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Just like the series, Korean Entertainment has plenty of Female action Korean movies where you would love to see women with guns and kicking the a**. Korean Entertainment Industry is gaining lots of fame worldwide for its content across the globe ad people are looking for more good Korean content. Besides, people love to watch women-centric movies and Korean movies do not disappoint you, you would love to see female assassins and women with guns in Korean movies.

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8: Slate (2021):

Slate is an fantasy Korean movie. The movie revolves around Yeon-hee who always want to become an action star in the movies. She has an amazing command of the sword but it is tough for her to gain a name. She finally gets a chance to act in an action movie but is transported to the real world. However, this world is like a parallel universe where there are lots of enemies ad she has to protect the villagers. She finally gets a chance to show her strength and abilities. The strong woman lead role is played by Cha Yeon Hee.

7: Punch Lady (2007):

The movie plot focuses on a wife who is tired of his husband physical and verbal abuse. Her husband is martial art champion who does the same in the house. The wife is tired of his behaviour and challenges her to fight with her in the ring. Punch Lady cast includes Do Ji-won, Son Hyun-Joo, Park sang-Wook and Sulli.

6: Princess Aurora (2005):

This is one of the female action Korean movies where a mother gets revenge on people whom she thinks were involved in her child’s death. She is the ex-wife of a policeman who finally reaches to catch her but ends up spending a night with her. She leaves a small hint behind every crime scene that proves it is revenge on a group of people. Uhm Jung-hwa played the lead role in the Korean movie Princess Aurora.

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5: Miss and Mrs Cop (2019):

Miss and Mrs Cop is one of the comedy female action Korean movies. The plot revolves around female cops working in Public Service Center. the story progresses when a young female commits suicide and it has a connection with a gang of men who rape, abuse and drugs women. The two female policewomen played by Ra Mi-ran and Lee Sung-kyung start a mission to catch the culprits as the higher officials are not interested in this case.

4: Lady Vengeance (2005):

Lady Vengeance is a Korean psychological action movie. The movie plot revolves around a female prisoner who is out of prison for a long time. She is accused of a crime that she did not commit. When she is out of jail, she plans revenge on the person who ruined her life. She had to accept the crime because he threatens her with her newborn baby. Lee Young-ae played the lead role of strong woman in Lady Vengeance.

3: No Mercy (2019):

The movie plot revolves around a woman who works as a female bodyguard. Her disabled younger sister is assaulted by a politician and she attacks him. After that, she is sent to prison. When she comes back, she has concern for her sister who is constantly bullied at school. Her sister is used by a gang for manipulating and grabbing money from rich men. She is kidnapped by a gangster who sells her and she is trapped in human trafficking.

The elder sister takes everything in her hands and starts a mission to find her sister. This is an interesting Korean movie where you can see a woman with guns and also there are many disturbing scenes. Lee Si-Young played the lead role of strong woman in the Korean movie No Mercy.

2: The Witch (2018):

This is one of the best action Korean movies that have lots of mystery and action. The storyline is interesting that will hook you up until the end. The plot of the movie revolves around a girl and her childhood mystery. The movie focuses on an experiment laboratory and their doctors who do strange experiments on children. A female child escapes and loses her memory. She is adopted by a family and grows up as their daughter. However, people from her past life come back again and try to catch her. If you love women with guns and female action movies, this movie is for you.

The best thing is its second part is expected soon and fans are very excited to see it. Kim Da-mi and Choi Woo-Shik played the lead roles in the movie.

1: The Villainess (Femme Fatale) (2017):

This is one of the best Korean movies that have lots of secrets, mysteries and action. The movie plot revolves around a female assassin who is caught by an agency and they do plastic surgery on her. After a while, they release her but keep an eye on her. She has to take revenge for the agency but there is someone else from her past who she wants to kill. There are a lot of emotions and actions that you cannot miss. Kim Ok-bin, Shin Ha-kyun and Sung Joon played the lead roles in the movie.

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