12 Best Office Romance Korean Dramas

Romance is a popular genre in Korean dramas and there are plenty of Office romance dramas too. Here is the list of 12 Office romance Korean dramas that you cannot miss.

12: Touch My Heart (2019):

The story of Touch My Heart revolves around a former actress who has lost her successful career. She gets a new role only on the clause that she will join a law firm and learn from it. She works under a lawyer and soon they fell in love. This office romance Korean drama has 16 episodes.

11: Cunning Single Lady (2014):

The story of this Korean drama revolves around a woman who believes to be a housewife and marries a rich man. After marriage, financial problems start and she has to do lots of work to meet their ends. She finally decides to get a divorce. After some time, she discovers that her husband has now become rich and wealthy while she is still struggling. She decides to get everything back. This office romance has 16 episodes.

10: My Secret Romance (2017):

A woman and man spend a night together after getting drunk. The woman pretends that she does not remember what happened that night. By destiny, she becomes an employee in that man office. The man fell in love with her and wants to protect her at any cost. After a lot of struggle, she fell in love with him too.

9: The Secret Life of My Secretary (2019):

After an attack, a man loses the ability to recognize faces. He needs a loyal person who can help him to recognize his enemies and friends. He hires a woman who can help him and gradually fell in love with her. This office romance Korean drama has 32 episodes.

8: Jealousy Incarnate (2016):

A woman loves the weather forecaster at her office who always reject her and considers her ordinary. The woman loves the man and always tolerate his attitude. After the entry of another man into her life, the weather forecaster starts feeling for her and get jealous. There is a love triangle and a bromance in the Korean drama Jealousy Incarnate and it is a great watch.

7: Oh My Ghost (2018):

Oh My Ghost is the story of a chef and a waitress who is timid and weak. One day, things change for her as a ghost enters her body. The ghost makes her strong and intelligent and the Chef who used to despise her starts loving her.

6: Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon:

This office romance starts with the threat to a rich man and a woman who has extraordinary powers to beat 100 people at a time. The man hires her as his bodyguard but in reality, he is interested in her. Gradually, they both fell in love. This is one of the best Korean drama to watch.

5: What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim (2018):

It is one of the famous office romance in Korean dramas. A woman is working as a secretary of a self-obsessed man for many years. She takes care of him and keeps everything in order. He needs her but never says a word of praise for her. One day, she gets tired and decides to leave the job. Until then, the boss starts feeling for her. This drama has 16 episodes.

4: She Was Pretty (2015):

Whenever there is mention of great office romance, She Was Pretty cannot be ignored. it is the story of two childhood friends who meet each other after a long time. However, things have changed.

The beautiful young girl has now turned into a woman that society considers ugly. The chubby boy has turned into a rich handsome man who becomes the boss. The thing gets serious when the man does not recognize the girl and instead consider a beautiful girl as his childhood lover. This Korean drama has 16 episodes.

3: Protect the Boss (2011):

This office romance cannot be underestimated as it is also a great comedy Korean drama. The story revolves around a girl who is strong and intelligent and a man who is running away from his responsibilities. The girl is hired to make him responsible so that he would take control of the company. Protect the Boss has 18 episodes.

2: Introverted Boss (2017):

This is one of the office romance Korean dramas that is about a man who is introverted to the extent that he cannot attend a single meeting. He feels anxiety by facing a group of people. He hires a girl as his secretary but initially hides from her too. Gradually, the girl finds out about his problem that is also causing a loss for his company. They both fell in love and the girl helps him to get out of his anxietites.

1: Suspicious Partner (2017):

The story of this office Romance is about a team that works from home. It is the team of prosecutors and lawyers who solve the cases. This Korean drama has not only a strong storyline but also a beautiful office romance. Apart from the main leads, there is strong teamwork that makes this drama a wonderful watch.

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