21 English Stalkers Movies That You Cannot Miss

We have a list of English stalkers movies where people are stalked either by enemies or obsessive lovers. It’s true many people do not like the concept of obsessive love, but our list also contains stalking by strangers or enemies. Here is our English stalkers movies list.

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1: Play Misty for Me (1971):

This movie is a psychological thriller. The plot of the movie revolves around a man Dave Garver who attracts a woman named Evelyn Drapper. When he drives her home she reveals that she is actually his fan from his radio show. A relationship starts between these people but Evelyn develops obsession. She always wants to be with Dave and even disrupt his important meeting. Dave realizes it and wants to end this relationship but this enrages Evelyn and her obsession with her lover increases.

2: The Girl on the Train (2016):

The Girl on the Train is the story of a divorced woman Rachel who daily sees his husband with his new wife and child. Gradually, she starts stalking a new family and it makes her happy to see them daily while she travels on the train. She considers them a happy family but one day she witnesses something strange in their house and it changes her life.

3: One Hour Photo (2002):

One Hour Photo is one of the best English Stalker movies and the cast includes Robin William. The story is about Sy who is a photo technician. He takes photos of a family from years. He becomes obsessed with the family. His obsession and stalking lead him to get into family secrets. This makes him angry as he always thought that the family is perfect. He finds out about extramarital affairs and much more. The family involves the police and they search for Sy everywhere to arrest him.

4: The Gift (2015):

Sometimes the wrong deeds you have done in the past, come back to haunt you. The Gift is exactly the depiction of that Karma. A happily married man’s life becomes hell because of some bad deeds and bullying that he has done in his school life. The man is stalked by another man who makes his life hell because he bullied him in the past. This bullying destroyed the victim’s life and he comes back to take revenge. This is an interesting stalker movie to watch.

5: Fatal Attraction (1987):

Fatal Attraction is about a married man when a one night stand makes his life hell. Daniel is a married man who gets involved with a woman Alex while his wife is out of town. Daniel wants to move on but Alex manipulates him by cutting her wrist. Daniel becomes worried and tries to make her understand that he can’t be with her. With the passage of time, Alex becomes more obsessive with him and try to harm his family.

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6: The King of Comedy (1982):

The story of this stalker movie revolves around a delusional comedian who wants to launch his career. He meets a successful comedian and thinks that it will help him to start his career. However, the successful comedian has o interest in him. the delusional comedian tries his best and is always in search of a chance to be close to the successful comedian. The things become problematic when he kidnaps the comedian and takes his place on the stage and the audience loves him.

7: Cape Fear (1991):

The plot of the movie revolves around a lawyer and a criminal. The lawyer lives with his family and in the past, he won a case against a criminal who raped and killed a woman. The criminal starts studying law in jail and finally out of the jail. He starts threatening the lawyer’s family and hurt people who are near to him to take revenge. There is no evidence against him as he knows all laws and knows the escape routes.

8: The Bodyguard (1992):

The Bodyguard is one of the most famous English stalkers movies. The plot revolves around an actress Rachel who is threatened and stalked by some stranger. After the matter becomes serious, her manager hires a professional bodyguard to protect her. In the beginning, Rachel does not trust him and is always ready to point his faults. Gradually they become close and been sleep together. With the passage of time, the stalker who wants to kill Rachel reveals and everyone is shocked to see him.

9: Single White Female (1992):

This is one of the English stalkers movies where a female becomes obsessed with her roommate. Allie is a single woman who shares her apartment with Hedy. Hedy used to live alone all her life and finds a new companion in form of Allie. However, her care and friendship turn into an obsession. She tries her best that Allie does not leave her. She creates misunderstandings between Allie and her boyfriend. She starts dressing up as Allie and changes her physical appearance. Lots of secrets from her past life start emerging.

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10: Fear (1996):

Nicole is a young girl who fell in love with David at the first meeting. Their relationship starts with love but soon it turns into a nightmare for Nicole. David becomes aggressive and obsessive towards Nicole and hurts her friends. She break up with him. This makes David angry and he starts stalking her. He tries his best to hurt his family. He and his friends mentally torture Nicole and her family. This is one of the popular English Stalkers movies.

11: The Fan (1996):

The plot of this stalker movie revolves around a fan who becomes obsessed with a baseball player. Gil is a baseball fan but more than a fan he is obsessed with it. His obsession is the same for the baseball player Bobby. Gil is divorced because he is not interested in anything other than baseball ad Bobby. He tries his best to be close to Bobby and do everything to make him a better player. Even Gil kills Bobby opponent. However, when Bobby reveals that he is no longer interested in baseball and also his fans, this makes Gil very angry.

12: Vanilla Sky (2001):

The story of this psychological thriller revolves around a man David who is stalked by his girlfriend because he is playing around with other girls. His girlfriend intentionally hit the car and she gets killed in the accident while David’s face is disfigured. After this, he gets into a psychological struggle between reality and illusion. His life is no longer a firm reality. The cast of Vanilla Sky includes Tom Cruise and Penelope Cruz.

13: Swim Fan (2002):

This stalker movie plot revolves around swimmer Ben and a new girl in town Madison. Ben has a girlfriend Amy. After Madison makes sexual advances on him, they both have sex. However, they decide to keep it a secret and pretends as nothing happened. Madison stalks Ben everywhere and Ben asks her to stop. However, her obsession with Ben does not stop. She tries her best to ruin his life so that there would be no one besides him. She commits many crimes and every blame is on Ben.

14: Obsession (2009):

The plot of the movie revolves around Derek who is happily married and also has a son. Derek meets a woman in the office who thinks he is interested in her. She makes sexual advances on him while he rejects her. She persists on this and Derek many times, tells her straightly that he is not interested in her. The woman quits the job and Derek thinks that she has moved on. However, the woman appears again in his life and this time put doubts in his wife’s mind that his husband is cheating on her. The wife kicks Derek out of her house but finally, Derek proves his innocence.

The woman turns into a dangerous enemy when she kidnaps their son and blackmails them. The movie cast includes Idris Elba and Beyonce Knowles in lead roles.

15: The Crush (1993):

This is one of the English stalkers movies where a 14 years gold girl become obsessed with a 28 years man. the man tries his best to control himself as the girl constantly seduce him. He tries to beware her parents but they do not listen. The obsession that starts with flirting reaches to stalking the man. When everything is failed, she tries to destroy his belongings and even accused him of molestation. Gradually, it reveals that the girl has a history of obsession.

16: Misery (1990):

It is one of the English stalkers movies in which a fan become obsessed with a writer. A writer gets into a car crash and is saved by a woman. She takes care of him and they both start discussing his work. Gradually the writer realizes the woman is over-excited about his works that turn into an obsession. The woman is not happy with the twist of one of his works. Even after recovering, she closes all the doors and ties him up so that he would not be escaped. She becomes dangerous to an extent that she tries to kill him.

17: Sleeping With the Enemy (1991):

This is one of the English stalkers movies that are about an abuser husband. the plot revolves around a couple who seems happy in front of people but the husband is abusing the wife physically, emotionally and sexually. One day, he makes her life hell and the next day gives her flowers.

The wife is tired of this abusive life and decides to fake her death. she fakes her death and become successful in it. She starts a new life with a new name and fell in love with a nice man. However the husband does not give up his search, he finds her, stalk her everywhere and tries to make her life hell again. The woman role is played by Julia Roberts.

18: Hand That Rocks the Cradle (1992):

The plot of this stalker movie revolves around a doctor who sexually molests his patients. He is caught when one of the patients report him. After reporting few more patients to come forward and report the doctor. This results in an arresting warrant against the doctor. The doctor commits suicide. The doctor’s wife is pregnant and she lost her baby after going through depression.

She sees in the news about the lady who reported his husband. She thinks of a revenge plan. The patient who has reported the doctor needs a nanny. The doctor’s wife changes her name and becomes the nanny. She starts breaking her family and turn every member against each other.

19: I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997):

A group of friends goes out to enjoy their summer on the beach On their way, they hit some person and assume he is dead. They throw the body in the water and everyone pretends that nothing happened. The next year, one by one they start receiving a note stating’ I Know What You Did Last Summer’. Initially, they start doubting each other, but when the friends are getting killed one by one, they know it is someone else. This English Stalker movie is loosely based on a novel with the same name.

20: Prom Night (2008):

The story revolves around a high school teacher who becomes obsessed with his student. The teacher thinks that the parents of the female student are a hurdle in his way so he stabbed them to death. The police find out and they catch her. The female student starts living with her uncle. The teacher runs away from the custody and reaches to her. He kills everyone including the students’ friends. The movie cast includes Brittany Snow and Johnathan Schaech.

21: The Cable Guy (1996):

The plot of the movie revolves around a cable guy who becomes obsessed with one of his customers. At the beginning of the movie, both the Cable guy and the customer becomes friends. However, due to the Cable Guy weird behaviour, the customer does not want a friendship between them. The Cable Guy does not like the idea of ending the friendship. He stalks his customer and keeps an eye on him every time. The genre of this movie is a black comedy. The movie cast includes Jim Carry and Matthew Broderick in lead roles.

This is our English stalkers movies list, How many you have watched?

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