15 Korean Drama Bromance that You can Watch in K-Dramas

There are lots of Korean Drama Bromance that make fans fall in love with them. If you are a fan of the BL series, you can definitely get a taste of that.

Here is the Korean Drama Bromance that will make you believe in friendship and bonds between two males.

1: Suspicious Partner:

The formar friends that turn into frenemies Noh Ji-wook and Ji Eun-hyuk are prosecutors. They were once friends but due to a betrayal from Eun-hyuk their friendship get torn. The betrayal was to sleep with your best friend girlfriend. Is not it too bad? However, ji-wook fell in love with another person and their friendship start restoring. Suspicious Partner is a great friendship and love drama and there is a great bond between the whole group that work together.

2: Descendants of the Sun:

The perfect partners in work and the perfect partners in crimes, Yoo Shi-jin and Seo Dae-young are always support each other. They are each other backbone and even save each other from the wrath of their girlfriends. Whenever there will be talk of Korean Drama Bromance, these two will always on our favourite list.

3: The Boy Next Door:

Living in the same house and striving for one girl, Sung Gi jae and Park Kyute give us many bromance scenes but these scenes are more like BL. However this is not at all a BL series. This is purely innocence from both male leads that create lots of doubts towards them.

4: Vincenzo:

To achieve his goals, Vincenzo has to pretend to be soft for Min Seong. Willingly or unwillingly, their scenes give us major vibes of bromance and if things would be right, fans will happy to accept them.

5: Strong Woman do Bong Soon:

Although there are not many scenes of An Min-hyun and Kook-Doo in Strong Woman do Bong Soon but their scenes are the best in the history of Korean drama. Even these scenes are real or imaginary, they both became famous for their bromance.

6: A Korean Odyssey:

Song Ogong and Woo Hwi-chul both are alive for hundreds of years. They live under the same roof and continue to win over each other. They both are after one precious thing but they cannot live without each other. This is definitely a true example of Korean drama bromance.

7: Heirs:

Two former friends who because of misunderstanding stand against each other but they still care for each other. They both fell in love with the same girl but their bromance and love hate relationship continue to rule our hearts.

8: The King Eternal Monarch:

This Korean drama bromance is purely on companionship, friendship and loyalty. They both are loyal to each other since childhood where Eunseon can sacrifice his life for his king and the king can also do anything to save him. This is a beautiful example of bromance.

9: Goblin:

One of the best Korean drama bromances can be seen in Goblin. The chemistry of Goblin and Grim reaper makes the drama so enjoyable that you cannot miss their single scene. The love-hate relationship between Kim shin and Wang yeo makes the best Korean drama bromance. They make the drama memorable.

10: Jealousy Incarnate:

Two friends fell in love with the same girl. One is sweet and caring and obviously, he becomes a second lead and the other is carefree and rejects the girl but get the girl at the end. This typical scenario makes our heart hurt but the relationship between Lee Hwa-shin and Go Jung-won gives us a perfect example of Korean drama bromance.

11: Chief Kim: (Good Manager)

Kim sung-ryong and Seo yool are two rivals in one big company. The love-hate relationship is so good that we wait for their scenes. Their bromance and interaction is the thing that we wait for while watching this Korean drama. They even got an award for best Korean drama bromance.

12: She was Pretty:

To start from owner and employee, these two give us some good bromance scenes. Ji sung-joon and Kim shin-hyuk are stuck into a love triangle. They fell in love with one girl but their scenes are also fun to watch in She was Pretty.

13: True Beauty:

The former friends who because of some misunderstanding turn into frenemies. They do not disappoint us and give major bromance scenes. They fell in love with one girl but try their best not to damage the relationship between them.

14: Start Up:

Start Up did not only give us second lead syndrome but also major friendship goals. The bromance between Ji-pyeong and Nam Do-san is really enjoyable and the drama can be remembered because of their chemistry.

15: Vincenzo:

This latest Korean drama has given us major heartbreak. Vincenzo has given us the bromance that we need but in the end a heartbreak by killing the character of Han- seo. The brotherly relationship between Vincenzo and Han Seo can be slow but it became fans favourite until the end. It is definitely one of the memorable and painful experiences of bromance in the history of Korean drama.

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