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Hostel Stories 1: Incident of throwing Students out with the luggage

Hostel stories are based on personal experiences. No, this is not some sort of supernatural horror experience. However, Hostel stories are filled with adventure and many sorts of life experience in my two years staying in the university hostel. It also shows the weak administration of university authorities or hostel authorities.

The one thing that you must note that it is a real-life girl hostel and we were not allowed to go outside after Magrib (5:15 in winter and 7:00 in Summer). There was no scene of going into the hostel after it, and no scene of climbing walls, etc as we have seen in dramas. I guess no one ever wished to do it even.

Its been almost eight months that I left my university hostel but I thought to share some experiences with you and also the attitude of hostel and university administration towards hostel students. This is the first experience that I am sharing here as part of my Hostel stories.

Hostel stories

M.Phil and Ph.D. students have to be present in Summer vacations too, as they have to complete their work. M.Phil students’ thesis is in the final stage and they have to submit the thesis work before the ending of Summer vacations in august. This is not a new or strange thing that happens suddenly. Every year it happens according to the same schedule.

The students who are local they do not have any problem or those who have two hours distance, but those who travel at least 5-6 hours of each side from their home town, it is difficult for them to reach whenever their supervisor call.

July 2019/ Ayesha Girls Hostel:

This was my first experience and being a student of M.Phil, I was sure that they will allow us to stay in a hostel , as we already have paid in advance. Moreover, this is a university hostel and they know that students stay for work.

However, right before the one week of summer vacations, we started listening that they will not allow us to stay in our current hostel. If someone wants to stay, they have to prove that they are staying for work and not going on a date, etc. They told us to write an application and get signs of chairperson, supervisor and then submit it to hostel authorities.

I thought it’s all right they also have to fulfill some requirements. Later they started spreading rumors that they will close this hostel, and if someone wants to live in a hostel, she has to pack her necessary things and move to another hostel.

Now there were two main problems.

  • Firstly, it was summer and things were too many to put in one bag. We knew that we cannot survive without many things. For this reason, we thought, there are many girls we can request them to keep us stay in our rooms and in our hostel. Many girls have refrigerators and electrical coolers in their own rooms and if they have to move on they have to think about by moving these things too if they want to live with comfort.
  • Secondly, they were saying that they will not provide us rooms as there was some problem in the last years and we have 15-20 people have to stay in one common room.

On one side, there was a burden of work as the final submission date was near. On the other side, we were going through some sort of drama. We tried to talk to the hostel superintendent, hostel warden, but they were not ready.

Later we came to know that they want a leave, so if there will be no student in the hostel, they would say we have nothing to take care of, we can go on leave, etc. So, they did not listen to us and start disturbing us at every moment.

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The drama continued and we come to know that the hostel they were referring us to go, their administration is not ready to take us in. They did not want other hostel girls to stay in their hostel. They also started conspiracies that if we want to shift there, we all 12-15 people have to live in one common room and there are the dearth of fans too.

We agreed on one term that okay, we are ready to go to that hostel, but kindly provide us rooms. We are staying in a hostel in this hot weather, not for fun, we have to work and it is not possible with at least 12-15 people together in one room. However, both hostel’s administration were playing some sort of politics. Amid all this, our parents were worried although we were not telling them each and everything.

They were also saying that if someone will go home and when she will come back, they will not allow her to take luggage from this hostel.

We were trying our best to talk to authorities and make them understand that kindly allow us to stay in our hostel. However they were seeing their benefit and amid it, they were disturbing our state of mind.

One of our senior said us to stay calm as they cannot throw us out, however, our warden started threatening us that those who will not pick their luggage and go to another hostel, the security guard will throw them out.

So, we packed our bags and there were too many things to pack as according to them we have to stay there for two months or until the hostel will be re-opened after 3 months.

We started moving towards another hostel, it was in front of our present hostel and when we reach their room attendants told us about the condition of common room and said that at present there is no fan.

We started complaining that this is unfair and why this is happening to us. One of the room attendants called the hostel head and she said, the warden and superintendent told her that there are only 5,6 girls and they will soon go home. We said we are not going anywhere as our thesis submission date is near and we are not 5 or 6. At present we are 15 and we will soon be over 20 as some have gone home because of their threatening.

The hostel head asked us to go back until there will be some decision. We again start dragging us and our heavy luggage back to our hostel in the evening. The superintendent and warden were pissed off, however, they did not say anything.

The next day the same thing happened, they again told us to pack our bags and go out of the hostel and go to another hostel. We again do the same, our senior told us why you guys are so afraid and doing what they are saying. We said, you are not only a  student but also a faculty member, but we are only students and this is a university hostel, we cannot take a risk to not follow their instructions.

However many of us were trying to contact some influential persons who could talk to these authorities and solve our problem. We talked to the authorities of the hostel and every person that was related to that.

The security guards and attendants were saying to us that we cannot do anything and we have to come to university whether there are vacations or not and we also want hostel to remain open. The real problem was with the hostel warden and superintendent who would be free because they were wanting holidays because of their pregnancy.

We all were from different departments and many of us did not know each other. I was limited to my own room so I did not have much interaction with others. However, on this occasion, we supported each other and tried to do whatever we could do.

One of the students was from some influential family and she secretly used her connection. She told some media person about it and he promised that if someone again makes you stand outside of the hostel, then just call us we will reach with cameras and all. Three times for three days we stood outside of our hostel with luggage as one hostel was refusing to take us and the other one was forcing us to go there.

She told me and honestly, I was afraid. She also told me that her uncle is in on high rank in police and he has talked to the hostel head. Hostel’s head got worried and said I did not know anything about it and now students will stay in their own hostel and rooms.

Someone also recorded the video of ours standing outside of the hostel and also recorded the conversation of room attendants and hostel warden.

So after the constant threatening, extreme tension of three days, we finally got a sigh of relief. Although after some days, they started another drama threat now the other hostel students will shift here.

I thought all this time about the negligence, selfishness and careless behavior of university authorities.

If they know they cannot handle too many hostels in summer vacations, at least at the time of admission, they should enroll M.Phil and Ph.D. students in one hostel. So that in vacation time, there would be enough students in one place and it would be easy for students and the authorities to handle the things.

Moreover, if it is too necessary to close hostels with fewer students then they should spare some rooms so that they can shift students in the time of emergency. But every year the same kind of dramatic scenes are created and they disturb the peace of mind of female students.

Students are already worried about their research work and they just create another unnecessary chaos.

This was my first hostel experience, I will share some more as Hostel stories. I do not know whether University authorities know about all this or not but hostel authorities know this and these people are also university professors. Hope so the university authorities will be better in terms of university hostel where female students prefer to live because their parents think these are safer than private hostels.

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