14 Best Hottest Bad Boys Chinese Dramas

It is a cliche for dramas for having a bad boy who is rich but arrogant. We have a list of the 14 best bad boys Chinese dramas. Chinese dramas has also lots of hot bad boys that will make you fall in love with them. (sad but true). These bad boys fell in love with good girls. Here is our list of 14 bad boys Chinese series.

14: Ji Xiang from Gank Your Heart (2019):

This is the love story of the two sport enthusiasts. The drama revolves around a man (Ji xiang) who is always in the circle of girls. Qiu Ying is also a sports enthusiast but her association does not help in any matter. She meets Ji Xiang ad finds out that he is actually kind at heart. The bad boy Chinese drama has 35 episodes.

13: Ou Xiao Jian from Dear Mayang Street (2020):

The drama story revolves around a love triangle and it is set in the 1980s. The bad boy in this Chinese drama is Ou Xiao Jian who is in a relationship with Ma Xiao Xiao. He is not serious about his relationship where another guy is in love with Ma Xiao Xiao and always protect her. The bad boy Chinese drama has 37 episodes.

12: Long Ri Yi from Dragon Day, You’re Dead (2017):

The bad boy of this Chinese drama is Long Ri Yi who is a nuisance for everyone at school. He is mischievous inside and out of school and creates problems for everyone. He fell in love with Zhang Jing Mei and it becomes an interesting relationship. This drama has 20 episodes.

11: Long Haoqian from Walk Into Your Memory (2019):

Long Haoqian is a rich man who had to go through short term memory loss. He does not remember one year of his life. He has become arrogant. His assistant An Ning helps him to get back his memories. Moreover, she helps him to get back his life and helps her in trouble. She can see the future and through this ability to help him. This bad boy Chinese drama has 24 episodes.

10: Cambrian Period (2017):

This is one of the bad boys Chinese dramas that is a crime thriller. The drama is set on an island that is surrounded by criminals. The police also try their best to get rid of these criminals. A girl Tang Ying is stuck between a police commissioner and a killer. The drama has 24 episodes

9: Zhen Zuo from Cruel Romance (2015):

Zhen Zuo fell in love with Yoko and this turn into an obsession. After facing a lot of troubles in life, he believes to acquire power and wealth by any means. He becomes the leader of the mafia but he believes to help the poor and needy. His work life makes his private life quite difficult and many times Zhe Zhuo and his lover are near to death. This is one of the popular bad boys Chinese dramas.

8: Boxu from The Brightest Star in the Sky (2019):

The story revolves around Boxu who is an arrogant idol. He always looks down at other people. With the entry of Yang Zhenzhen who is a young girl with passion, he starts becoming more compassionate. Zhenzhen is assigned as his manager. He starts working better in his life with the help of Zhenzhen. The drama has 44 episodes.

7: Li Chegyin from Good-Bye, My Princess (2019):

This is one of the bad boys Chinese dramas that has a historical background. The bad boy of this Chinese drama is Li Chengyin who disguises himself to gain the trust of the princess. He was not a cruel person in the past, but circumstances made him like this. In the process of deceiving the princess, he fell in love with her. The drama has 52 episodes.

6: The Romance of Tiger and Rose (2020):

The story revolves around Chen Xiaoqian who writes screenplays. After completing some episodes, she stuck into her own drama. She wakes up in her own creation as the most hated princess who will be killed by the main lead. She travels back to the past and tries her best to be alive and continue to write. This is one of the bad boys Chinese dramas that has a historical background and also time travel. This drama has 24 episodes.

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5: Yuwen Yue from Princess Agents (2017):

Although the story focuses on the character of Chu Qiao. Yuwen Yue seems to be a cold person who just follows the rules of his forefathers. He is gradually affected by the presence of Chu Qio (a girl). He does not express his feelings for her but helps her silently. The drama is set in the ancient era and revolves around slaves and their masters.

4: Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me (2017):

Han Qi Lu is a rich man who belongs to a wealthy family. He along with his school friends teases a girl who is a milk delivery girl. The girl is however does not care about their wealthy status and tries her best to sustain her position. They gradually fell in love with each other. The drama has 23 episodes.

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3: Gu Yanzhen from Arsenal Military Academy (2019):

Gu Yanzhen belongs to a rich family and he gets admission to a Military academy. He is handsome but loves to play around. After Xie Xiang entry into the academy, their love and hate relationship starts. After a while, they become friends. The drama has 48 episodes.

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2: Dao Ming Si from Meteor Garden (2018):

Dao Ming Si is an arrogant rich student who believes in power. He enjoys being in limelight. A girl shatters his pride but faces a lot of problems because of his huge fan following in the school. After struggling with his pride, he finally confesses his love for the girl. The drama has 49 episodes.

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1: Bo Jinyan from Love Me If You Dare (2015):

It is a story of a mysterious man Bo Jinyan who lives in a house distant from other houses. He hires a woman as his secretary. With the passage of time, his secrets start revealing but he fell in love with the woman. In the beginning, he gives her cold treatment, but her sincerity and dedication to work impress him. This is one of the best bad boys Chinese dramas that is also one of the best mystery thrillers.

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