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Japanese Movie 12 Suicidal Children Review and Secrets

by Naz khaliq
Japanese movie
Japanese movie 12 Suicidal Children

12 Suicidal Teens or 12 Suicidal Children is a 2019 Japanese movie and is a suspense thriller. You will not be able to leave your seat until the end. Here is all about 12 Suicidal Children that you need to know.

Story Summary of 12 Suicidal Children:

12 Suicidal Children starts with someone dragging a body on the floor, it seems like he is removing that body from the scene.

Then a man with glasses enters a building and the building seems like nobody lives there. The man notices some burned cigarettes there as someone threw them after smoking. then he enters the building by pressing some code.

12 Suicidal Children
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Besides that, a letter is shown and it seems like this man is following the instruction from there. He checks every room that is empty and then reaches near a locker. He opens it and there are cards on which different numbers are carved. He picks one card and closes it.

The man says that the basement will be their assembly hall where they will all gather.

Then another man is shown and we can see his face. He also throws his number card on the sofa. He takes out a magazine and starts looking into it.

The scene shifts to a girl who enters the building with a mask and then another girl enters with weird makeup and the maks girl hides. The girl with makeup goes into the bathroom and says to herself that she must not cry. She also notices a single boot there.

The masked girl then sees the man who is reading the magazine and quickly and silently goes into one room.

Then they listen to loud noise and then one more person enters there. This is the guy with glasses and a hat, he sees a boomer that is fallen on the ground. This man name is Shinjiro. He is really observant throughout the movie.

12 Suicidal Children
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The guy who was earlier reading the magazine enter a room and there are lots of bed and numbers are written on them. These are some kinds of numbers that are written on their cards. Every person that is shown in the movie has a card with a different number.

Then another girl is shown that is checking her phone and she is outside of the building, it seems like many people are gathering in one place.

Scene shifts to two other persons who meet for the first time. The one guy tells the direction of the assembly hall to the other guys. But one man says that the elevator is not working so they have to take the stairs. They both take the stairs and meanwhile another man is shown that is on the top floor and he is just looking around him.

The two guys who were talking about the elevator reach a floor and see that the elevator is stopped by putting a chair in between. The guy who was on the top floor also come and he says that he wants to see the sky before going to the basement.

All three guys remove the chairs and get into the elevator to reach the basement. The person who has reached firstly sees a man laying on the bed.

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Meanwhile, two other girls come into the building and one of them notices a scarf outside of the building. They also pick their cards.

All the girls and boys gather in the basement and sit on chairs.

One man says that he thinks maybe the person who is lying on the bed is the organizer of all this. They start guessing what can be the reasons that he is the organizer as he is the first who came here.

One person says that it is the rule that is written on the letter that even if all people would not gather until noon, there will be proceedings.

Nabou says that one person is already gone. She is referring to the man who is lying on the bed and his body is not moving. So they should also follow him. They should decide who will go first.

12 Suicidal Children
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Then suddenly another man enters and he is the same who we saw first in the movie with the glasses. His name is Sathoshi

He says that he is the one who called all these here. He also put his number card on the table which is 1. He says that he has confirmed all these 12 that are a real participant.

The guy tells us the reason why there are here and says that they are here so that they would die. (commit suicide)

Then all the participants with their numbers are shown. One person asks why they should be 12 but why they are 13. The person who has card 1 his name is mentioned and his name is Satoshi.

He quickly sees that person who is on the bed and he says that he does not know that person. and maybe he is an outsider.

Sathoshi says that they must proceed no matter what and one girl asks what if someone says No. Sathoshi says they will keep talking until everyone say Yes but they are free to quit.

12 Suicidal Children
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Sathoshi says if someone is against all this he should raise his hand and one raises his hand. Sathoshi says now they have to talk until everyone says yes. The person says why this outsider is here.  Some of them say that maybe this person knows about all this and he came here before all of them.

One of them gets up from the chair and comes close to the person who is on the bed. He checks and finds some medicine, he says that it seems he has taken this himself but there is no sign of vomiting and a person vomits before dying if he takes this medicine. It means someone else has killed this person. They named this person 0 (zero) and says that one of these 12 persons is the killer.

Sathoshi says that if police will find 12 dead bodies it will be on the front page of the newspaper but he has left a note for police that they are taking their own lives.

At this point, we realize that all these 12 people including young men and women came here to suicide.  They decide that firstly they will catch the murderer and then proceed with suicide.

Then they all start investigating who would be the murderer. They start searching the building and try to connect the dot. They start thinking and doubt each other that who can and cannot be the killer.

Then they again sit on chairs and some of them want to make the decision as soon as possible and some are hesitant. Then one person who was wearing a mask removed it and she turns out to be an Idol (a popular singer).

Everyone gets shocked and thinks why she needs to commit suicide as she is living a dream life. The girl with masks says that she will not proceeds until this idol will quit as she does not want her to commit suicide. This stops the procedure of suicide for a while.

They all ask Sathoshi how he arranged this building and beds. Sathoshi says it was not difficult as this was his father’s hospital and now it is closed because he committed suicide. They all say then why he is going to commit suicide. Sathoshi says that death has become an obsession to him as he wants to know how it feels.

Some secrets are revealed but there are some more:

Nabou and Anri see from the top floor that someone is fragging no 0 on a wheelchair and then he leaves him in the building. They both decide to take him in. Nabou and Anri somehow succeed to drag that person and made him lay on the bed. They thought he is no 12 but they were wrong. No 0 was not one of them. The purpose of all this is to proceed the suicide as soon as possible.

12 Suicidal Children
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After telling all this, Nabou’s reaction confirms that this is all true and she says that when they are here to commit suicide this all does not matter.

Suddenly the person on the bed makes some noise and Sathosi and one man come to see him. They check his pulse and they come to know that the person is not actually dead. He is in this condition due to some drugs and because of their effect, earlier he seemed to be dead.

Later it reveals that one of the people from these 12 is the sister of the person who is lying on the bed. The sister whose name is Yuri tells that due to her one mistake, her brother got injured so badly that he cannot move. She took him here so that he will die. she also wants to die because it was her mistake.

They all tell her that it was not her mistake and it was just an accident. They try to save Yuri’sbrother and start realizing that their decision of committing suicide is not right.

They also discuss with each other why they want to commit suicide. Some want to do it because of bullying, some because of getting rejected by their lovers, and some want to do it because of failures. Some of them are suffering from diseases and they think they cannot live with these.

Nabou is persistent and she says that they must commit suicide so society would know how much justice they have done. Nabou says that some of us are left by our parents and children like us should never be born.

12 Suicidal Children
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Shinjiro says that after seeing yuri’s brother now we all want to be alive from the heart. It’s not like we are living perfect lives even though he himself will die after some months. He says to Sathosi that he wants to conduct another vote for not committing suicide.

Sathoshi asks them to vote if they agree with Shinjiro proposal. They all raise their hands in affirmation and Nabou agrees too.

Everyone leaves the place with a smile. They are completely opposite now than when they were entered the building for suicide.

After everyone’s departure, Nabou asks Sathoshi if he has done this many times before and Sathoshi says three times. Nabou says actually you never wanted to die and he always does this to save people.

Sathoshi agrees.

12 Suicidal Children
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At the end of the movie, Nabou says to him that she will also help him in future to save people and she says goodbye to him and Sathoshi again place the number card in the locker.

The Suspense of 12 Suicidal Children:

Here is a brief explanation of the suspense of the 12 Suicidal Children in some sentences to give you all a clear idea of what actually happened.

After his father died, Sathoshi actually realized the importance of life and he made a plan to save people life who wants to commit suicide. He always conducts an online survey and invites people who want to commit suicide.

After that, he calls people to this place. Then he tries to make them talk about their problems and why they want to commit suicide. People at the end realize that there are many who are suffering from many problems and even some are facing more hardships. People realize that hardships are part of life and they should not quit. In the end, everyone realizes and leaves the idea of suicide behind and goes home with the hope of starting a new life with new energy.

12 Suicidal Children maintains the suspense throughout the movie and at the end delivers a beautiful message that every life is important and we should try our best every day and not to lose hope.

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