Men should be expressive in love: Here we tell you Why?

Men should be expressive in love and by reading this phrase someone can think we have our ways to express emotions. It is a well-known fact that women are more expressive in terms of their emotions than men. Some people think women are born like this. They are born to give more love. It is in women’s nature to give, to nurture but due to this thinking people forget to give love to her and they are only interested in taking.

Men should be expressive in praises and little gesture of love.

How it sounds that if a man asks his woman if she is eating well, sleeping well, how was her day. How are the people around her? She missed him or not? If her mood is not good, how many times he tries to make her happy. She should wear this colour and not that. This attire suits her and this not. I mean all the basic things that a woman loves to ask his man and wishes that he will notice all these.

Men should be expressive in terms of emotional support.

How many times he apologizes for his behaviour to her. How many times he reminds her how much he loves her and he is always by his side and he means it. I mean on her bad days, when she needs him, he is there to listen to her instead of saying he is not free to listen to her sad stories. On the days when she wants to see him or talk to him and text him again and again, he listens to her and does not say that he does not have time for her craziness. 

Men should be expressive and tell women often how much they love them.

What is bad or childish in the good morning or good night texts, especially if you cannot talk to her because of your busy schedule, what is wrong with this to remind her at the end of the day or at the start that it is just because of your work that you could not give her time but you miss her. What is wrong with leaving a text for her when you are going out from your current place to somewhere else. What is wrong with telling her that you are going out for some business trip but you will miss her and she should take care of herself.  

On the other side, a man thinks his responsibility is only to earn and feed the woman, whether in a relationship or in marriage. He thinks by doing this, he is fulfilling the needs of the woman and a woman should be thankful to him. I am not saying that a man does not love a woman, but he is not expressive at all.

Most of the time, he hesitates to express himself and thinks his manly stature will lose its value if he will express openly or even in front of her that how much he loves her. In those relationships, where a man is equally expressive, those relationships are much stronger. Women love to listen too, they get tired too by guessing.

I know in every relationship, we need space. Believe me, a woman needs space too; the only problem with them is when they love, they only think and care about that person. I know earning money is not easy and it is the needs of modern times to earn more but it is not as if you cannot manage your love life and your profession with side by side.

Do not think that this sounds childish and because you are no longer a teenager, you cannot do all these love things. A relationship no matter at which age, sometimes needs to be childish and sometimes it needs to be mature. This is what makes it beautiful.

It is often said that men also feel all the emotions as women but they do not express it. I am unable to understand why people do not learn how to express love and kindness to others when they can easily express dislike and hate. Why test others by letting them guessing. why complicate everything in this small life. Why do not express love and be happy?

If a man cannot understand his woman or if he cannot give her time, he should tell her openly and help each other to end this relationship rather than stretch it and make it worse. At Least in the future when you two will see each other, you will at least not feel hate or anger. You will just think we loved each other, but it could not work between us. At Least there would be some respect left.

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