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Masks and Scars: Visible and invisible | Hiding Personalities

by Naz khaliq

We have no idea how many of us are wearing visible and invisible scars and masks and hiding personalities. Clowns wear a mask and make people laugh. We have no idea what is hidden behind their masks. Clowns always terrified me, they are horrifying and symbol of fear rather than a source of entertainment, not just in movies but in real life too. I can feel a shiver down my spine.

Whatever their purpose, the most important is they are hiding something under their masks, otherwise there was no need to hide their face. They wear a visible mask that we can see but there are invisible scars and masks that we cannot see that hide their identity and their truth.

Masks are used to wear for hiding identity. We have seen in many movies where someone wears masks to hide the face. Someone wears a mask and does some crime and no one recognizes him/her. About ‘Today’s thought’ it came to my mind when I clicked a picture of mine with no makeup and filter and I realized how many masks I am wearing as a person and then I realized it’s not just me.

Every person around me is wearing a mask. Mask of smile that is a symbol of happiness and contentment, the mask of piety in the form of some religious symbol or some acts that consider kind, the mask of gratitude, the mask of pride, the mask of makeup that hides our skin tone or scars and many more.                                             

An intelligent person wears a mask more often than a stupid one. 

As human being, we are living in a world where we are wearing a mask every minute of the day. Some people wear a mask of pious and piety to hide their inner devils.  There is hardly any person in the world who says what he means or thinks. We act according to the situation and according to the people around us; this is what makes us sane.

If someone tries to break this, he can be declared as stupid. It means intelligent people wear a mask more often than a stupid one. Most of us are wearing a mask of a smile, a forced smile. We do not like a person or his idea, but still, we are wearing a mask of smile because it is a good gesture and kindness.

Smile is the biggest mask that we wear in our daily life. To hide the pain of our heart, to hide our emotions. It is proof that we are doing well in our lives. Especially to our dear ones, we are wearing a mask of a smile and pretend to be happy because our unhappiness makes them sad. So to satisfy everyone, we wear a mask of smile and happiness. 

pic credit: unsplash

We wear a mask of makeup, yes makeup. You can disagree with my statement but I find it true.

Makeup is to hide the scars, spots, skin tone, etc. It makes us feel better and confident in the presence of all the people who are better in complexion and have healthy skin. Just like wearing a smile, wearing makeup is to hide the tiredness of our soul and body. We put a mask of piety, goodness by keeping up a religious activity. We do not want someone to judge us on a fact that we are not following a specific religious act.

We put a mask when we are in certain areas where these religious acts are strictly followed or in front of our religious families. In my opinion, people who seem to be kind, humble, intelligent, hard worker, honest are wearing more layers of masks than others.

I am not saying, there is no good person in this world. I am saying, their inner selves are tired, they are broken, they are tired of always been so nice but yet people deceive them but they have to continue their act of kindness.

They want to remove this, but they cannot because people are so used to their mask that they will not be able to bear their true selves. It does not mean other people are not wearing any, in order to protect their inner selves, they are wearing the masks of cruelty and stubbornness. So for me, no person in this world is without a mask.                               

It’s all about hiding visible and invisible scars and Masks:

 It’s in human nature that he wears a mask. At the end of the day, we return to our true selves, our comfort zones and to our truths. Just like removing makeup before sleeping, we shed our other masks too.  

Exhausted, tired, broken, alone, depressed, crying in the blanket, tears soaking in the pillow, we sleep in the hope of something better and to wear new masks.

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