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Korean Movie The Chronicles of Evil is full of Suspense

by Naz khaliq
The Chronicles of Evil
Korean movie

The Korean movie “The Chronicles of Evil” was released in 2015. Park Seo-joon and Son Hyun-joo are lead actors of the movie. The Chronicles of Evil can be termed a Korean Suspense thriller. Here is the summary and Review of The Chronicles of Evil:

The Chronicles of Evil Summary:

At the beginning of The Chronicles of Evil, we see a child. The police are arresting his father and take him away. The child cries. A police officer is shown who is being awarded for his good work and he is promoted as police chief. The head chief asks him to be careful as he will be under close observation and they will see his performance.

Korean movie The Chronicles of Evil

The new police cheif’s name is Choi that is played by Son Hyun-joo and his behaviour is very friendly with his staff and everyone is happy with his promotion. He throws a party for them.

The party ends and everyone leaves happy. Choi sits in a taxi and talks with his family. He takes a nap and after a while, when he opens his eyes, he finds that the taxi is not taking him towards his house. He asks the taxi driver where he is taking him, as this route does not go to his house.

Without saying anything the Taxi driver increases the speed of the taxi. Choi starts struggling to get out and tries to stop the car. The car stops and they both get out. The taxi driver attacks the Choi with a knife.

During this fight, the taxi driver gets killed by Choi. Choi gets really worried and about to call the police. But his senior chief calls him and tells him that he is about to ask the head about Choi promotion to a senior position and Choi has to be cautious not be stuck in any bad situation or do anything.

The Chronicles of Evil

This makes Choi confused and he starts thinking whether he should tell them about the taxi driver or not and he leaves the spot.

Next day a woman sees a dead body hanging on a building and calls the police. Police arrive and when Choi sees the face, it is the same Taxi driver. Choi gets frightened and also surprised that how this taxi driver reach here as Choi left him in that barren place. But Choi does not say anything and pretends that he does not know him.

Cha dong is a member of Choi team and he finds out about taxi. He thoroughly checks the taxi and finds out the tie badge. He gets surprised because it was the same badge that he and his friends gave to Choi but he remains silent.

The Chronicles of Evil
Cha Dong

The news of a dead body circulates around the media and police gets pressurized to solve the case as quickly as possible. The Chief commissioner gives the name of Choi as he is the best police officer.

Choi is not happy with it as he thinks about how can he finds the murderer as himself killed the taxi driver. The case investigation starts with full zeal and according to the forensic report, the skin of a killer is found in the victim’s nails as they both fought. This news fell like a bomb on Choi.

The team finally finds the cc tv footage and finds out about the taxi driver and taxi. They say that tomorrow they will definitely find out about the killer. Everyone is so happy but Choi is very worried.

Choi reaches the bar where they were all partying that night and he steals the cc tv footage. Cha dong finds out the footage in which a person is dragging taxi driver body and put in a taxi to take it somewhere else.

Before the team arrives, Choi finds out about the man and inquires him about a taxi driver. The man says that he did not kill him, he was already dead. Someone else gave him money to take the body.

The Chronicles of Evil

Before team’s arrival, Choi shoots the man to save himself. but the police commissioner says that Choi killed the man without knowing whether he was the actual killer or not and there is a possibility that Choi killed an innocent man. Choi would go to jail for doing this.

But the team of Choi supports him and says that they will prefer to go to jail instead of Choi.

The team tells the police commissioner about their progress in the case that they have found the drugs in the bodies of the taxi driver and the man that Choi shot last night.

A man is shown who is watching all media coverage of Police statements but his face is hidden.

Choi is disturbed by all the news and progress in the case.

Cha dong asks his senior about the behaviour of Choi that he finds strange. The senior says that it is because he has killed a suspect that’s why he is worried. Bt Cha dong thinks about the tie badge that he found.

Choi reaches a  man who supplies drugs and asks him about that specific drug that is found in victims’ bodies. The man does not tell first and Choi beats him. After that, he tells Choi that this drug is very rare and some famous actor was also arrested in this regard.

The forensic report of the person come out who Choi shot and it proves that this man did not kill the taxi driver. Choi does not give any reaction as he knows about it because he is the killer of the taxi driver.

The Chronicles of Evil

Police commissioner scolds him to kill the man but then he says that Choi should bury this case otherwise their name would be spoiled. Choi gets surprised but commissioner says that they will prove that this man is the actual killer when he is not.

Choi reaches at the company of that actor who was mentioned by that drug dealer and finally he gets the address of his house. Choi gets a clue that is a card at the actor’s house.

Cha Dong finds out about cc footage and he sees that Choi was the last passenger that night that boarded in that taxi. He meets Choi and asks him what if a junior officer who respects his senior a lot and admires him finds out about the wrongdoings of his senior. He asks him what he should do then?

Cha Dong hand over the tie badge and cc tv footage to Choi and says that he is sure about Choi innocence and he believes Choi will do everything right at the end.

Choi gets surprised and happy that his junior respects and love him

The Chronicles of Evil

Choi gets a call that the actor wants to meet him but when he reaches the spot, he only finds a paper on which some dates are mentioned. He calls his other officer and asks him about those dates. The officer tells him that on these specific dates, homicide was done in which one person killed the other.

The officer tells him that the victims were all police officer. Choi realizes something and understands the whole game.

Mystery and Suspense Revealed from the Past in The Chronicles of Evil:

(From the past)

Many years ago almost 12 people were killed and the police could not solve the case. The police commissioner asked Choi and other officers to solve this case and find anyone on which they can put false charges. Choi was not agreed but on the command of the Police commissioner, they caught a mad man and put all charges on him.

Police commissioner announced that they have solved the crime. He gave the reason that the murderer put poison in these people drinks because he was not getting his salary.

The Chronicles of Evil

The man is taken into custody and his son watched him from a distance. This is the same scene that we saw in the beginning of the movie. The son sees how corrupt police officer is arresting his father who did not commit any crime.

(In Present)

Choi realizes that the son of that man would-be mastermind of all this and we come to know that the actor is actually the son of that man. And the taxi driver and the other man who Choi shot are the two witnesses who wrongly confess against the actor’s father in the past. Choi understands the whole game.

But the actor comes to the police station and confesses to the murder of the taxi driver.

The actor asks police officers if he wants to meet Choi and Choi comes in the investigation room. The actor says that everything was going fine and Choi was the only one who survived. If he would be killed that night by the Taxi driver everything would be solved but what he did that night it made everything more interesting.

The actor says that Choi committed a crime to hide it he has done so many after that and he is enjoying this situation. Choi asks him to stop and he knows the actor is taking revenge on his father but he should stop now.

The actor does not agree and says that Choi now has to kill the police commissioner otherwise he has footage of Choi when he was killing the taxi driver. He has two options either he can kill the corrupt police commissioner or he should confess all crimes and face the penalty in jail.

Choi comes outside and the commissioner asks him about what happened in the room. Choi says that in order to find out whether the actor is a killer or not they have to keep him in custody for a few days. Commissioner gets angry and removes Choi from the case. He makes another officer the head of the case.

The new officer releases the actor and Choi asks his team to catch him again. They all come out to catch him when Choi receives his call, the actor says to him if he cannot kill the commissioner the actor will kill him by his own hands.

Choi sees that the commissioner is sitting in the car and the actor says that the car has a bomb. Choi runs towards the car to save him, but the car explodes. Choi cries and the actor calls him. The actor says that the commissioner should be dead before but now everyone is dead apart from Choi.

The Chronicles of Evil

He says that he did not kill Choi because he wants him to solve the old case of 20 dead people .because of that case, the police put false allegations about the actor’s father and put him in jail and now Choi has to solve the case and find out about real culprit.

Choi denies and the actor sends his video footage to police in which he was murdering a taxi driver. Everyone gets shocked and an officer goes through Choi laptop. He finds out about the old case in which the actor’s father was held responsible for the murder of 20 people.

The officer investigates further to find out about the son of that man but he finds out that the actor was not his real son. The officer gets shocked.

The Real Suspense and Culprit of “The Chronicles of Evil”:

Choi reaches the bar where the actor was injecting himself with some drugs. The actor says that he is about to die and before that the actor tells him that he is not the real son of that man but actually Cha Dong is the real son and he has planned all this. He tells him that he and Cha dong were best friends in childhood and this is the reason he helped him.

Choi gets another shock and the actor dies.

On the other side, the officer reaches Cha dong and tells him that he knows he is the actual son of that man that was wrongly accused and he knows that Cha dong has done all these crimes. Cha Dong kills that officer.

Cha Dong kidnaps son of Choi and asks him to come to a location otherwise he will kill his son. Choi reaches and points the gun at Cha Dong, but the police arrive and ask Choi to surrender because he killed 2 people. Choi’s son runs towards him and Cha Dongs says that this is the same scenario as what happened to him and his father in childhood.

Cha dong also reveals that his father was bullied because of his mental state and he could not bear it. He poisoned those 12 people drinks but the police could not find it.  They put blame on his father and put him in jail and now the situation is the same where his son is in the same condition as he was.

He asks Choi to kill him as he has fulfilled all his wishes to kill all people that were involved in his father’s case.

Park Seo Joon

Choi does not kill him and the police catch Choi. Cha Dong kills himself at the end and Choi runs towards him and put him in his lap. He laments his death and says that because of the justice system and corrupt officers, a mad man was wrongly accused that his son had to take revenge on his father. The Chronicles of Evil ends here.

Moral of The Chronicles of Evil :

The Chronicles of Evil not only shows the corrupt justice system but also that if you have done something wrong to someone in the past, it will definitely haunt you. It can haunt you at any time of your life and you can not be escaped from it.  The Chronicles of Evil is not only about murder solving cases, but also has lots of secrets and mysteries. It is a good watch and you can watch it on kissasian.

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