13 Best Korean Medical Dramas |​ Doctors Romance Series

Korean Medical dramas are everyone favourite. The detail they provide in their medical series regarding the surgeries and treatment is remarkable. There are many Korean medical romance dramas and doctors romance series that you should watch if you have an interest in medical dramas.

Here are our best Korean medical dramas that you cannot miss. (We tried to rank these dramas according to the medical details that they have provided in these medical dramas.)

13: Beautiful Mind (2016):

This Korean Medical series is inspired by the novel Frankenstein. The story revolves around a neurosurgeon who has no sympathy and his association with the mysterious deaths in the hospital. This is one of the Korean medical dramas that received low viewership and it has 14 episodes.

12: Emergency Couple (2014):

This is one of the doctors romance series and it is about a medical student and a dietitian who falls in love in their youth. They get married instead of family opposition. The circumstances are not in their favour and they eventually get divorce. After that, they pursue their careers which they have left for marriage. After completing their studies, they end up in the same hospital and they have to work together for three months. This Korean medical romance drama has 21 episodes.

11: Descendants of Sun (2016):

This is one of the Korean medical dramas in which two professions are highlighted. The story revolves around a military young man who fell in love with a doctor. The drama is about their love life and the struggle they face in their professions. This is one of the most popular Korean dramas starring Song Joong-Ki, Song Hye-Kyo and Kim Ji-won as lead actors. This drama has 16 episodes.

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10: Kill Me Heal Me (2015):

Kill Me Heal Me story revolves around a man who is suffering from Multiple personality disorder. He meets a doctor and one of his personality fell in love with her. The woman has a good impact on his health and she helps him to recover his true self. This is one of the most popular Korean drama. This Korean medical series has 20 episodes.

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9: Blood (2015):

Blood is a medical drama that revolves around a mysterious creature, the Vampires. It is also a doctor romance series and is a love story between a human and a vampire. The war is between the good vampires and evil vampires who want to harm the humans. The number of episodes is 20.

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8: Yong Pal (2015):

This is one of the popular Korean medical dramas. The story of this Korean doctor series revolves around a doctor who changes his name to Yong-Pal to work secretly. He needs money and offers his medical services to criminals and those people who cannot come infront of public to get treatment. This dramas has 18 episodes.

7: D-Day (2015):

This Korean doctors romance series revolves around a cold female doctor and a rebellious doctor. They work together after Korea is hit by an earthquake and between all these horrific incidents, they fell in love. This drama has 20 episodes. The cast includes Kim young-Kwang and Jung So-min as leads.

6: The Doctor (2016):

The cast includes the famous actress Park Shin-hye as leads. It is the story of a woman who is rebellious in his students days but finally ends up passionate doctors. After joining a hospital, she meets again with her mentor who changed her life. They both fell in love. The cast also includes Lee Sung-kyung and she is also playing the role of a doctor. This medical series has 20 episodes.

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5: Hospital Playlist (2020):

Hospital Playlist is one of the Korean medical drama that also focuses on the life of nurses. The drama focuses on five friends who are working in a hospital. It is the story of their passion for their work and their love life. Season 2 of this Korean doctor series is coming in 2021. The number of episodes of the first season is 12.

4: Good Doctor (2013):

Many countries adapted this Korean medical drama. Joo Won is playing the character of autistic person who is sent to child care in his childhood. He is very genius and ultimately succeed to enter in the field of pediatric surgery. He is given a limited time to prove himself as a capable doctor. The number of episodes of this Korean doctor series is 20.

3: Doctor Strangers (2014):

This is one of the Korean medical romance drama. The story revolves around a man who is trapped and along with his son send to North Korean. The man is killed there and somehow the son played by Lee Jong-suk comes back to South Korea. He remains low profile but is really has lots of skill. The drama revolves around his love life and also the conspiracies against South Korea by North Korea agents. This drama has 20 episodes.

2: Doctor John (2019):

Ji Sung is playing the role of doctor John who is a skillful doctor. He is expert in the field of anesthesiology. He teams up with Kang Si-Young to treat patients who come to hospital for treatment of chronic diseases. This drama has 32 episodes.

1: Dr.Romantic (2016-2017):

The story revolves around a senior surgeon who was very successful in his career. However, one tragic event changes his life and he disappears. He changes his name. There is also a romantic plot between two young passionate doctors. They also fight against the corruption of doctors. There are two seasons of this Korean medical drama.

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