Kpop Band BTS: 5 Reasons to Love Them

BTS fans know that every BTS member has a different personality. Every member has a separate fan base due to different reasons, but there are many who loved these 7 handsome men equally. Definitely, these 7 members of BTS are enough that people will love but here we are going deeply so that the world will know why there is so much craze regarding Kpop band BTS.

The first and most important reason to love BTS is their positive energy. Not only the message of their song like Love Yourself spread positivity but also their appearance in various programmes like Run BTS and BTS In The Soop makes you fall in love with them.

There are many people who despite having language barrier forget their worries by watching their videos. We can find many people who claim that their depression goes away when they see BTS. It is a truth, be it their cooking skills, their friendship, their care for each other, their fun moments everything provides positivity. You are feeling stressed, just find BTS videos, you will enter into the world of comfort.

The second thing is the hardships they have gone through that they inspired millions of people. Many people now know BTS, but they should go back in time when the hard-working people were going through tough times.

Success definitely is not a one-day thing, they have earned it through blood and sweat. K-pop fans know that how hard training K-pop singers get, they have to live according to the standards, be it beauty standards or any kind of physical appearance or be it the competition of doing good in this tough world. It is not like BTS does not face criticism, there are so many people in this world who get jealous by other success and instead of working hard, they just sit behind the computer screen and type comments that are filled with hate.

These are those people who are failed in their lives and they think successful people are privileged. Maybe there would be some privileged people, but the success BTS achieved is the fruit of their 7-8 years of day and night hard work. This is also an inspiration for those people who think they are failed and cannot do any good in life, they should keep going because maybe you are just a step ahead of your biggest success.

Third is their down to earth nature. You can see them in different shows, it does not feel that these boys are one of the richest celebrities of Korea or these are those who are worldly acclaimed. They are so humble and who can forget JungKook continues bows whenever he faces some female or any elder.

The boys have even now more pressure because where the world is loving them, there are lots of people who are ready to find a fault in them. Of course like beauty, success is not always there. But definitely, the moments of positivity and love that BTS is spreading will be remembered forever.

Fourthly, we definitely love the way that BTS is trying to reach their fans by learning the English language. It is not easy for them to learn a new language, but the way they sang even an English song is remarkable. English is definitely a global language, people can reach to millions of others through this language.

We absolutely love all the videos where BTS members are shows to learn the English language and speak English words. It does not matter whether they are perfect in it or not, because they are keep learning. Be it the confusion of V and Jimin regarding the words like  Beach and Bitch or calling frustrated as trusfrated, we absolutely adore these hardworking learners.

Fifthly, their cooking skills and household chores. Can you beleive the worldwide handsome, the perfect dancers and singers and one of the most famous people of the world right now, can be seen doing kitchen work. Here in many countries even the ordinary men think they do not belong to kitchen. They do not know anything about kitchen. Many fans girls drools over the food they make and the way they make and they have high expectations from their future husbands or we must say waiting for the men who will do it.

These are our five reasons to love Kpop band BTS, whats yours?

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