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Netflix Red Rose Ending Explained, Hidden Messages in Red Rose and More

by Naz khaliq
Netflix Red Rose
Netflix Red Rose

Red Rose on Netflix is trending worldwide. The genre of the series is horror fiction and has eight episodes. Netflix Red Rose was actually aired in 2022 on BBC iPlayer but Netflix chose to give us a surprise in 2023.

Before we go into detail about Red Rose ending explanation, let’s talk about why you should watch this Netflix horror fiction, if you did not watch it yet.

Red Rose Trailerhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=onU5dR1B0uY

Why You Should Watch Netflix Red Rose? (Review of Red Rose)

Mystery, Thriller and Suspense:

The series managed to maintain the suspense and thrill from the beginning to the end. In the first episode, a girl who is alone at home suddenly commits suicide which makes you think about why she did that. Maybe some paranormal creature forced her to do so, or she was having a mental illness. As the series progress, you see happy teens talking about friendship and career. The suspense remains the same who is behind the previous killing and who is the next victim?

The chain of death continues until the end and at least until the mid you have no idea who is behind the killing. Why someone is killing so many people? Is it a ghost or is it human? In short, suspense, thriller and mystery make Red Rose an amazing English series which is absolutely amazing.


Netflix Red Rose

The friendship between the high school students Wren, Rochelle, Anthony, Jaya and many more is absolutely like fresh air to breathe. They not only care for each other but also stake their lives to find the killer. They try their best to save their friends. They care and stand by each other side until the end. They are seriously in shock after the death of their friend.

The Story and plot of Netflix Red Rose (Spoiler Alert):

Red Rose story

The story of Red Rose revolves around a mysterious and deadly app Red Rose. A random text appears on the victim’s screen and after clicking on the link, it gets installed. After installation, the app asks about the victim and what they wish you. In the beginning, it makes you believe that you are doing well and getting what you wished for.

However, after a while, it starts ordering and hurting people. With the passage of time, it clears that the app is just to hurt people and soon it causes its user death. The story is mainly focused on a group of friends and the first victim is Rochelle, a lively girl who works hard to support her father. There is no one to listen to her apart from her best friend Wren.

Rochelle starts feeling that Wren is maintaining a distance from her and getting involved with a boy. She is in desperation until she receives a link to Red Rose. She starts asking for everything she wants and ends up dead. Her death seems like a suicide.

After her death, Wren starts investigating and finds out about the app. She is sure that the Red Rose is behind her death. Jaya is their class fellow who they always ignored. She comes to their rescue and offers her help. Jaya is an expert in software and apps and she finds out that the app has something to do with the Dark Web (deep web).

They all struggle to end this vicious cycle but failed to see. Jaya tries her best to find out who is behind this app. It seems they are the winner in the end but the ending suggests some things are not bound to end.

The Main Focus:

Basically, the main focus of Red Rose is on the crimes of the Dark Web. On that platform, people with mental illness (basically Sadistic) create some dangerous apps and games which can cause death to others. They feel happy and enjoy the deaths. Some genius creates the app for his personal benefit but it reaches the hand of the evil group. They start using it to threaten people, make them insane and ultimately kill them. The series managed to keep this secret for a long time.

Hidden Messages in Netflix Red Rose:

Red Rose Ending

If you think you cannot learn anything from Red Rose, you are wrong. Here are some of the lessons from Red Rose that you should remember.

  • Sometimes it’s better to not be curious. Do not try to dig into the secrets of this dark world of the internet.
  • Do not click on random links which someone sends you. Many people have already learned about getting viruses and hacking through links. Red Rose is presenting you with a more dangerous version.
  • If your friend or family member mentions something to you, at least think about it. Everything is possible in this world. Maybe your help would be able to save them.
  • Do not tell your secrets or about your personal life to your online friends especially when you do not even know how they look and who are they (this is the most imp thing that everyone should learn)
  • Do not trust anyone online, it’s especially for those who play online games, have online chat rooms etc (The first person who created the app trusts his online friends whom he never saw or met, his trust in the wrong people causes an unending chain of deaths)

Red Rose Series Ending Explained:

Wren tries her best to find out about the culprit. She goes through serious depression though she has come to know who is behind all this. However, it is not easy to escape or save other friends. The whole group of friends try their best to save each other and other people.

The ending of Red Rose suggests that there are some things which cannot be finished. The same goes for evil people, there would be one after the other. After they think they have killed “The Gardener” who is behind all this (a user from the Dark Web), the ending suggests that The Gardener was not what they thought and that he/she is still alive.

The Red Rose ending suggests that even though the group of friends thought they have deleted every software related to it, it is not deleted. The people can be seen getting links to the app at the end.

Red Rose Season 2:

Honestly, there can be many seasons on it, as the story has no end. However, I do not want Red Rose Season 2. The reason is I do not want to see the same cycle again and again. If they would show that people have finally got rid of the app and killed the criminal, then I would be happy. Otherwise, the series would be the same.

The better option is they would create a new series with the same name but with a different plot. They can expose other dark truths about Dark Web or something like that.

Red Rose is streaming on Netflix and trending in many countries. You can watch it there.

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