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The Piper | 3 Reasons to Watch Korean Horror Movie

ByNaz khaliq

Mar 8, 2021
The Piper
Korean movie The Piper

The Piper is a 2015 South Korean Horror film. It comes under the category of period horror-thriller.

The time period that is shown in the movie is 1950. It is the time when the Korean war has ended and the disease T. B  is considered one of the biggest diseases during this time as it was incurable.

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The Piper Summary:

Woo ryong has some problem with his leg. Woo ryong and his son are going to a town that name is Seoul to meet a doctor. Woo ryong son name is Young-nam and he is ill. They both reach a village and they tell the chief of the village that they are going to meet an American doctor who has promised Woo Ryong that if he would reach in Seoul in one month he will treat his sick son.

He shows the chief a paper on which an address is written but no one knows English but when the paper is shown to the audience, it is nothing other than an insulting remark that probably the doctor has written and it proves that no one is waiting for them in Seoul.

The Chief agrees that they can stay but he says them not to tell other villagers that the war has ended.

The village is plagued by rats and the villagers are really worried as they did everything to get rid of them but there is no use. Woo ryong offers the villagers that he will help them to get rid of rats and in return, they will pay him so that he will be able to pay the fees of the American doctor for his son.

Woo Ryong has the knowledge of herbal medicine so he makes two kinds of medicines and somehow succeeds in catching and killing the rats. All the villagers start trusting him.

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The secret that is Hidden in the Village:

But there is a secret that is hidden in the village that Woo Ryong does not know. The Chief and some of the people left the village sometime in the fear of war. A shaman and some people who were suffering from leprosy stay there.

After a while, the chief and his people come back but the Shaman and ill people ask them to go as they decided to leave the village. The chief and some of the villagers begged Shaman and lepers to let them stay at the village until the war passed but later they encaved leapers and they were eaten by rats but the Shaman survived and cursed them that they are their children will all be doomed. They burnt down the Shaman and the rats came out of the cave and start infecting villagers.

Before going further, let me tell you about the Shaman. It is believed in some cultures especially in Korean and Chinese that Shaman is like prophets. They are the link between spirits and Gods. If someone is possessed by evil spirits or ghosts, Shamans treat them. They can see the future by practising and in the past, they were hired by kings to prophecize their future and lead them better. It is also believed that if they curse, it is effective and lead to a bad fate.

The reason why rats started eating meat is that the villagers encaved the people in the cave where there are rats and the rats started eating them now rats want meat on a constant basis.

Mi-sook who is also a Shaman fell in love with Woo Ryong and Woo ryong asks her to go with him to Seoul but the chief starts a conspiracy against Woo Ryong. He starts telling lies that it is actually Woo Ryong who brought rats with him and he is aspy. He uses the same note that Woo Ryong give him in the beginning and villagers could not understand by saying that he has caught a note that proves Woo Ryong is a spy and it is written on the note.

The villagers turn against the Woo Ryong and chief son Nam soo chops some fingers of Woo Ryong. The villagers start beating Woo ryong and Mi-sook arrives with a stab wound. She repeats the prophecy of earlier Shaman that the villagers’ children will be at risk and die and then Mi sook dies.

The chief takes the pipe of Woo ryong and let him and his son young -nam to go. But the Chief poisons their food. The piper Woo ryong is seriously injured so he falls asleep. His son young- nam thinks that he should take back his father pipe. He goes into the village to steal the pipe of his father but on his way back he eats the poisoned food.

He dies in his father arms.

The Revenge of The Piper:

The Piper is a perfect revenge story. Woo Ryong has nothing left in his life, his lover and his son have died so he plans an act of revenge on villagers. He makes a special powder and covers his body with it. He reopens the cave where he earlier caged the rats to help the villagers. he plays his flute to drive the rats to the village.

The rats start attacking and eating the villagers. The chief is also eaten by the rats. Only the children of the villagers are left behind. Woo Ryong plays his pipe and children starts coming to him. Woo Ryong lures them into the cave. After all the children reached the cave, he put a big stone in front of the cave and close it.

At the end of the movie, Woo Ryong look into the mirror and movie ends here. This is the revenge of Woo Ryong from the villagers that took advantage of his kindness and good deeds and the prophecy of the Shaman fulfils too that the villagers will be all killed and their children will be encaged into the cave.

Reason to Watch the The Piper:

Although The Piper hook you until the end, there are top 3 reasons to watch The Piper.

  • The non-stop thrill of the movie that shiver down the spine.
  • The continuous mystery and suspense as what will happen next.
  • The wait for the revenge of The Piper, who does not show any mercy even on children of the villagers, as they did not show any mercy to his son.

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