11 Best Lee Min Ho Dramas and Movies

Lee Min Ho is the first name that fans suggest to those who is about to start their Korean dramas journey. Here is the list of Lee Min Ho dramas and movies that you should watch and the list is according to our preference.

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There are some Lee Min Ho movies too, but first, we will talk about his dramas.

Lee Min Ho Dramas:

8) Mackerel Run: (2007)

It is a 2007 drama and the first drama of Lee Min Ho. Mackerel Run is a high school rom-com and it was cancelled early because of low ratings. if you want to see Lee Min Ho in school uniform this drama is for you. the drama is about high school students dreams and relationships with each other. The number of episodes is 8. Mackerel Run cast includes Lee Min-Ho, Moon Chae-won and Kwon Yul in prominent roles.

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7) Faith: (2012)

The drama Faith is also known as The Great Doctor. It is a mixture of the modern world and history where a man from the past come into the modern world and kidnaps a female plastic surgeon. In the beginning, the doctor does not accept it and tries to run. However, there is no way to escape as the door back to the present is closed. Gradually, she accepts her fate.

There are lots of conspiracies in the past life for the throne. People are after the King’s life and the character of Lee Min-Ho along with a group of people fight against these traitors. The plastic surgeon helps people while living in the caves and love happens between her and Choi Young (Lee Min Ho character). She comes back in her world in the end but often visits the past world where she meets his lover played by Lee Min Ho. Kdrama Faith cast includes Lee Min-Ho and Ki Hee-sun in lead roles. The drama has 24 episodes.

6) Boys Over Flowers: (2009)

Boys Over Flower is about the journey of a rich spoiled guy and a poor girl and their realization about their feelings for each other. This journey also transforms the rich spoiled man into a nice human being. You can see him as a spoiled man that changes into a nice human because of love. The story is also about the friendship between four friends and their journey to achieve love and success. Although there are some flaws in the drama it is still a popular Korean drama.

Boys Over Flower is one of those Kdramas that are made in different Asian languages. The Boys Over Flowers cast includes Lee Min Ho, Koo Hye-sun, Kim Hyun-joong and Kim Bum in prominent roles. The drama has 25 episodes.

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5) Personal Taste: (2010)

Personal Taste is a 2010 South Korean drama and it is adapted from a novel with the same name. This drama of Lee Min Ho is about a couple who live together and the girl thinks that the boy is gay. The girl is heartbroken from her previous relationship and does not want any man near her so the man played by Lee Min Ho pretend to be gay in order to live in that house. He cannot bear it whenever something happens to the girl and gradually fell in love with her. The drama has 16 episodes. Personal Taste cast includes Lee Min Ho and Son Ye-jin in lead roles.

4) City Hunter: (2011)

City Hunter is based on the Japanese Manga Series. This Korean drama of Lee Min Ho involves dirty politics where a man kidnaps a child just to use him for his own benefits played by Lee Min Ho and by manipulating the truth tries to use him against the well-being of the country. This is an action-based Korean drama and has a love story too. The character of Lee Min Ho is loved by so many fans. City Hunter cast includes Park Min-young and Lee Min Ho in lead roles. It has 20 episodes.

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3) King Eternal Monarch: (2020)

King Eternal Monarch is one of those Korean dramas that are unique in terms of content. There are two different countries or sort of world and almost every person exist in both countries. Lee Min Ho is playing the role of a king who visits the other country and knows about the existence of two countries. In fact, these are two different worlds that are parallel to each other and every human exists in both worlds. Some of them are dead in one world, while the others are living in both worlds.

The King has to travel to the other world in order to find an enemy who has killed his father and family in the past. The enemy is the first person who comes to know about these parallel worlds and use them for his evil purpose. The drama aired in 2020 and fans remember it because of the cute chemistry of the lead couple played by Lee Min Ho and Kim Go-eun. Apart from them, Woo Do-hwa and Kim Kyun-nam played prominent roles in King Eternal Monarch.

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2) Heirs: (2013)

The Heirs is about class difference and amid this class division, there is a love story between a rich man and a poor girl played by the popular Lee Min Ho and Park Shin-hye respectively. The drama also has a love triangle and the story is beautiful regarding various character developments. There are lots of famous actors who played prominent roles in Heirs. Heirs cast includes Kim Woo-bin, Kim Ji-won, Lee MinHo, Park Shin Hye, Krystal jung and Park Hyung-sik in lead roles. The Heirs is also one of the most popular Korean dramas and it has 20 episodes.

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  1. The Legend of the Blue Sea: (2016-2017)

The Legend of the Blue Sea is also one of those Lee Min Ho dramas that is unique in its content, in fact, it is one of the unique dramas of the Korean drama industry. This is the love story of a mermaid and a human. If you are interested in fantasy love stories, this one is for you. It has not only a beautiful love story but also the survival of a mermaid in the human world after she lost her lover.

Apart from these 8 Lee Min Ho dramas, he had also done a role in dramas like I am Your Teacher and a cameo in 7 First Kisses that is also available on YouTube. Other dramas can be watched on kissasian. com and now Netflix is also streaming a bundle of Korean dramas.

Lee Min Ho Movies:

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1: Gangnam Blues (2015):

This movie is set in 1970 and it is an action thriller Korean movie. Lee Min-ho is playing the role of a homeless man along with actor Kim Rae-won and they are hired by a gang to serve a political purpose. The movie is about gangsters life and how they face betrayal at the hands of their most trusted people.

2: Get Up (2008):

Get Up is a 2008 Korean movie. This is one of those Lee Min Ho movies that is set against an educational backdrop. Its storyline revolves around school life and the problems of students at a school.

3: Bounty Hunters (2016):

This is one of the action-comedy Lee Min Ho movies. Lee San played by Lee Min Ho is stuck with gangsters along with his friends. After a struggle, they try their best but find themselves in more trouble. The movie was released in 2016 and it is a great stress buster. Bounty Hunter cast includes Lee Min Ho and Tiffany Tang in lead roles along with many famous actors.

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