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God Has to Rebuild This World| Poetry on World

God has to Rebuild this world/ poetry

God has to rebuild this world is a piece of poetry about the world. Because of the chaos in modern world, there is need for a new world. God has to rebuild this world so humans would have a chance to do better next time.

God has to Rebuild this World

God has to rebuild this world,

And fix same kind of hearts in everyone,

Hearts that will be made of soft clay,

Fill with love, kindness and compassion.

God has to rebuild this world,

And make it easy for two people who love each other,

So that they will live happily, together.

God has to rebuild this world, to make it beautiful again,

To make it a better place for the poor and distressed,

So that everyone will be happy, live without shame.

Note: The poem is the property of Naz Khaliq and All rights reserved.

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