Top 8 English Obsessive Love Movies With Obsessive Lovers

Obsessive love movies is a kind of secret desire for so many people. For those people, we have a list of English Obsessive love movies with obsessive lovers that you can watch. On the other side, many reject the idea and it is also considered a form of mental illness.

1: Wicker Park (2004):

This movie is a remake of a French movie and that is also based on William Shakespeare work A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The movie plot is a mixture of various identities. A man in search of his old girlfriend and become obsessed with it. A woman who pretends to be someone else to get the guy. The cast includes Josh Hartnett, Rose Byrne and Diane Kruger.

2: He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not (2003):

This is one of those obsessive love movies that is also a romantic psychological thriller. This is a french movie. The movie plot revolves around Angelique who is obsessed with Dr.Loic. Dr.Loic is married but Angelique believes that he will leave his wife for her. The movie has a twist when we come to know the other side of the story narrated by Dr.Loic who was never in love with Angelique.

This is one of the obsessive love movies that is an interesting watch. Angelique is diagnosed with clinal depression and other mental illnesses. The movie ends with the quotation “Though my love is insane, my reason relieves the pain of the heart, telling me to be patient and not lose hope.”

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3: Bitter Moon (1992):

Bitter Moon is one of the obsessive love movies that is based on a French novel. The movie plot revolves around a couple of Nigel and Fiona that are boarded on a ship. Nigel encounters a beautiful woman Mimi and later meets her old and disabled husband. He is impressed by the beauty of Mimi. Mimi husband is a sadist who loves to hurt her. In the end, Fiona and Mimi end up together and heartbroken Oscar kills Mimi and commit suicide.

4: Misery (1990):

The movie is about an obsessive fan of a novelist. Paul is a novelist and one day he gets into an accident. A woman (Annie) who is a nurse saves him. He is badly injured and she takes care of him during this process, she reveals that she is his number one fan. She gets angry over the storyline of some of his novels. Paul realizes that the woman is insane and tries to escape but the woman hit him with a hammer. After lots of struggle, Paul is able to kill Annie and escapes. However, after her death, he often sees her (hallucination). The genre of the movie is a psychological horror thriller.

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5: Fear (1996):

The movie plot revolves around an attraction of a young girl towards a handsome that turn into her nightmare. Nicole fell for handsome David but David soon become obsessive with her. He starts beating Nicole male friends. Nicole soon realizes the dangers and break up with him. David turns into an insane person and tries to harm her family. After a lot of struggle, Nicole and her family is saved by the police. The movie cast includes Mark Wahlberg and Reese Witherspoon.

6: Secret Obsession (2019):

A woman (Jennifer) gets into an accident. After regaining her consciousness, she loses her memories. A man introduces himself as her husband and shows her their wedding photographs. They shift to a house far from the city. A detective starts investigating the case of Jennifer accident and gets suspicious about her husband.

Gradually Jennifer also starts having many doubts. Her husband sometimes behaves strangely and she starts investigating on her own about her past. It reveals to him that the man who claims to be her husband is not actually her husband. The man was actually obsessed with her but she is married to another man. He kills her husband and takes his place. This is one of the obsessive lover movies that are available on Netflix.

7: Fatal Attraction (1987):

A married man Dan has an affair with Alex while his wife is not in the town. Dan gives a clear idea to Alex that this is just a fling and nothing serious. However, Alex becomes obsessed with him. She starts meeting him in his office and often calls him. Dan tries to save his family but Alex is not ready to leave him for a minute. She threatens him and harms his property. She tries to kill Dan wife to make a way for her. The movie also gives the idea not to engage in a fling especially when you are in a relationship with someone else and when the other person is a complete stranger.

8: The Boy Next Door (2015):

The movie plot revolves around a 45-year-old Claire who wants a separation from her husband. She has one nightstand with her 19-year-old neighbour Noah. Claire instantly regrets it and reveals it to Noah. Noah gets upset with it and becomes obsessed with her. He tries to take over Claire family and always dream to be close to Claire. After several attempts, he starts blackmailing her with her naked pictures. Claire does not give up and finally gets success to get rid of Noah. The cast of The Boy Next Door includes Jennifer Lopez and Ryan Guzman.

These are our top forced love movies that you can watch for the intense storyline.

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List of Obsessive Love and forced marriage Thai Dramas

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