Top 17 Korean Dramas Adapted From Webtoons

Webtoons are famous across the world and there are many dramas that are adapted from Webtoons. Here is the list of 17 Korean dramas adapted from Webtoons that you cannot miss. Some of these Kdramas are also adapted from Japanese manga. However, some fans find these dramas better than webtoons and some think the dramas could not justify the essence of webtoons.

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1: Memorist (2020):

Memorist is one of the Korean dramas adapted from Webtoon of the same name. The cast of Memorist includes Yoo Seung-ho and Lee Se-young. It is the story of a man who can read people minds and solve crimes. He teams up with a criminal profiler to catch the criminals. The drama has 16 episodes.

2: Itaewon Class (2020):

Itaewon Class is one of the Korean dramas adapted from Webtoons that is also one of the popular Kdramas. The drama is about a high school student who is expelled from school because of an unfair justice system. He makes a plan and after few years stand against the people who tried to ruin his life. The drama is about pursuing dreams. The Itaewon Class cast includes Park Seo-Joon, Kim Da-mi, Lee Joo-young and Kwon Nara.

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3: True Beauty (2020):

Korean drama True Beauty got much fame recently. This is another famous Korean drama adapted from Webtoon. The drama revolves around a girl who is not beautiful as per society standards. Although the beauty standards that are shown in the drama is not healthy for many girls across the world, the drama got immense popularity. True Beauty cast includes Cha Eu-woo, Hwang In-youp, Moon Ga-young and Park Yoo-na.

4: Extraordinary You (2019):

This Kdrama is based on the webtoon July Found By Chance. The drama story focuses on a girl who finds out that she and her classmates are merely characters in a comic book. She is not satisfied with it as she has the worst character in this series. She tries to change her destiny. The drama has 32 episodes. Extraordinary You cast includes Kim Hye-yoon, Rowoon and Lee Jae-wook.

5: Strangers From Hell (2019):

This is one of the finest Korean dramas adapted from Webtoon. Strangers From Hell is a psychological horror thriller. A policeman starts investigating murders but is stuck between strange people and eventually become a part of it. He has to live with strange and weird people that live in the same building. The drama is also known as Hell is Other People. Strangers From Hell cast includes Lee Dong-Wook and Siwan in lead roles.

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6: Cheese in the Trap (2016):

One of the most popular adaptations of Korean dramas from Webtoon. The story revolves around a hardworking high school girl who fell in love with a shaded character guy. The guy is a rich and most famous high school student but has a shaded personality. Some fans did not like the idea of being a hero like that, but we believe humans are born with mixed emotions and no one can be perfect as shown in many dramas. This is a must-watch Kdrama that you cannot miss. Cheese in The Trap cast includes Park Hae-jin, Ki Go-eun, Seo Kang-joon and Lee Sung-kyung.

7: What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim (2018):

A man who always want to listen good about him eventually fell in love with his secretary. He does not appreciate his secretary and only thinks about himself. His secretary decides to leave him and he realizes that he cannot do anything without her and he is actually in love with her. This Korean drama is adapted from webtoon Why Secretay Kim? The cast of this Webtoon adaptation includes Park Seo-joon and Park Min-young in lead roles.

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8: Sweet Home (2020):

Sweet Home is one of the horror Korean dramas adapted from Webtoon of the same name. The story revolves around humans who are turning into monsters and eating other humans alive. A man has to survive along with few humans in these horrific circumstances. Sweet Home cast includes song kang, Lee Do-hyung and Lee Si-young in lead roles.

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9: The Uncanny Counter (2020-2021):

The Uncanny Counter is the mystery thriller Korean drama adapted from Webtoon Amazing Rumour. It is based on a disabled boy who is selected to become part of a group named Counters. They are hunters who search and fight against evil spirits who try to harm humans. The Uncanny Counter cast includes Jo Byung-gyu and Kim Se-Jeong in lead roles.

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10: Boys Over Flowers (2009):

It is one of those Korean dramas adapted from Webtoons that is based on Japanese manga with the same name. The drama revolves around high school students and their relationship problems. Apart from that, the drama also focuses on class differences and the problems that people face because of that. It is one of the most popular Kdrama across the world. Boys Over Flowers cast includes Lee Min-ho, Kim Bum, Kim Hyun-joong and Koo Hye-sun in lead roles.

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11: Her Private Life (2019):

Her Private Life is a romantic comedy-drama that is based on webtoon Noona Fan Dot Com. The drama story revolves around a woman who is so professional and perfect in her job. However, she is a crazy fan of a K-pop artist but no one knows her secret. She attends all his concerts by wearing a mask and member of the secret Fanclub. Her Private Life cast includes Park Min-young and Kim Jae-wook in lead roles.

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12: Tale of Nokdu (2019):

Tale of Nokdu is one of the Korean dramas adapted from webtoon that is set in the Joseon era. It is based on the webtoon Josean Love Story: The Tale of Nokdu. The story revolves around a man who is hiding for his life and enters a village where there are all widows. He disguised himself as a widow and live among them. This is also one of the interesting gender bender Kdramas. Tale of Nokdu cast includes Kim So-hyun and Jang Dong-yoon in lead roles.

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13: Mischievous Kiss (2010):

Mischievous Kiss is also known as Playful Kiss. The drama story revolves around a genius man and a girl who has a crush on him. The girl is not good at her studies and is rejected by the man several times. They meet at a man’s house as she turns out to be the daughter of his parents’ friends. This is also one of those Korean dramas adapted from webtoons that are popular across the globe. Mischievous Kiss cast includes Kim Hyun-joon and Jung so-min in lead roles.

14: Princess Hours (2006):

It is one of the popular Korean dramas adapted from Webtoon Goong. The drama story revolves around two people who have to marry each other because of their royal families. They have to live with each other against their wishes but eventually fell in love. Princess Hours cast includes Yoon Eun-hye and Ju Ji-hoon in lead roles.

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15: Mystic pop up Bar (2020):

Mystic pop up Bar is based on webtoon Twin Tops Bar. The drama story evolves around a bar that opens late at night. It seems a simple bar but it opens mysterious doors at night. It can take customers in their dreams and solve their problems. The owner of the bar is cursed to live an eternal life and is actually a shaman. This is a fantasy and mystery drama. Mystic Pop Up Bar cast includes Hwang Hung-eum and Yook Sungjae in lead roles.

16: To the Beautiful You (2012):

The drama revolves around high school students and the pursuit of love and a career. The story revolves around a girl who disguises herself as a boy and gets admission to a boy high school. She wants to be close to her crush who is about to quit his dreams. It is one of those Korean dramas adapted from Webtoons that are close to fans hearts. To the Beautiful You cast includes Sulli and Choi Min-ho in lead roles.

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17: Liar Game (2014):

Liar Game is one of those Korean dramas that is based on Japanese manga. the story revolves around an innocent girl who gets a chance to enter a reality show after passing their test. The winner will be able to get millions but he/she has to deceive their fellow beings. It all depends on betraying and winning. The drama is a mystery thriller. Liar Game cast includes Kim So-eun, Lee Sang-yoon and Shin Shug-rok.

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