10 Most Popular Chinese Actresses and Their Famous Works

Chinese dramas are also famous just like other Asian series. We have a list of the 10 most popular Chinese actresses. Chinese actresses are talented and there is no doubt about it. Let’s have a look at these popular Chinese actresses and their popular dramas and movies.

10: Zhen Shuang:

Chinese actress Zhen Shuang became famous with her role in Cdrama Meteor Shower. She later appeared in the popular Chinese Drama Love 020. She was one of the most famous Chinese actresses. However, due to some controversy, her career collapsed and she is now a lost name. Artists personal life destroys their professional lives too.

9: Shen Yue:

Shen Yue was born in 1997. Shen Yue is famously known for her roles in Chinese dramas Meteor Garden, A Love So Beautiful, Count Your Lucky Star. She will appear in the drama Use for My Talent that is a remake of the Korean drama Clean With Passion.

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8: Zhang Yuxi:

She was born in 1993 and is one of the beautiful Chinese actresses. The popular Chinese dramas of Zhang Yuxi is Intense Love, My Little Princess, Love and Redemption and I Cannot Hug You.

7: Song Qian aka Victoria Song:

Song Qian is famously known as Victoria Song. The famous dramas of Vitoria Song are Ice Fantasy, Moonshine and Valentine and We Got Married (season2). The famous Song Qian movies are My New Sassy Girl and Legend of the Ancient Sword.

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5: Yang Mi:

She was born in 1986 and has done many Chinese dramas and movies. The most popular Yang Mi dramas and movies are Eternal Love, Legend of Fuyao, The Return of the Condor Heroes, Chinese Paladin 3, A Writer’s Odyssey and Once Upon a Time.

6: Ma Sichun:

Ma Sichun was born in 1988. The most popular dramas and movies of Ma Sichun are Oh My General, Love Me, if You Dare, Time Flies Soundlessly, The Left Ear and The Soul Mate. She has won many awards for her performances in dramas and movies.

4: Zhao Liying:

Zhao Liying was born in 1987 and is considered the queen of the Chinese entertainment Industry. She has a long list of Chinese dramas. The popular Zhao Liying dramas are The Journey of Flower, Boss and Me and Princess Agents. The popular Zhao Liying movies are Duckweed, The Palace and The Rise of a Tomboy.

3: Liu Yifei:

Liu Yifei is also known as Crystal Liu. She has appeared multiple times in Forbes list of popular Chinese actresses. She is also known as Fairy Sister in China. The popular Liu Yifei dramas and movies are Mulan, Once Upon a Time, Never Gone, The Forbidden Kingdom, The Third Way of Love and Night Peacock.

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2: Dilraba Dilmurat:

She was born in 1992 and is one of the most popular Chinese actresses. The popular Dilraba Dilmurat dramas are You are My Glory, Love Designer, The Kings’ Woman, Eternal Love, Hot Girl 2, Eternal Love of Dream and Pretty Li Hui Zhen. She is often ranked in the Forbes list as the most popular face of China.

1: Li Bingbing:

Li Bingbing was born in 1983 and is one of the most popular Chinese actresses. The most popular Li Bingbing dramas and movies are Seventeen Years, A World Without Thieves, Waiting Alone, I Do, 1911, The Message and The Knot. She has won many awards for her brilliant performances. She has also worked in Hollywood superhit movies like Resident Evil: Retribution, Transformers: Age of Extinction and The Meg.

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