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Journey of Life: Do not forget to Hold the Hands of your loved Ones

ByNaz khaliq

Mar 5, 2020
Journey of Life and the relationship with loved ones

In this journey of life, every year lots of people come into our lives, at our workplace, school, college or university. Naturally, we start developing relationships with people. We only choose a few to stay with us and we feel comfort and happiness only with some people. We also try to find similarities between those people who are close to us or who we want to be close with.

With the passage of time, we start having problems with some of them. We find that this person was not what we thought. We start avoiding some of them, some leave us in order to chase their dreams and some are not passionate like us. Some do not feel the same intensity as we do.

At the end of every year, only two-three people enter with us with the same passion of feelings in the next year. In fact, sometimes we enter alone, at some new place or sometimes at the same place.

Every year, we face betrayal, deception, and lies. Some people have the capacity to forget and forgive while others forgive but are unable to forget. Some people are good at hiding their emotions, but some cannot bear the sight of that person. We do not forget people, we forget the feelings and attachment that we once had with them.

The pain starts decreasing when we meet new people. Every year we go through heartbreaks, shame, fear, embarrassment and blames but we forget when we meet new people. However, there are a few things that we can never forget it is the way someone treats us. We may forget the person, but the wrong that is associated with them is not easy to forget.

It is true time heals us, and it makes us forget many things. We wish to get something, we feel like we will die without it but after sometime when we get it, it loses its value and we start chasing other dreams and other things. Read: https://dribblingthoughts.com/exploitation-in-love/

Love relationships

 No doubt, some people cannot be replaced with others. Sometimes we try to replace them in order to forget them but it is not easy. They cannot be replaced and they cannot be forgotten however, we do not want to maintain the same relationship with them. Every time that person’s memory comes to our mind, we feel pain throughout our body. Every time we see that person all the pain, insults, humiliation, rejection come to our mind.

We do not leave people, we try to forget them in order to save ourselves from more pain and damage. It is also not necessary that after someone’s departure from our lives, we cannot be happy and this is definitely not an end. Every human deserves happiness, respect and love however there are some who are unable to understand others.

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Humans have hearts to feel and emotions to show love. Even our eyes are the most expressive one and they show our hidden emotions. However, humans are also cruel, heartless and hurt others intentionally and unintentionally and they even do not apologize.

Human emotions

People should learn how to appreciate the genuine efforts of your loved ones and try to express your feelings too. If you love someone and say you cannot express it, then what are you waiting for, for their death? I know there are people, for them, it is hard to express love feelings to even to their blood relations, but there are many other ways and through them, you can express and make them realize how much you love them. It is difficult, but not impossible.

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People are good at expressing hate, bad remarks and they can also hurt others, but in a matter of love mostly say they do not know how to express and if someone is expressive, they are failed to respond in a good way. Love is not only associated with men and women, but it is also between children and parents and between siblings too. When people are alive or near us, we take them for granted. Then after their departure, we only regret or if they choose someone else, we blame them for disloyalty.

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We reach with flowers at the funeral of someone who was dying to see us when alive. We always pretend that we are too busy but on funerals, we are ready to go. Why, because we want to sustain our social relation, nothing else. If someone cares for someone, he/she can manage to meet when they are alive.

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