13 Korean Gender Bender Dramas list to entertain You

One of the major content of South Korean dramas is their Gender disguise or Gender Bender dramas. We have penned down 13 Korean gender bender dramas that are not only fun to watch but also show Korean actors professionalism.

Korean gender bender dramas are quite famous. Korean actors are highly professional and if one has to see the talent they can see these dramas, where the actors have done both gender roles perfectly.

Here are our top 12 Gender disguise and Gender Bender Korean dramas.

13) Ma Boy: (2012)

Ma Boy is one of the Korean gender bender dramas. It is a 2012 South Korean drama starring Kim-so hyun and Kim-Sun-woong. It is a mini-series and a Teen drama. The character of Kim-so hyun dream of becoming a singer and transfer to a musical high school in the hope to become a singer. She meets the most famous girl in the school who turns out to be a boy.

12) Splash Splash Love: (2015)

Splash Splash Love is a Korean gender bender web series and has 10 episodes. The web series is an original from where later the famous drama Love in the Moonlight was adapted. The girl travels back in the historical era and disguises herself as a Eunuch.

11: Empress Ki: (2013-2014)

Empress Ki is a historical South Korean drama and also one of theKorean Gender Bender dramas. In the beginning of the drama due to some tragic, the girl Gi Seungnyang played by Han Ji-Won decides to disguise as a man in order to live peacefully. With the passage of time, she succeeds to mingle with royal but soon she has to reveal her identity as her mission is to become the queen of Goryeo. The drama is overall serious and has 51 episodes but it is the most famous Korean drama.

10) Sungkyunkwan Scandal: (2010)

Sungkyunkwan Scandal is another historical South Korean drama and that is also one of the Korean Gender Bender dramas. The drama is based on one of the best novels “The Lives of Sungkyunkwan Confucian Scholars“. It has 20 episodes. The drama is about a girl Kim Yoon-hee who in order to earn for her family disguises herself as a boy and get a chance to enter into famous institutions Sungkyunkwan.

9) Secret Garden: (2010)

Secret Garden is one of the 2010 Korean Gender Bender dramas. It has 20 episodes. Although the story starts with a rich man and a poor woman involvement with each other. In the middle, it becomes a Gender Bender drama when both characters after getting married start switching bodies. This drama is also one of the highly appreciated Korean drama.

8) Coffee Prince: (2007)

The woman in order to find a job disguises herself as a man where a man played by Gong Yoo falls in love with her without knowing her true identity. The drama is a romantic comedy and has 17 episodes.

7) You’re Beautiful: (2009)

You’re Beautiful is one of the Korean Gender Bender dramas that is about an orphan girl who dreams of becoming a nun but ends up in a boy band because her twin brother has to leave that group for a while. The girl played by Park Shin Hye has to disguise herself in her brother place so after his return he can safely take his place in the boy band. It becomes complicated when the boys start showing their interest in her. The drama has 16 episodes.

6) Come Back Mister: (2016)

Come Back Mister is Comedy family drama and has 16 episodes. In the drama, the two men who are failed in their lives meet with an accident. However, destiny gives them another chance and they both born a totally different person. One born again with a handsome face and the other born as a woman. This drama is one of those Korean Gender Bender dramas that are so much fun to watch as Oh-Yeon-seo who played the role of a man done her job perfectly.

5) To the Beautiful You: (2012)

To the Beautiful You is the most memorable drama of South Korean industry as the cast includes the late singer and actress Sulli. The drama has 16 episodes. The girl Goo Jae- Hee played by Sulli admires a high jumper boy. In order to be close to him, she disguises herself as a boy as he studies in a boys school. The drama has themes of friendship and love.

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4) The Tale of Nokdu: (2019)

The Tale of Nokdu is a historical South Korean drama and also one of the Korean Gender Bender dramas. A man disguises herself as a woman as he wants to find out the truth about his identity where he falls in love with a woman played by Kim-so hyun. the drama has 32 episodes and it is a romantic comedy. This is also one of few dramas where a male disguises himself into a female.

3) Love in the Moonlight (2016)

Love in the Moonlight is a South Korean historical drama and it has 18 episodes. The drama is the love story between a crown prince played by Park Bo-gum and a girl who is in the disguise of a eunuch. The drama is about the hardship they face because of the difference in their status and because of the girl disguise. The drama is also about the journey of an immature prince into a responsible man who takes care of his country too.

2: Mr.Queen: (2020)

This has become one of the popular Korean gender bender dramas. A man who is a flirt transfer to another world as a queen (as a woman). His world change as now he has to behave not as a woman but also as a queen who is married to a King. He tries his best to find a way to go back to the modern world. The drama is also one of the best Korean comedy-dramas that you should watch.

  1. Kill me Heal me: (2015)

One of the most popular and highly appreciated Korean Gender Bender drama Kill Me Heal Me has 20 episodes. The drama is not only famous for its Gender swipe but also for the multiple disorder personality portrayal that is played by Ji Sung.

Apart from the major personality of the character Cha Do Hyun, two of his personalities are still memorable and highly appreciated by fans all over the world and one of them is female. This drama stands on no 1 in our list because of the outstanding performance of Ji Sung as a woman and because of his professionalism. He did an amazing job.

These are our top listed Korean Gender Bender drams and we have only included Korean dramas. Which one of these is your favourite? You can watch all dramas on kissAsian and many Korean dramas are available on Netflix too.

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