Mental illness|Efforts of medical staff

Mental illness is still a taboo to talk about, as it is hard to even for patients to admit it that they are suffering. World Health Day is celebrated on 7 April. This year it has more importance than the previous years as humanity is suffering from a deadly virus COVID19.

People who did not see this kind of situation before, it was hard for them to accept and realize the dangers of COVID-19. It was hard for them to believe that this disease can harm them. With the passage of time, people are realizing that it is dangerous and now it is the time to take safety measures. It is very crucial for everyone to realize the importance of taking safety measures regarding health.

In terms of physical health, symptoms start showing and it is easy for the near ones and the doctors to figure them out and treat them. There are hundreds of medicines to treat various physical diseases. While in the case of mental health and mental illness, a person is unable to cope with the situation and people are unable to understand the person’s situation. Mostly the only cure of depression, anxiety or any kind of mental illness is sleeping pills that doctors recommend to the patient and this is definitely not a good idea.

Where it is very important to discuss the physical health, the issue of mental health and mental illness is also very important. However, in many parts of the world, no one wants to talk about its mental illness. More than physical health, people are suffering from mental diseases. Depression, anxiety, and stress all lead to physical health deterioration too. If a person’s brain is not functioning properly due to stress, it will affect his physical health too.


It is still odd for people if someone wants to talk about how he/she is not feeling well mentally. People need to learn about the seriousness of this situation that can also lead to suicide. A person who has a smile on his face can be suffering from serious mental issues.

Physical diseases are still easy to figure out as its symptoms are visible, however, in terms of mental illness, someone needs to see closely. Most people do not discuss it, because they know their situation will be judged. Facing or handling a situation differs from person to person and different incidents effect differently. A person can respond to a particular situation differently.

Many people cannot go to a psychiatrist because they cannot afford them especially in those countries where these kinds of illnesses are not considered illnesses. Moreover, it needs courage too to go to someone and tell the secrets of your life.

The role of doctors and nurses is appreciated, particularly in this crucial time where they are working day and night. Many doctors have suffered from COVID-19 while treating the patients and some have died while battling. In some countries doctors are forced to work without proper equipment and on protest, they are beaten up by police.

In Pakistan the same kind of situation can be seen, where all the aid from foreign countries and even from the inside of the country has vanished to some unknown place. Doctors and other people from some specific departments are asked to work without equipment. On protest, police arrested them and now they are refusing to work.

Doctors should be the first one with the proper safety equipment so that they would be able to treat patients without worries. This is injustice and inhumanity from the government side who is not taking care of this matter.

The question arises at this time is when all the people who have to treat the patients will die from the deadly disease, who will treat people. This kind of negligence and selfishness from the government is questionable.

On this World Mental health day, where we need to appreciate the hard work of medical staff it is also very important to discuss the mental health importance that how to improve it and what are the causes that every person is suffering from depression and anxiety.

Stress is also increased after COVID-19, people are afraid and it is affecting their mental health. Proper counselling is needed so that people do not lose their minds and take safety measures.

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