creams, or if someone wants to make these dark/brown skin color girls realize that these are harmful, they should understand that it’s not in their control. Like many other things, these things are controlled by the powerful individuals of Pakistani society.

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