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Reasons why Itaewon Class is one of the best Korean drama? Review

by Naz khaliq
Itaewon Class
 Korean drama Itaewon Class

Itaewon Class is a 2020 South Korean drama starring Park Seo Joon, Kim Da-Mi, Kwon Nara as leading actors. It is based on the webtoon of the same name. Here are the reasons that you should watch the Itaewon Class.

In the first two episodes, the drama seems like it will be about bullying and all but you have to wait until it turns out something big.

Itaewon Class is about personal growth and how a person instead of unfair treatment and injustice can achieve the dreams. It is about the struggle but confidence that you can do anything if you have determination.

Of course, it is not easy to fight against evil rich people when they do wrong but when you are persistent and hardworking, you can stand in front of them as a competitor.

Playing the role of a teenager whose dream is to become a police officer, Park Sae encounters a bully that changes his life. He tries to save a student from a bully in the class that not only ends his student’s life but also cause him to stay in jail for seven years.

However after the death of his father in the hands of the same bully played by Ahn-Bo-hyun, his life changes. He starts focusing on the growth of his restaurant business and competes with his enemy Jang Dae-hee father of that bully.

cast of Itaewon class
Cast of Itaewon Class

The whole cast of Itaewon Class has played an important part in story development. The growth of the characters, their friendship and their support to each other makes this team one of the best team of South Korean dramas.

Itaewon Class shows us that people with evil hearts can use every source to justify the cruel act of their family and also to destroy other people’s life. They only care about their own benefit whether or not it costs another person’s life and for this, they even do not care about the loyalty of their employees. They use them for their benefit and then throw them away.

Where Park Seo Joon has played an amazing role, the actress Kim Da Min totally steals the show with her strong character. The female character Jo Yi-Seo is so strong that she knows how to handle bullies with modern sources. Where the internet is causing lots of problems but it can also handle the wrongdoings of people. Yi-Seo records all the bullying, while on one hand, it increases her fan following on another side, she also points out these bullies.

When she meets Park Sae, she fell in love with him. Park Sae since her school life like Soo-ah, however, Yi-Seo deserves to be with him in the end. The reason is her love for Park Sae and her urge to make him successful is so strong that she can do anything to make him successful.

Oh Soo-ah also liked Park Sae, but her actions remain suspicious throughout the drama whether she is with Park Sae or not. Although it is clear that whatever she was doing, it was for Park Sae but still Yi-Seo is perfect for our man Park Sae.

Itaewon Class cast
Oh Soo-Ah

Until the end, it seems that this drama will give us another second lead syndrome however it will not disappoint you. Although it is a fact that many fans ship Oh Soo and Park Seo together in Itaewon Class.

Many times it seems that Jang Geun (the bully in Park Sae) will learn the lesson, however, it is the same until the end. His father is for sure the reason for his evilness who always supported his bullying and told him in school life that the key to be successful in the world is to be evil. This is the reason, he does not learn his lesson and tries everything until the end to harm other people.

Itaewon Class is definitely going to be one of the best South Korean dramas of 2020 and it is a must-watch. (watch on KissAsian)

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