FLAMES OF LOVE (A Fictional Love Story)

Welcome, all of you to the “Flames of Love” A fictional love story.
This is a work of pure fiction, and any names used in this story are not linked to any individual. The story will be divided into chapters and one chapter will be updated at a time. So bookmark the page or follow @dribblingthoughts on Facebook, to keep updated about the story.
You may find some things disturbing in the story.
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“What is love?” seven years old moon asked

“Love is when a moth willingly revolves around fire without any fear of being burnt”.17 years old seong jin replied.

“So,only the moth loves the fire but fire doesnot love it back”. Moon asked,her innocent heart concerned for the moth

“Maybe the fire also wants to love the moth but it fears that its love will turn the moth into ashes”. Jin replied

A journey of heartbreak,suffering,selfgrowth and forbidden love.


Life was good for Moon. her parents loved her and she was happy, after all, there is not much needed by a four years old kid than to get the toys she asked for.But then life decided to not be easy on her as her parents died in a car accident, leaving her alone at the mercy of her father’s relatives. Moon’s mother was the mistress of her father, a mistress whom he kept as a secret from his family. Moon was 5 when she entered the house of the Kims, the elites of South Korea. Moon’s father was the husband of the eldest and the only daughter of the Kims. Moon got 2 older siblings from his father’s side. The Kims including moon’s half-siblings, her stepmom, and grandparents all were rich in terms of money but in terms of heart, they were poor. Moon got judged, hated, and rejected by everyone except the ONE.
The ONE named Kim Seong Jin was the only son and the sole heir of the Kims. Kim Seong was 15 when Mina entered their house, He immediately took her under his wings and decided to take care of and protect her. Time passed, Minah grew up to be a naive, naughty, pretty, and thoughtful girl. Her light brown eyes complimented her light brown hair and fair skin very well.
Even without her parents, she never felt alone because Seong Jin was with her at every step of her life, to guide her, supervise her, and care for her. Seong Jin grew up to be the CEO of the Kim enterprises. His dark black mullet hairs made him look like a wolf. His dark eyes could melt everyone’s heart with a single stare. He was resilient, passionate and the one who loved his people with all his heart. Despite his hectic life, he still managed to find a way to make Minah feel at home and for Minah he was her whole world.

Chapter 1

The school auditorium was filled with the sound of claps as a group of students gave a dance performance.
Moon’s heart was beating so fast, her performance was next but her lucky charm was still not there.
”He promised Moon, he never breaks promises, Relax,” take deep breaths, she was talking to herself.
The next performer is Kim Moon from grade 11.
Moon’s name was announced and she felt that her heart got into her throat. She went numb and tears gathered in her eyes. but before they fell, a hand patted her shoulder and she came back to reality. There sat her lucky charm beside her.
”They are calling you, go” Jin whispered.
A smile automatically crept on Moon’s lips and she instantly went to the stage.
Fly me to the moon, let me take among the stars
let me know what spring is like on Jupiter and Mars.

Moon was singing this song while looking at Jin who was also looking at her with eyes filled with adoration.
She was singing jin’s favorite song and it was the song that he often used to play on piano for her, when she was a kid, making this song the favorite of Moon’s too.

It was always like this for moon, anything jin liked, automatically become her favorite. Moon could not be blamed for that too, Jin was the only one she had seen and heard growing up. Or it was better to say that Jin was the only one who made her feel that she was worthy of being seen and listened to.
The performance ended with a loud round of applause from the audience. and Moon left the stage feeling happy and content.

“How was It?” Moon asked as soon as she left the stage and marched towards Jin.
“Perfect, because you learned from the perfect”, Jin cheekily replied while shrugging.
Moon slightly pouted
“I got a mini heart attack, thinking that you will not come, “.she said
“you know it can never happen, I promised you and I am a man of my words”.
Moon rolled her eyes at the bragging of jin but “Yes you are ” she said in her mind.
“Now let’s go quickly, I planned a treat for you and I delayed my meeting just for you, for which you have to make coffee for me every night till next week” Jin playfully said
“Ok done”, Moon replied, giving Jin a cheerful smile.

Outside the school, a black Mercedes Benz was stood in all glory. The driver opened the car door for Moon and Jin and they stopped at Moon’s favorite fast food restaurant “Papa’s Kitchen”.
Moon ordered her favorite chicken rolls along with cola, while Jin ordered a Latte with a chocolate brownie.
Their order arrived and they were eating in peace while chatting continuously, more like Moon was telling Jin her school stories and he was just humming or nodding his head from time to time to let Minah know that he was listening to her.

Their peaceful moment was ruined when a voice chirped in “Hey Jin, what a pleasant surprise” A woman with long and wavy black hairs greeted jin in an overly sweet tone.
“Hey Nina”, Jin greeted her back with a smile, while Moon rolled her eyes. “Here comes the mood spoiler” she cursed in her head.
“Hey Moon baby”, Nina greeted her, while settling herself beside Jin. “Hi” Moon replied monotonously
“I guess you have a day off today”, Nina said to Jin
“Oh, no no no, No day is off for me, its just I had to give a treat to Moon  She made me very proud today, you know the way she sang, the whole crowd applauded her, the blood in my body got doubled, you should be there to see that”.Nina’s face turned bitter the way Jin enthusiastically talked about Moon. and Moon felt giddy by looking at the expressions of Nina. She gave a smirk to Nina.

Nina tried to change the topic, “I was thinking if you can come to the party with me tomorrow”.
“Tomorrow? Sorry, Nina you know I am busy at work, there are lots of deals going on.” Jin replied sipping on his coffee.
“Please for one hour, cant you make time for me”, Nina said while pouting, and Moon felt like she will puke at the sight.
“Okay, I will think about it, Jin replied
“Can I also come to the party?” Moon barged in
“oh sorry Moon darling, The party is 18 plus. Kids are not allowed there.” Nina replied while giving a smirk to moon. and Moon felt like beating her, she never left any stone unturned to make her feel that she is a kid.

Lee Nina was a 25 years old daughter of Jin’s mom’s friend. The Lee’s was another elite family of South Korea. The Lees have strong family connections with the Kims and the Kims and Lees really wanted Jin and Nina to marry each other. Nina also has a huge crush on Jin but Jin’s mind was full of only two things, the first one was the Kim enterprises and the second one was Moon. So Nina was another hater of Moon along with too many other haters. The number of haters Moob got was too many for a 17 years old kid but with Jin on her side, she hardly felt unlovable… To be continued

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