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10 Best Romantic Thai Dramas with Lots of Romance

by Naz khaliq
Best Thai Romance Dramas
Romantic Thai dramas

Romance is a popular genre in Thai dramas too. We have a list of the 8 most romantic Thai dramas with lots of romance. You will also get a chance to see a lot of kisses in Thai lakorn. Thai dramas are also famous for their forced love and forced marriages.

1: Heart of Stone (Hua Jai Sila) (2019):

Thai Romance dramas

The story revolves around two childhood friends who vow to be together. After few years, the male child has become the leader of a mafia gang due to some bad incidents that happened to his family. He seems to be cruel but actually is kind at heart. His childhood friend comes back into his life but does not recognize her. She tries to find her childhood friend while he is close to her. They both have lots of argument and starts with hate but end up in passionate love. This is one of the best romantic Thai dramas.

2: Fated Love (Fah Fak Ruk) (2020):

Romantic Thai dramas

This is one of the romantic Thai dramas that has a unique story. The story revolves around a girl (Tongrak) who becomes a surrogate mother for her sister. The sister is in love with a rich man and both get killed by someone. Tongrak wants to tell the family of the rich man about their heir that is in her womb.

However, another man intervenes ad stop her to do so because the possibility is she will also get killed. They both start living together and end up in love. This romance Thai drama has 15 episodes.

3: Angel Beside Me (2020):

Romantic Thai dramas

The story revolves around Li who is a poor girl who is tired of her life. She decides to take her life. When she is about to commit suicide, an angel fell from the ceiling of her room. The angel’s name is Michael who can feel human emotions. He can also feel the emotion of love and pain. This is a comedy romance Thai drama and it has 12 episodes.

4: Fah Fak Kiri Dao (2020):

This is an action, crime and romance Thai drama. Fah Fak Kiri Dao is one of the romantic Thai dramas that is a love triangle between Santharakat, Danika and Khiri. Khiri is a poor waiter and Santharakat is a rich man. they both love Danika. Khiri tries his best to compete Santharakat and he joins a mafia gang. They both try their best to win Danika. The drama has 16 episodes

5: My Forever Sunshine (2020):

Romantic Thai dramams

Paeng has to live in the house of Artit because of some misfortune. She tries to be close with Artit but Artit is fed up with her. He starts hating her. Paeng has to leave his home. After some years, they meet again but Artit still hates her. Paeng tries her best to clear his doubts and their love and hate relationship starts. The drama has 19 episodes.

6: Prophecy of Love (Payakorn Sorn Ruk) (2020):

Romantic Thai dramas

This is one of the different romantic Thai dramas that is unique in concept. The story revolves around Rosita who tells the future of people by touching a rose. This trait is not inherited and she got this talent after getting into an accident. Rosita tells the future of some celebrities and after that faces lots of troubles. She also sees her future with an actor and romance with him and she gets shocked. The destiny of the actor and Rosita are intertwined. The drama has 13 episodes.

7: Tawan Arb Dao (2020):

Romantic Thai dramas

Siwat and Siwakorn are two brothers and Siwat has died. Siwakorn believes that his brother is killed and he starts investigating it. Siwat has a secret girlfriend who gets close with Siwakorn as he disguises himself as Siwakorn. They become close to each other and also investigate the mysterious death of Siwakorn. This is a romance mystery Thai drama. It has 18 episodes.

8: Sapai import (2020):

Romantic Thai dramas

This is one of the Romantic Thai dramas that is also a comedy. The story revolves around Lisa and Don. Lisa is returned from England after completing her studies but found out that her parents are in huge debt. She decides to work hard to pay off that debt. Don is a grandson of a farm owner and Lisa starts working there. In the beginning, they dislike each other and there is lots of argument and hate. Don’s mother wants Lisa as her daughter in law but they both refuse.

She pretends that she has an illness and is going to die soon and they should marry to fulfil her last wish. Gradually, everything sorts out between Lisa and Don and there is a lot of romance in this romance Thai drama. Sapai Import has 17 episodes.

9: My husband in Law (2020):

Romantic Thai dramas

This is a comedy romance Thai drama. Muey and Thien live together for seven years. Muey is in love with Thien who does not take her seriously. He is a player and ends up sleeping with the wife of the mafia. Thien family forces him to marry Muey. With the passage of time, they become close to each other and there is lots of romance in this Thai drama. The drama has 15 episodes.

10: Jealousy Code (Rahut Rissaya) (2020):

Romantic Thai dramas

The store revolves around a daughter of a rich man who has lost everything. Her parents are murdered and she has lost her property. She makes a plan to take revenge and get back her property. She lures her cousin’s lover but eventually fell in love with him. With the passage of time, she learns to forgive and the man helps her to get back her life. This Thai romance drama has 17 episodes.

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