Guests are angels sent by God: 6 types of Guests that you despise or love

Guests are those people that as a common belief “angels sent by God” especially in Asian households. Although with the progressive materialistic world and mainly because of the internet, everyone is busy or at least people pretend that they are.

There are different types of guests that visit our houses or we as guest visit other people houses. Here are some of the different types of guests.

Friends as Guest:

This is the most acceptable type of guest that we welcome with warm heart. Sometimes if you are lucky to have good friends, they bring food with them, so you can sit at ease and have a good conversation with them.

The hours we spend with our friends seem to be less, and when it time to depart we do not want to, because there is still so many things to tell. This thing we miss the most, when we have completed our study and now we have to sit at home or do some job. We miss all the meet ups with our friends.

Once in a week guest:

These guests are normally our relatives and these have different categories. Sometimes they come more than once in a week and you wait until they are gone. They visit you so often that you finally get an idea on which they will come. So you start mentally preparing yourself for them


Guest who stay for long:

These are that kind that I personally do not prefer. These belong to that category who decides to stay for hours and even they finally decide that they will stay for night too. You start feeling uncomfortable because you are not in friendly terms with them. You cannot feel comfortable and you have to pretend for long time as long as they stay.

Guest who come with little kids:

These are also one of the dangerous types especially if these guests are not someone close to you. Now you have to tolerate whatever their kids are doing and you have to put a fake smile on your face.

The first thing that you do is hide your laptop and cell. The thing that annoys me the most is when they start opening every drawer, fridge door, every cupboard and you cannot even scold them. Their parents pretend they are not seeing anything and just close their eyes on whatever their children are doing.

If they are children of someone close to you, atleast you can say to them not to do this and you feel close to them so it does not seem as much problem.

Guest who come daily:

These can be aunties from your neighborhood. The thing that annoy you whenever you are ready to eat something special or they arrive right at moment when you have put some beauty mask on your face. This is another level kind of embarrassment especially if you put that masks through which you cannot speak but the other person keep asking you about different things.

They randomly ask you about your studies, when you are going to marry, about your hair, face etc. sometimes it can be your relative who comes one day after the other and you do not even know what kind of conversation you should do. You do not have much in common to talk about, and it seems uncomfortable to just sit and stare each other faces.

Guest who denies the food when you put it on table:

I honestly do not like those guests who at the right moment seem like demanding. If you prepare tea for them, they will say we do not drink tea. If you serve cold drink, they will say we do not drink it because of its harm. This is one thing, the other thing when you have to go again in the kitchen and prepare something else again and they do not even say no.

Which type of guest do you like and in which category do you think you fall in?
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