10 Famous Korean Actors Cameos in KDramas and Their Surprise Entry

It is quite interesting to see your favourite actors even it is for some seconds or minutes. We have a list of some famous Korean actors cameos in Kdramas that will surprise you. These famous actors made a surprise entry in these Kdramas and made their roles memorable.

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10: Yeo jin goo in Start-up:

Korean drama Start-Up is about the dreams of passionate youth and the cast includes famous actors. Fans were surprised to hear the voice of Yeo Jin Goo in the drama. This is one of those Korean actors cameos who surprised fans with their voices in the series. In the drama, he lends his voice to the main character Jang Young Shil.

9: Anupam Tripathi from Squid Game and Descendant of the Sun:

Anupam played the role in the Squid Game and won people’s hearts worldwide. Fans were surprised to know that this is not the first time Anupam appeared in some South Korean drama, he did a cameo in the famous Kdrama Descendant of The Sun. Anupam definitely become one of the top trending Korean actors after appearing in the record-breaking survival drama Squid Game.

8: Lee Jae Wook and Kim Hye Yoon in True Beauty:

Both actors played the lead roles in Kdrama Extraordinary You. Although they did not end up together in Extraordinary You, in True Beauty, they appeared as a couple. They appeared as cameos in Kdrama True Beauty. When the lead character goes to the movie theatre to look for his lover, he meets with a couple watching a movie played by Lee Jae Wook and Kim Hye Yoon. This was one of the surprising Korean actors cameos.

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7: Jung Hae In in Goblin:

Goblin is one of the masterpieces of the Kdrama Industry. Jung Hae In played the role of Ji Eun-tak crush. Ji Eun-tak used to have a crush on him in her school days. He appeared again when Goblin is in Ji Eun-tak life and he gets jealous when she shows interest in her crush. It was one of the cute Korean actors entry in Kdramas.

6: Jung so Min and Seo in Guk in Abyss :

One of the surprising Korean actors cameos were of Jung So Min and Seo in Guk. They both are famous Kdrama actors. They played the role of deities who saves the main character of the drama from death. They give him some powers and he comes back to life. They were indeed surprising Kdrama cameos.

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5: Lee Jong Suk in Weight Lifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo:

Weight Lifting Fairy is one of the famous Kdramas. In one of the episodes of the drama, Lee Jog Suk made a surprising entry. It was like icing on the cake to see a glimpse of Lee Jong Suk in the drama. Lee Jog Suk comes to dine and Kim Bok Joo is impressed by his charisma.

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4: Lee Joon Gi in Hotel Del Luna:

He played the role of a Shaman in Kdrama Hotel Del Luna. The lead character played by IU who wants a man to be her secretary in this fantasy Kdrama. She tries to hire the character of Lee Joon Gi but he is busy with his work. This was an interesting role played by Lee Joon Gi.

3: Park Bo-Gum in Itaewon Class:

Park Bo Gum is one of the most loved and famous Korean actors. It was one of the interesting Korean actors cameos in Kdramas. When the lead character played by Park Seo Joo end up with Jo Yi-seo, his past love interest Oh Soo-ah is heartbroken. Fans felt sad for her but the drama ends with the surprising cameo of Park Bo-gum that gives us the hint that Oh Soo-ah will be with him in the future. There is no doubt, Bo-gum is looking so handsome in this cameo.

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2: Kim so-hyun in Hotel Del Luna:

Kim So-hyun is another most famous Korean actor. The actor did a cameo in the famous Kdrama Hotel Del Luna after his discharge from the military. Hotel Del Luna has a happy ending for the owner of the hotel played by IU but the divine power says that the hotel will stay and there will be a new owner of the hotel. A handsome man can be seen in the hotel and it gives us a hint that he will be the new owner of the hotel. This is one of the most surprising Korean actors entries in Kdramas.

1: Gong Yoo in Squid Game:

Gong Yoo character is the reason that Squid Game starts and it changes the participants’ life. His character can be seen distributing cards to different players who end up in Suiqd Game. Many fans started watching this famous Kdrama because of Gong Yoo but ends up fell in love with various characters. This is one of the most life-changing Korean actors Cameos that change everyone life in the drama.

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