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11 Japanese Dramas Adapted from Manga / Japanese Anime

Manga is a sort of comics and graphics and its origin is Japan. We have a list of 11 Japanese dramas adapted from Manga. Manga has an old history and soon Japanese dramas started making them alive by converting them into dramas.

Nodame Cantabile (2006) :

This drama has 11 episodes and it is a comedy, music and romance drama. The story is about a piano student Nodame. She wants to be a teacher at the kinder garden but she is messy. She is not disciplined either. The cast includes Ueno Juri and Tamaki Hiroshi.

Liar Game (2007) :

Liar Game is one of the Japanese dramas adapted from Manga. The drama was aired in 2007. This manga has 11 episodes. Liar Game is about a nurse who is honest with her profession. The story revolves around a Liar Game Tournament in which she has to participate along with other contestants. It is a psychological drama.

Erased (Boku dake ga Inai Machi) (2007) :

Erased is also one of the Japanese dramas adapted from Manga. It was also released by Netflix in 2017. The story of this Japanese manga revolves around a young man named Satoru Fujinuma who has a special ability. He can go back in the past to change some incidents to make his life better. It has 12 episodes.

JIN (2009):

This Japanese drama has two seasons and it is one of the most popular Japanese dramas adapted from Manga and won many awards. A brain surgeon is living a life of misery as his fiancee is in a coma due to his surgery on her. The brain surgeon named Jin accidentally goes back into the past and tries his best to come to the present. It has 22 episodes.

Nobunaga Concerto (2014):

The story revolves around a schoolboy named Saburo who time travel to Japan. He meets his look-alike Oda Nobunaga who asks him to take his place. The number of episodes is 10 and it was aired in 2014.

Ouroboros (2015):

The plot of Ouroboros revolves around two boys who witness their teacher murder. After many years, one becomes a detective and the other the member of a crime gang to find out about the truth. This drama has 10 episodes and aired in 2015. Toma Ikuta and Shun Oguri are the lead actors in this Japanese drama.

Kounodori: Dr.Stork (2015):

This Japanese drama has 10 episodes and aired in 2015 and adapted from Japanese manga. The story revolves around a man Sakura Konotori who is a gynecologist and also a pianist . This Japanese drama has Sakura Konotori as the lead.

Juhan Shuttai! (2016):

The story revolves around Kokoro who was once a candidate of Judo but destiny brings her to the publishing house. She starts learning about editing and soon she finds the same contentment that she used to feel in Judo. This Japanese drama has 10 episodes.

From Today, Its My Turn (Kyou Kara Ore wa!!) (2018):

This is also one of the Japanese dramas adapted from Manga. The genre is comedy and adventure. It has 10 episodes. The story revolves around two students who are bored with their lives. They enter into a new school and after fighting with each other, soon become friends.

What Did You Eat Yesterday (Kinou Nani Tabeta?) (2019):

The story of this Japanese drama revolves around a man named Shiro Kakei who is an attorney and works for a law firm. He lives with his lover who is a hairdresser by profession. They both enjoy their time while having dinner. this drama has 12 episodes.

Love Last Forever (Koi wa Tsuzuku yo Doko Made mo) (2020):

This is one of the most popular and appreciated Japanese dramas adapted from Manga. The story revolves around a nurse named Nanase Sakura who met a doctor in the past and fell in love with him. Many years passed and she meets him again at the hospital with a different personality. It is a comedy and romance drama and has 10 episodes.

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