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Kdrama The Glory 5 Good and Bad aspects | Karma Served Right

by Naz khaliq
Kdrama The Glory

Kdrama The Glory got recognition worldwide. The article contains the summary, review and ending of the Glory. Here are the good and bad aspects of The Glory through which you can decide whether you should watch this Korean drama or skip it. With Netflix, people across the globe get access to great content. Audiences around the world have already been watching and loving Kdramas for ages, especially Asians. Now it has reached the Western audience.

A Summary of Kdrama The Glory:

Kdrama The Glory

The genre of the drama is a revenge tragedy based on school violence and bullying. The Glory is distinguished from many Kdramas as it shows extreme bullying and it is definitely not for weak hearts. The story revolves around a young high school girl Moon Dong-eun. She belongs to a poor family and wants to focus on her studies to build a good life. However, she is trapped in a vicious cycle of rich high school students who make her life hell.

These high school students have no sympathy or remorse, especially a girl Park yeon jin who is supposed to be their leader. Moon Dong-eun is not the only victim, they love to torture other students. Park Yeon Jin( the leader) assaulted her and burned her body. Moon Dong-eun life is miserable but she tries to report them. The group is influential so it is not easy. She tries to reach the teachers who bully her. She tries to reach the police but they all escape. She tries to commit suicide but she is saved by fate. Her own mother sold her integrity and self-respect for some money.

However after some years, she comes back as a strong person to take revenge. One by one, she takes down her enemies to teach them a lesson. In the end, everyone gets what they deserve.

Korean drama The Glory Review:

The Good Aspects of Netflix The Glory:

A proper revenge plan:

Kdrama The Glory Ending

Moon Dong-eun is not in a hurry to take her revenge. She has waited for so many years. She worked hard on herself but did not forget her revenge. She has a proper plan in her mind which she executes with patience. She knew it would not be easy to give them the taste of culprits in their own medicine, but she did not give up.

The happy ending for Moon Dong-eun:

The Glory ending

We have seen in some dramas where the victim thinks he/she does not deserve happiness or they are not good for others as a life partner. However, the makers of The Glory showed us a happy ending which is actually a happy beginning. She preferred to choose the person who was by her side and put ointments on her wounds. She preferred to be with the person who loved her with all her anxieties and strength.

Moon Dong-eun is one of the strongest characters of Kdramas. She not only learnt to accept the wounds on her soul but also the wounds on her body. She can be seen walking with her scars as if they are her trophy. (Definitely the trophy for her success and strength)

The Characters and the Cast of The Glory:

 The Glory
  • Although everyone did a great job, I would love to appreciate the young actress Jung-Ji So. She is a great actress and can defeat many leading actresses of her time. The expressions of pain, misery, revenge everything can be seen in her eyes and on her face.
  • Apart from her Shin Ye-eun who played the younger version of the villain Park Yeon-jin. While Jung-Ji So portrayed a helpless but strong victim, Shin Ye-eun portrayed an evil and strong villain. If evil would have a face, it would be the character of Shin Ye-eun.
  • Ha Do-yeong proves that he is a strong man. He tries his best to forgive his wife Park Yeon-Jin and gives her many chances. After seeing that she is not going to change, he decides to leave. However, he does not leave his daughter even after knowing that he is not her biological father. He tries his best to protect his daughter from all the evils.
  • My favourite character (supporting) is Kang Hyeon-nam played by Yeon Hye-ran. The growth in her character and strength makes you believe that goodness will eventually reach you. She along with her daughter is facing domestic violence for many years. After meeting with Moon Dong-eun, she gets a ray of hope. She is the one who smiles even in the hardest time. She makes you believe that if you do good to someone, they will return it back. Kang Hyeon-nam is one of those people who you should have in your life, who may not be rich or influential but they can even die for you.

The Message in The Glory (Karma will eventually take you down) :

Karma will hit you Hard and it will definitely take you down one day. When someone does wrong, they think no one can catch them. They are happy if they do not get the punishment for a while. The Glory gives the hope if someone has done wrong to you, they will eventually be served with justice. It’s true, in real life, many culprits especially the influential and the rich ones escape and the victim has to live with wounds which are not only on their bodies but also on their minds. However, no one should do that much bad to someone that Karma will hit them hard.

The Bad aspects:

The Glory

I would not say there are bad aspects but there is something which I would share.

  • I wanted to see the actress who played the young version of Villian Park Yeon-jin. She should be the same person (the same face). It would be much more satisfying to see the same person on her feet who tortured Moon Dong-eun in high school. I know they wanted to show the age gap but faces do not always change so they could use that. It does not mean I am trying to let down the other actress but I would prefer to see the same actress.
  • The second thing which I absolutely felt was unnecessary, was the nude scene of Choi Hye Jung. The point is not whether the makers used the body double or not, the point is what the actual point was. It was absurd.

I hope parents will teach their children morals, ethics and most importantly humanity. The rich ones definitely spoil their kids and this makes them behave like gods. A person with a good heart can never bear injustice or cruelty. This is definitely the deed of those with evil hearts. The series makes everyone shiver by thinking what if their own children would go through the same? The damage is long-lasting.

The drama is divided into two parts and has 16 episodes. The second part of The Glory is on Netflix. You can watch Kdrama The Glory on Netflix.

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