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18 Best Korean Horror Movies that You Cannot Miss

ByNaz khaliq

Mar 19, 2023
Korean horror movies
Korean horror movies

If you are a fan of Korean Horror dramas, You should check out Korean Horror Movies too. We are presenting before you a list of the best Korean Horror Movies to watch that will give you a shiver down your spine. Some of these Korean horror movies are much more frightening than Korean horror dramas.

Some of these Korean movies are also available on Netflix while you can watch many of them for free on Kissasian.

1) Phone (2002):

Korean horror movie

Phone is a 2002 Supernatural Korean horror movie. The story revolves around a journalist who often receives threatening calls because she works on controversial cases. She changes her cell number and moves to a new place. One day she receives a strange call and sees a ghost playing on the piano. She soon figures out that her new number actually belongs to a student who is dead now. Ha Ji-won played the lead role in the movie Phone.

2) A Tale of Two Sisters (2003):

Korean horror movies

This is a 2003 Korean horror movie and it is a psychological horror movie. After a family tragedy, two sisters admitted to a mental facility. They soon release from it but find that they have to deal with their late mother’s ghost along with their stepmother. Their birth mother’s ghost starts to haunt them and it becomes a matter between reality and mental illness. Im Soo-jung and Moon Geun-young played the lead roles in the Korean horror movie A Tale of Two Sisters.

3) Cinderella (2006):

Korean horror movie

A girl needs immediate surgery to be beautiful again and her mother who is a surgeon replaces her face with a beautiful face. However, this beautiful face belongs to someone else and she returns back as a ghost to take her face back. Cinderella is a 2006 Supernatural Korean horror movie. Shin Se-kyung and Do Ji-won played the lead roles in the movie cinderella.

4) Hansel and Gretel (2007):

Korean horror movies

A man lost himself in the forest and soon finds a way with the help of a little girl with a lantern. They both enter a house and there are lots of mysteries and secrets that terrify him. This is a 2007 Korean horror movie and is inspired by the famous story of Hansel and Gretel but with a twist. Shim Eun-kyung and Jin Ji-hee played the lead roles in the movie Hansel and Gretel.

5) The Death Bell (2008):

Korean horror movies

The Death Bell was released in 2008 and it is one of the South Korean horror movies. The story revolves around a group of students who are trapped in a school. They have to solve the puzzles to save fellow student lives. The teachers are also forced not to leave the school. When they fail to solve the puzzle, someone starts killing their class fellows.

6) The Puppet (2013):

Korean horror movies

The Puppet is a 2013 Korean horror movie. the plot of this movie revolves around a woman who goes to a psychiatrist because she starts noticing some weird things. The psychiatrist traps her by hypnotizing her. The woman soon finds out that he is cheating on her and in fact, he was in a serious relationship with someone else and was only using her for lust. The woman does something that will blow your mind and you can only figure it out by watching it. The film was criticized as it has more sex than horror but it can be a good watch if you love revenge.

7) The Piper (2015):

Korean horror movies

The Piper is one of the South Korean horror movies. the plot revolves around a man who wants to figure out a cure for his son. However, circumstances led him to a village where people are cruel. In the end, the villagers face the wrath of the Piper because the Piper has nothing to lose. The movie follows the famous story of Piper who helps the villagers to get rid of mice. The villagers forget his good deed and the Piper takes revenge. The movie presents a more horrifying angel by taking the same story in the background.

8) The Wailing (2016):

Korean horror movies

The Wailing plot revolves around a police officer who investigates serial killings. These killings are mysterious and he also investigates the illness of the people living in a village to save his daughter. Due to this illness, the villagers start killing their fellow men. The movie is critically acclaimed and it is a 2016 Korean horror movie.

9) Train to Busan (2016):

Korean horror movies

Train to Busan is not only one of the best Korean horror movies but it is also internationally praised. The plot of this horror movie revolves around a man Seok-woo who is entrapped in a train because of a Zombie outbreak in Korea. The movie is considered one of the best movies in South Korea. Gon Yoo, Ma Dong-seok and Kim Su-an played the lead roles in the Korean movie Train to Busan.

10) The Mimic (2017):

Korean horror movies

The story of the Korean horror movie The Mimic revolves around people who are lured by the evil spirits of the Jangsan Tiger. By digging into the past, a family come to know that a shaman sacrificed her daughter to appease the Tiger and now their ghost lures people and sacrifices them.

11) Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum (2018):

Korean horror movies

Gonjiam is one of the most terrifying Korean horror movies. the movie plot revolves around a crew who wants to do a live broadcast for their web series. The crew reaches an abandoned hospital to broadcast. Although they have heard the rumour that a doctor killed all his patients in that hospital and committed suicide they did not believe it. The movie is about their attempt to get out of this hospital but you have to see whether they get a chance or not. It is also one of the most popular Korean horror movies.

12) Thirst (2019):

Korean horror movies

Thirst is a 2019 Korean horror movie and it is inspired by the 1867 novel Therese Raquin. The movie plot revolves around a priest named Sang-hyun who is infected with a virus. Due to this Virus, he feels a thirst for the blood of humans. He develops an affair with an unhappily married woman. You can call this movie a vampire too.


13) Metamorphosis (2019):

Korean horror movies

A married couple shifts to a new home along with three children but soon horrifying and disturbing incidents start occurring. The family sense the supernatural elements and figures out that a devil changes its form and transforms into one of the family members. They call out for help from their uncle who is a priest. Kim Hye-jun, ChoYi-hyun and Sung dong-li played the lead roles in Metamorphosis.

14: Svaha: The Sixth Finger (2019):

This is one of the mystery Korean horror movies. The movie story revolves around Lee Geum-hwa and her mysterious sister. They are twins but Geum-hwa is born with a deformed leg because of her sister. Their parents are dead and Geum-hwa’s sister is also dead in the world’s eyes. Their mysterious lives are disclosed gradually by a Pastor who works to disclose the cults. There are a series of murders going on.

The Pastor and the investigators have doubts about Geum-hwa she is something to do with the deaths. This discloses the secret of her dead twin sister but the mystery is still there that whether she is some kind of monster or a human. The cast of Svaha: The Sixth Finger includes Lee Jung-Jae, Park Jeong-min and Lee Jae-in in lead roles. This Korean horror movie is also available on Netflix.

15: Alive (2020):

Best Korean horror movies

Alive is one of the Zombie Korean movies. A virus has spread in the city and it seems the only survivor is Joon-woo who is a gamer. He has lost all hope when he realizes that there is another survivor besides him. Now they both have to help each other to save themselves from the monsters. It is very hard as the monsters can smell the humans. Alive cast includes Park Shin-hye and Yoo Ah-in in lead roles.

16: The Call (2020):

Best Korean movies

It is one of the Korean movies which is based on the British film The Caller. The story revolves around two women who belong to different time zones. One is from the past and the other is from the future. After Kim So-yeon loses her cell phone in a rural area, she finds an old telephone in her childhood house. She receives a mysterious call from a woman who claims that she is living in the same house. After investigating, Kim So-yeon realizes that the other woman is from 1999 and she is telling the truth.

However with the passage of time, strange events start happening and it becomes difficult for Kim So-yeon to know what is the reality and what is not. She is stuck in all these situations and an unending evil trap by the caller Oh Young-sook. All the events are actually terrifying and the movie’s ending suggests that some things can never end. The lead characters are played by Park Shin-hye and Jeon Jong-seo. Both these actresses are playing really strong roles.

17: Kingdom Ashin of the North (2021):

Best Korean movies

This Korean horror movie actually provides a back story of Ashin, the heir of the northern tribe. The story is set before the first season of the Kdrama Kingdom. The story is about Ashin who lives in the Northern village of Seongjeoyain. There is a huge conspiracy for the power between two groups and Ashin’s tribes suffer without any fault. The whole tribe is killed and their houses are burned down. Ashin is the only survivor who takes vows to take revenge.

She secretly moves into the tribes of her enemies and works as a servant there. She trains herself to take revenge but no one actually knows her moves. Ashin takes revenge one by one while the other humans start turning into monsters (zombies). Jun Ji-hyun played the lead role in the movie.

18: The 8th night (2021):

It is one of the mystery thriller horror Korean movies. The movie’s back story is set 2500 years ago when a monster’s eyes are ripped by Buddha as a punishment. The monster has two eyes Red and Black and both are ripped by Buddha. The Buddha keeps his eyes in separate caskets. After many years, a professor believes that this is not actually a myth but a reality and he believes that there are caskets with monster’s eyes. Though no one believes him, after the struggle of twelve years, he actually finds the caskets. When he opens the casket with the red eye, it possesses his body.

The guardian of the Black eye comes to know about it and they try their best to protect it as the Red eye will try its best to find the Black eye. If both eyes would meet, it can awaken the monster. The 8th Night cast includes Lee Sung-min and Park Hae-joon in lead roles. It is one of the Korean movies which are available on Netflix.

You can watch all movies on kissasian and some of these are also streaming on Netflix.

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