Ishq Zahe Naseeb Last Episode Poetry that will melt your heart

Ishq Zahe Naseeb was definitely a drama of the Pakistan industry that was unique in content. Moreover the acting and dialogue delivery was out class. There are many scenes and things that need to be highlighted again. As we still feel, Ishq Zahe Naseeb did not get as much fame as it deserves due to some overrated dramas these days.

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Although Zahid Ahmed and Yumna Zaidi’s characters in Ishq Zahe Naseeb are more intense and we absolutely loved their shaded characters. However, the presence of Sonya Hussain is also a treat to watch. The character of Sonya is really supportive of her husband and she stays by his side instead of his bipolar disease.

The love story of Sameer and his wife Gohar definately deserve a beautiful ending and the poetry served his purpose in the last episode.

This poetry comes at the end of the last episode of Ishq Zahe Naseeb and we notice in many dramas that the endings are abrupt that just spoil the whole mood of the drama. A few writers give attention to the best or appropriate closing of all the scenes. Otherwise, the ending of mostly dramas is so abrupt and it just spoils the whole drama even if it is good overall. Here it’s a win-win situation as Ishq Zahe Naseeb has a beautiful ending.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pw3pdIpeayM Poetry at 1:02:07

The poetry is in roman Urdu, and for clear understanding, you have to listen to it and of course for the magic too.

Sonia Hussain as Gohar in Ishq Zahe Naseeb

Gohar (Sonia Hussain):

Jis Sahil Per tu mjhe Rota Chor Gaye the,

Main Aj Bhi us Sahil k Pass Hi Hon,

Sahilon Pe Basti hon, Seepiyaan Chunti Rehti Hon,

Rait Mehal Bunti hon,

or tmhare lye mehil main seepiyaan sajati hon,

Daikho, soch nagar k jazeere se jald laut ana,

K main Roaz sham Dhale in Lehron Main Khojti Rehti Hon,

K Tmhare Naam Ki bnd Sheeshe Ki Botal,

Tmhara Pegham kb Lae gi,

Suno, Dair mt krna, Jald Laut Aana,

Kehen Tmhare Ane se Pehle Ye Chanchal Lehrain ,

Maira Seep Mehel baha Kar Na Ly Jaen.


Sonia Hussain did a fabulous job, and here is our most favorite actor Zahid Ahmed. Definitely these written words cannot do justice and will look ordinary unless the mesmerizing voice of Zahid Ahmed would not utter it.

If you want to feel the magic, you have to hear it in Zahid’s voice and you will feel every word of it is absorbing into your soul.

Zahid Ahmed as Sameer in Ishq Zahe Naseeb

Sameer (Zahid Ahmed) :

Sun Aye Nazuk Andaam,

Ye Hawa Ki Srsarahat Hai, Ya Tmhare Komal Qadmo Ki Chaap,

Maire Pairo Main Pari Baidiyun Ki Ya Tmhare Paazaib Ki Jhankaar,

Jise Main Roaz Sunta Hon,

Junoon Hd Se Guzarta Hon,

Main Sadyaao Se Bandha Ak Qaidi Hon,

Neeli Dhundh se pare Jazeero ka,

Aseer hon, Junoon k aseero ka,

Surmai Andheero ka, makhmali Ujaalo Ka,

Magar is dil jazeer ka hr rsta Tmhare Aankhon k Kaajal ghar ko jata hai,

Or sb ye raaz jaante hain,

K Muhabbat Nagar k is qaidi se Bndhi junoon ki hr Zanjeer ki Kunji,

Tmhare pass hai, sirf Tmhare pass.

Ending scene of Ishq Zahe Naseeb

It is such a beautiful piece of poetry and Zahid’s voice done magic to it. Moreover, it has that such a beautiful ending that one can yearn in their favorite show. This is one of the best dramas of Zahid Ahmed and Yumna Zaidi also done a fabulous job in it.

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