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List of 14 New Korean School Dramas Which Went Unnoticed

by Naz khaliq
new korean school dramas
new korean school dramas

We have a list of new Korean school dramas, which includes those Kdramas that went unnoticed. We missed it in our earlier article on the best Korean school dramas which you can check from the link below. You can also add these school kdramas to your watchlist apart from more than 40 high school Korean dramas which we mentioned in another article.

There are hundreds of Korean school dramas as it is a popular genre that the audience loves. Some school dramas gain immense popularity, some get amazing ratings and some get popular on social media. However, there are some dramas which go unnoticed by most people. One reason can be these dramas usually do not contain popular faces or they get less promotion.

Here are some of the new Korean school dramas you cannot miss.

1: Alice the Final Weapon:

new korean school dramas

The story of this high school Korean drama revolves around Han Gye-oul and Seo Yeo-reum. Han Gye-oul disguises herself as a high school student while she murders people. Seo Yeo-reum mother committed suicide when he was a child and he thinks he is responsible for her death as he could not save her.

This childhood trauma disturbs his sleep and he is always disturbed. He thinks if he would harm himself, it will relieve his pain. He often gets into fights to get a beating. Han Gye-oul saves him from bullies and gets admission to the same school. This is one of the short Korean school dramas with eight episodes.

2: School Girl Detectives:

new korean school dramas

This is one of the Korean school dramas which we missed mentioning before. It is one of the mystery school Kdramas. The story focuses on five high school girls who are different from each other but form a club to solve the mysteries of their school. The school has many incidents of bullying and harassment that lead to suicides. The drama has 14 episodes.

3: Into the World Again (Reunited World):

new korean school dramas

It is one of the time travel Korean school dramas. The story revolves around Sung Hae-sung and Jung Jung-won who are in a relationship. They both are in high school. Jung-won has to prepare a birthday party for her boyfriend and it is a surprise. She sends Sung Hae-sung to school so that he would not come to know about it.

Sung Hae-sung gets into an accident and dies but after twelve years, he wakes up on the roof of his school. He meets again with his girlfriend and other friends but now there is a gap between them. After coming to know his reality, they all try to help him. The drama has 40 episodes.

4: Dokgo Rewind:

new korean school dramas

It is one of the Korean school dramas which is based on Webtoon. The story focuses on three boys who come from different backgrounds and they deal with bullying and violence. This High school Kdrama deals with school violence and corruption at school. It has forty episodes.

5: Hope or Dope:

new korean school dramas

The story of this high school Kdrama is quite different from others. The story focuses on the life of a high school boy Kyung Da and his mother. His mother threatens him.

Her mother forces him to sell drugs but when the Police are about to find her, she runs away in a village and finds a whole field of drugs there. She starts using villagers for her benefit. It becomes difficult for villagers as police officers’ investigation leads them to that village. It is one of the crime youth Korean dramas.

6: Night Has Come:

new korean school dramas

It is one of the mystery Korean school dramas. This psychological thriller school drama is about high school students who are forced by someone to play mafia games. In this game, they have to find a way to survive otherwise they die. Students have different problems and qualities and must use them to survive. It is one of the latest Korean school dramas which is available on Netflix.

7: The Great Shaman Ga Doo Shim:

new korean school dramas

This Korean drama story is quite interesting as the main lead Ga Doo-shim has a fate and she will become a shaman one day. Despite what destiny has written for her, she tries to live a normal life. Her grandmother also says that if she survives for 18 years, she will be successful in living a normal life until death.

After she enrols in a school, she befriends a guy who starts seeing spirits because of her. They both start investigating the spirits and their intentions to save humans from their evil deeds. The drama has 12 episodes.

8: Best Mistake:

new korean school dramas

The start of this Kdrama is quite interesting and different. Kim Yeon Do is alone and one day she uploads a photo of a random boy on social media and claims that he is her boyfriend. Yeon Do wants to boast that she also has a boyfriend but the boy turns out to be a bad boy. Everyone does not have a good opinion about the boy however when Yeon Do gets a chance to know about him, he is completely different.

9: Seasons of Blossoms:

new korean school dramas

This high school Kdrama focuses on the life of five high school students. They all have different personalities from each other and also they are not what they seem from their appearance. This Korean school drama is adapted from a webtoon of the same name.

10: Be My Boyfriend:

new korean school dramas

It is one of the comedy romance youth Korean school dramas. Lee Seung Min is an ordinary schoolboy who is never noticed by anyone. He is in love with the popular girl Oh Ji Na in school. One day, she asks Lee Seung Min to pretend to be her boyfriend. Seung Min agrees in the hope that one day she will fall in love with him and they will become a real couple.

11: A-teen:

new korean school dramas

There are two seasons of this Korean School series. The drama focuses on the life of youngsters who have entered the 18th year of their life. Many people think it is an age where you care about nothing but youngsters deal with so many problems including the stress of study and career.

They also start experiencing relationships and heartbreaks. It is very crucial to guide them as they do not know what to do with their lives if they fail in their studies and relationships. The drama has 24 episodes.

12: Love Revolution:

new korean school dramas

The story of this Korean high school drama is quite a cliche but it is a treat for those who like soft rom-com youth dramas. The story revolves around Gong Joo-young who is cute and lovable and falls in love with the pretty girl of the school. Joo-young always tries to win the heart of Ja-rim but she is always annoyed with his affections. The drama has 30 episodes.

13: Blue Birthday:

new korean school dramas

It is one of the mystery thriller romance time travel Korean school dramas. A girl Oh Ha-Rin first lover is dead and after 10 years, she gets an opportunity to travel back in time. She closely observes her first lover’s life to find out his issues. She also tries to find out the cause of his death to save him. The drama has 16 episodes.

14: Twinkling Watermelon:

new korean school dramas

It is one of the time travel Korean school dramas where a deaf boy travels back in time. He has a natural talent for music and after going back in past, he meets his father who is also young like him. He develops a music band Watermelon Sugar with his father (father from the present). This high school Kdramas has 16 episodes.

You can watch all these dramas here .

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