Here are the reasons why Ahn Hyo-seop Korean drama Abyss is not a super hit

Korean drama Abyss starring Park Bo-young and Ahn Hyo-seop could not meet fans expectations. Abyss is a celestial object, that looks like glass ball and it has the ability to revive the dead person, but with a different face. The face is actually the soul of the human and it can be beautiful and ugly according to a person soul. (according to the drama)

We are sharing our honest reviews and brief storyline so it will be easy for you to decide whether to watch the show or not.

Brief Storyline and Analysis of Korean drama Abyss:

A man gets a text message from his girlfriend that she cannot marry him because he is not good looking. The man thinks that he should die while he is sitting on a bridge. At the last moment, he cannot do it but accidentally fell from the bridge. Some miracle happens, his body goes to the sky and then fell on the ground. He seems to be dead and his body is filled with blood.

Ahn Hyo-seop played the character of Cha Min after rebirth

After a while, a woman and man appear on the site and they seem to be grim reapers. From their conversation, it seems that they mistakenly killed the man. However they revived his body and when he wakes up, he is reborn with a different face and now is a handsome man.

That mysterious woman and man tell him that they tried to rectify their mistake and it is his soul’s face, they further give him a ball and call it Abyss. They tell him that he will be able to revive some lives with this Abyss.

We come to know that the man is Cha min, who is rich but every girl thinks that he is ugly. The woman who he was going to marry has ditched him because of this fact and she was only after her wealth. His best friend Seo Yeon, whom he loved for 20 years, also thinks the same and she tried to get rid of him by arranging a meeting between Cha min and her current girlfriend.

The story takes a turn when Seo Yeon who is also a prosecutor get killed in her house. She was working on an important case of serial killer. Cha min is heartbroken on his friend death and who he loved all his life. Right before her burial, he thinks of reviving her back to life. He uses the Abyss and revived Seo Yeon. After reviving, Seo Yeon face is also changed and she is not that pretty anymore. She complains of her new face and Cha Min makes her realize that it is her soul and she always misbehaved and misused people.

They both start to find the killer and amid all of it they both falling for each other. Cha min already was in love with her but due to her behaviour, he decided to stay away but destiny has other plans.

Cha Min and Seo Yeon from Korean drama Abyss

The story is the blend of reality and fantasy world. Where Cha Min many times revive people from death. By mistake, he also revives the serial killer and later regrets it.

The drama is also a mixture of comedy and romance where it is shown that people do not look for a beautiful heart rather they prefer the outer appearance. Cha Min is a person who is beautiful from inside, so he revives with a beautiful handsome face, but he does not change. He even fell in love again with Seo Yeon who has no longer a beautiful face. He tries to help people and at the end in the order to save Seo Yeon, he sacrificed himself.

According to the rule of Abyss, Cha Min can only save limited lives, but in order to save Seo Yeon, he sacrifices himself. It is true that Seo Yeon has already realized her love for him before his death. But after his death, she realizes her love even more. But destiny brings them back together.

The ending is on a happy note, where criminals get punishment for their wrongdoings. Seo Yeon and Cha Min are ready to start their new family and everyone is happy.

Review of the Korean drama Abyss:

  • Abyss is light-hearted and it is more a love story, although there are many elements of crimes solving cases overall it is more of finding the love and exploring the true identity.
  • Although there are many dramas where we must have seen dead people revival, here it is different in the terms that people are reviving with the new fact. The face is according to their soul, so you must keep your soul clean and good, just in case you are reborn.
  • There are definitely some suspense elements too, but the drama is not like those dramas where you have to sit in curiosity. Especially for those people who find it hard to be attracted to some drama unless it has some really special or extraordinary elements.
  • Unfortunately, we cannot call it one of the best Korean drama, but if you are looking for light hearte romantic scenes, you can watch it.

(Korean drama Abyss is available on Netflix, Asian.tv and Kissasian.)

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