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Indian Netflix Series SHE is Problematic at so Many Levels

by Naz khaliq
Indian Netflix series SHE

Indian Netflix series SHE is the crime series starring Aditi Sudhir Pohankar, Vijay Kumar and Kishor. It is more about a cop’s struggle to find her sexuality rather than empowerment. The actors really performed well there is no weak point there, but here are some confusions regarding the concept of this series.

As the name suggests, the Indian Netflix series SHE is based on a woman. However, the audience is failed to understand throughout the series whether it is about a woman making her place in the field of men dominated profession as a talented female cop or is after to explore her sexual desires. As she seems to have no feeling during the sex at the beginning of the series, she finally acquires it until the end.

SHE Netflix

Indian Netflix series SHE starts with an ordinary-looking female cop who has no dream to become successful and neither she could satisfy her husband in sexual terms. It seems like both these are interrelated. If you are not interested in sex you cannot perform any act of bravery. However one day, she is given a task to catch a big culprit but here she has to use her sexuality according to her officers. She has to perform the role of a prostitute and she has to pretend as a prostitute until the police come to catch that culprit.

She succeeded somehow in her first attempt although the man touches her here and there and there is no problem in that as she is serving in the police force and her body is not her anymore but dedicated to her duty (or to the culprits.)

Where the drama is failed at least in the first season to give us the strong woman cop, it points out that the police can only arrest criminals by using woman police officers as bait. Even those dangerous criminals who are successful to beat police officers (men) and escaping, now only this woman can catch them by presenting herself in the bed.

Indian Netflix series SHE points out two things, firstly police are unable to find other ways to catch the criminals and it is the work of the policewomen to catch them by presenting themselves on the bed. Otherwise, they can be out of a job if they refuse to do this kind of job because the police force has no other option.

SHE Netflix

Secondly, it is more important for a woman to find her sexuality than the real purpose of her life or maybe the makers think that it is more important for a woman to be sexually active than serving confidently in some profession. The woman who is serving in the police, is not interested in her job because she is not interested in her sex life? Until the end of season 1, it seems that now she will be more confident in her profession, as she has finally identified her sexual powers.


Where the movie like Mardani has given us a female cop who is strong enough to catch dangerous criminals without presenting herself as sexual bait. She did not find a need to present herself as sexual bait to catch the criminals, she was strong enough and talented. Here the makers of the Netflix series SHE think that the only way that a woman can give benefit in the police force is to present herself on the bed and in this way she can also find her true sexual identity.

The first season of this Indian Netflix series is more about prostitution. Maybe the makers think that SHE (women) is only capable of only representing sexuality and it does not matter whether she is in the police force or not. Where the policemen are failed to catch the criminals, policewomen can do wonders by using their sexual powers.

Perhaps SHE makers are trying to give us another form of women empowerment where the only talent SHE (a woman) can use is exploring and using her sexual identity rather than her bravery or intelligence.

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