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Indian Short Film Kriti with Surprising end, that will confuse your mind but in good way

ByNaz khaliq

Jul 2, 2021
Indian short film Kriti

Kriti is an Indian short film and it starts with a patient Sapan played by Manoj Bajpayee and psychiatrist Dr. Kalpana played by Radhika Apte. Sapan is telling his doctor about a girl Kriti with whom he has fallen in love. He tells his psychiatrist that Kriti has Agoraphobia which means that she is afraid of social mingling, and open spaces and she does not like to click pictures. This is the reason why when Dr. Kalpana asks for her photo Sapan does not have one.

Sapan tells a little bit about Kriti and his doctor shows interest in her. When the Doctor asks too many things about Kriti, Sapan asks her why she is so much interested in her. Dr. Kalpana says that it is because she cares about him. After a while, she says that Sapan in the past also made up a story and always talked about another girl that was not in real and this is the reason she thinks it is the same this time.

She says that this is the reason she wants to meet Kriti but Sapan gets hyper and says he is telling the truth. After some time Sapan agrees on one point that he will show Kriti on the phone to Dr. Kalpana secretly.

Sapan comes home and he is on a video call with his doctor (Kalpana). He comes and waves at Kriti who is sitting and working. He goes aside and talks to his doctor about Kriti’s beauty. Dr. Kalpana says that she did not see anyone. Sapan gets irritated and says he will again show her and this time she should see it with more attention.

He again puts the phone camera by hiding himself and shows Kriti to Dr.Kalpana. However, the doctor again says that there is no girl and he is again doing the same that he has done in the past and made imaginary friends. She says that he has to get rid of this too.

We see Kriti who asks him who he is talking with and he tells a lie that he is talking to some publisher as they both are interested in writing books.

However due to his conversation with Radhika, he starts arguing with Kriti on different things. He says to her to show him the book she is writing. But she says that he promised her that he would see it when it was finished. He starts forcing her to go out and finally acts like a maniac.

Indian short film kriti
Kriti played by Neha Sharma

Sapan says that if she is real and she wants to prove it, she has to go outside and show herself to other people. Then he asks her to hurt him with a knife so he would know if this injury is real then she is also real. He says that you are forcing me to kill you. Kriti says that he is psycho and he recalls someone else has also said the same to him.

He holds her hand and changes the direction of the knife to Kriti and kills her.

Next scene

Sapan wakes up because someone is at the door. The policeman is at the door and he asks Sapan about the noise that happened last night because neighbours complained about that. Sapan says that he was angry last night and threw things. The policeman says that but it was not the noise of that it was the noise of some girl shrieking. The policeman starts looking and he sees blood drops here and there.

The policeman finally sees Kriti’s dead body and he points a gun towards Sapan. Sapan asks him if he is able to see Kriti as she is his own creation and not real. The Policeman says that he is under arrest for murder and further investigates him.

Sapan tells the policeman about Kriti and Sapan asks him to call his psychiatrist. The policeman asks him to call her to her lawyer but he says he only knows her psychiatrist.

Sapan gives the number of Dr. Kalpana to the policeman but when the policeman tries to contact her, Sapan receives the call. The inspector asks him angrily if he is saying that Kriti is his creation then what is Dr.Kalpana?

He takes the inspector with him to the address of Dr.Kalpana, there is no one. When the inspector asks the worker there, he says there is no Dr.Kalpana and he works for Sapan.

Indian short film Kriti
Sapan and Dr.Kalpana

The inspector asks him to stop playing and confess his crime and just then Kalpana appears and says that this inspector is also his creation just like Kriti and he has to get rid of him and this short film ends here.

I really love this short film, especially the acting of Manoj is outstanding. Moreover, it has suspense in it and in the end, you are free to infer whatever you want.

My perspective is, Dr.Kalpana is the imagination of Sapan and Sapan is seeing her since childhood. Other people are real. However, he thinks that she is real and other people are the creation of his mind. It is also possible that he has killed Dr.Kalpana in the past. Moreover, the names also play an important role as Kalpana, Kriti, Sapan’s meanings are dreams, illusions or something that is not reality.

You can infer different meanings according to your understanding but I am recommending this to you, as it is a good Indian short film.


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