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Materialistic Cold world and Materialism of Modern age

by Naz khaliq
Materialistic world

Is it possible to not have a materialistic approach to life or save oneself from materialism?

A person has grown up by seeing that his parents tried hard to meet basic necessities of life. Even when it was time to pay his/her school fee, there was always too much pressure and worries to handle. when someone from the family was sick, they were unable to take them to a doctor or maybe he has seen some one’s death because they were unable to take him/her to a good doctor.

At every step of life, they faced issues because of their poor financial condition. If someone belongs to a poor family, they are unable to even find food for one time and this is the biggest priority for them. However here I am talking about a person that belongs to a family that tries to provide basic facilities to their children somehow.

That person while growing up would think, the only way to get rid of this poor life is to earn. Money is everything and if he/she will earn more money, they will have a better life. At least, their children will not suffer like them.

In order to achieve this, that person will work hard and his only focus will be on earning money. In order to do it, he will not only neglect his health but neglect his relations too. He will not care about emotions like love, as it is also said by someone that love cannot give you food.

 materialism of modern age
materialistic cold world

Relationships and materialism are interlinked at some point:

I recently find that because of one person having too much interest in materialism, the other person suffers in a relationship. Although nowadays, it is very hard for people to stay away from the materialistic world.

When a person will neglect his loved ones, the other person will one day stop caring too and move on. In this way, there is someone born that is called materialist and disloyal person.

Both persons are right at their respective decision. One who has seen that only through the money you can survive in this world and get respect. The others who think that they are not getting an equal amount of attention, love, and care.

The problem is not with the choice of either career or love. The problem is there is no balance between these two. A person seeks the thing that he/she does not has all their life. For some, it is money, because they think with money they can buy anything, happiness too or they do not care about these emotions.

A person who is after love, he/she has dreamt about it all their life. However, if they meet with someone with an equal need they will be blessed. Otherwise, they will be hurt at every step.

I do not know who is at fault, a person who is waiting for someone but the other person does not come or the person who is unable to come because they were busy in their work.

I understand people have different priorities, however, I think people with the same priorities should be together. Otherwise, either the relationship will be spoiled or one person will be hurt throughout life.

When people complain about how many people are turning into a materialist, they should know that many have seen all their lives that only through the money they can achieve their dreams.

However, the problem of getting rich is a human is not satisfied with what he is currently having. After a poor person starts having a better life, he will think about thousands, then thousands turn into millions and billions and it will go like this until his death.

Materialism and relationship

Materialistic tendencies of people:

The problem is many people start admiring those who have more wealth. People turn all their senses and attention towards them and their opinion matters most to them. Here are some examples that I have seen in my society.

  • If a person with less money tries to give an opinion, people mock it. On the other side, if a person with more money gives the same opinion, people appreciate his wisdom.
  • If a rich person does something, for example, a second marriage, a marriage out of his own cast, wear western clothes or even do any illegal activity (Although I believe in personal choice) people will never talk about it as soon as they are getting benefit from that person. However, if a person from less influential family even thinks about it, people start bitching, throwing garbage over his character and much more.
  • If a rich person needs some money in a matter of investing, others will easily and gladly offer them money. On the other side, if a poor person ( even middle class) needs money even for health or any other crucial matter, nobody will give him money. People have the thinking that maybe they will not get their money back.

This is the reason, many people even do not want it, they are forced to be materialistic in the term that they know they are going far away from every relation but if they will not earn more and more, they will lose everything.

In my opinion, it is absolutely alright if you are going towards materialism unless it does not affect other people. It is healthy and normal, if you want to make your life better, however, do not try to do it by putting pressure on others. Do not spoil your relations and do not see relations as some business meetings (although meetings are more important to these people) and do not chase people for having money favors. (just like some people have eyes on dowry).

Do your hard work, have money and try to work even for those who are unable to do it. Work on yourself and not try to take advantage of others.

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