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I am Not Okay With This|Netflix Original Dark Comedy

by Naz khaliq
characters of "I am Not Okay With This" that  is Netflix Original series and a dark comedy

I am not Okay With This is Netflix Original show, it has seven episodes and right now only season 1 is available. However, before I continue with it. Let me put a disclaimer.

Disclaimer: Firstly I am not Okay with This has strong content and there can be some blood scenes that can be a problem for some people. This is the reason it is rated as 18+ and also they say it is a dark comedy. Thirdly if you are OK with the above two things, then believe me this drama is amazing. Fourthly there are spoilers here, I mean not as much as you think. But if you think, it will spoil your mood of watching it, do not read the post. Highly recommended from my side.

I am not Okay With This can be term as a Fantasy Teen show or dark comedy. yes, there is a comedy in it but the best thing that I like is you cannot guess in the first place what is wrong with the Protagonist. I know anyone can guess she has powers but if you will watch it, you will come to know what I am talking about.

There are not too many characters in the first season of this Netflix dark comedy, so it is easy to take a grip on the story. Sydney is a protagonist and she is a person who seems to be suffering from depression. Her brother (Liam) is intelligent and not only he is cute, but he is also really good at his role. This child star is genius. Their mother works day and night and their father who killed himself in the basement but no one knows why.

Sydney seems to be in depression and she is unable to cope up with her surroundings. In the beginning, I thought it will be something like Euphoria. She meets a girl (Dina) and becomes a friend with her and she thinks that Dina is the only one she can be comfortable with. However, Dina finds a boyfriend and Sydney again becomes a lonely person. Here again, I felt something like Euphoria.

Sydney’s family does not have much money, her mother works day and night and she has trouble relating with her mother. In the beginning, she always tries to argue with her or there is counter-argue and there is always an atmosphere of discomfort. Sydney often loses temper and she does not smile often. She only smiles when she is with Dina. She is also friendly with her little brother Liam.

On her way home, Sydney meets a boy who lives there and they become a friend. In beginning Sydney just tries to be with him so she would not feel loneliness in Dina’s absence who has a boyfriend now.

Sydney thinks that “People I love do not love me back” because her mother is unable to understand her, Dina is also not with her and her father has left her.

Iam Not Okay with This, Netflix dark comedy drama/show 
Sophia Lillis

Things get complicated when Sydney comes to know that whenever she is angry, afraid or embarrass something happens around her. Things start scattering, explodes and even when she looks at a person with too much anger that person’s nose starts bleeding. Finally, Stanley comes to know about it and he promises her to be by her side. He also promises that he will help her to handle her powers. While Sydney is afraid to see what she can do, Stanley gets excited.

She tries to find a clue or a note by her dead father in the basement but she finds nothing. Her mother comes and tells her about her father. Sydney comes to know that her condition or symptoms are similar to her dead father. However, her mother has no idea about powers.

After this conversation, she tries to smile, act normal and happy. She thinks that if she will stay calm nothing will happen. Sydney also notices that someone follows her everywhere.

After Dina and her boyfriend break up, her boyfriend thinks that it is because of Sydney who has told Dina about his cheating on her. He is so angry in Sydney and promises to take revenge. Meanwhile, Sydney’s diary is stolen on which she writes everything.

Everything becomes normal and at the party when everyone is happy, Dina Boyfriend comes on stage with Sydney’s diary. There he starts disclosing Sydney secrets one by one. Sydney is in her mind says to him to stop and when he is about to disclose the darkest secret, her head explodes. Blood splashes and scattered over everything and even in Sydney.

Sydney starts running until she reaches a place in the forest. Someone comes and there are hints by him that he wants to use Sydney to take some revenge.

I really loved I am not Okay With This and I am more than okay with it and it only has seven episodes, so you can Binge-watch it. Moreover, my favourite characters are Sydney and her brother from I am not Okay With This. It is available on Netflix.

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