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True Meanings of Love, Relationship and Friendship

by Naz khaliq

Is there any difference between a love relationship and friendship and if there is a difference why we feel so much attachment to our friends? Here we tell you why?

The only difference between love relationships and friendship ( between two friends) is intimacy ( sex, unless they are friends with benefits, and in the modern age, people know what is meant by it). Otherwise, it has the same emotions and feelings but you must have a real friend in your life.

In this world of materialism and gaining benefit, it is very difficult to recognize the true friends who stick by your side through thick and thin. A friendship that is established on the base of emotions rather than benefits is definitely equal to the relationship between husband and wife or between two lovers. It demands equal attention and care.

childhood friendship

This is the reason people believe that childhood’s friendship lasts longer because as kids, we do not know about personal benefits, or being selfish, the bond just develop naturally. Although in the modern age, status is affecting the fragile minds of children as they are observing their parents do the same. Still, the heart of child is pure as compared to elders.

However, it does not mean you cannot get good people later, if you are lucky enough, you can get them at any age.  Most of the time, you have many friends, but still, there is one person whom you can share lots of things, whom you can fight and argue but after all this, you are still friends.

You can also tell them that you are angry. You are not afraid to tell your weakness to them because there is nothing like to feel shame.  The one thing that is clear, two people have the strongest bond between each other than the three or more than that.

Many are your good friends, share great bonds, share happiness or sorrows but still the strongest bond that you have with only this particular friend. To this person, you do not feel shame or insult.

The reason why I called this bond as equal and strong as to two lovers’ bonds is that when two people are in love they get jealous with the presence of third one. Especially when the third one tries to be near to your best friend.

This person is the one, whom you tease more but at the end of the day, you need their shoulder to cry on. You want that world should know that only you are his/her best friend. You want this person will be on your side at a crucial time. Maybe, you do not like some of their habits but still, they are your best friend and you cannot lose them.

So the relationship between two lovers and friendship, both are the same. You fight with them, you get angry with them, you scold them but you still want them by your side. 

Different Kind of friendships and all are cherishable:

 There are some friends you have met online, never met them face to face but you still feel so much love for them. There are people whom you were friends throughout your life, after sixteen years of friendship, you felt that you have lost them or they have lost you, but at the end of the day, you meet them again and feel that this bond cannot be broken. 

There are friends whom you meet when you think these kinds of friendship does not exist anymore, but you feel the strongest bond with them. You can also have a friendship bond with your sisters or brothers. I guess this makes your blood relations more strong. 

In any kind of relationship whether its friendship, blood relation or love, they become successful when people from both sides focus on giving. If one person keeps on giving one day he/she is exhausted and drained.

 In the modern materialistic world, where people are only with someone because of benefits. If you have friends, who are by your side, help you out, listen to your cries, scold you on your stupidity or be a part of it, then you are lucky. Keep them close to your heart, forget small disputes and do not lose them.  

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