Online Classes and the trending Shame On HEC on Twitter

Online classes recently started in Pakistan due to the threat of COVID-19. The global coronavirus pandemic is affecting human life everywhere. In Pakistan, there is a lockdown in the whole country and every sector is suffering due to it.

The education sector decided to deal with this problem by conducting online classes but students are not happy with it. They are showing their dis-contentment on every social media platform. Today #ShameOnHEC is trending on twitter and the students are criticizing the method of online teaching in their own sarcastic way.

Students are protesting because of these reasons:

  • The inefficiency of universities and the inability of the teachers conducting online classes. Many are unable to conduct successful sessions and one reason is also the behavior of the students because they are not interested in the lecture. Those who are not interested in online lectures disturb other students and it affects the performance of the teacher.
  • Some students in rural areas do not have access to the internet. Some have no idea when the class will start and before finding the signals, the class is over.
  • Some subjects cannot just merely taught through videos they are more about practicals. Students cannot ask questions during these live sessions properly.
  • However, the bigger question that students have raised recently that when there are online classes, why the university is asking about the regular and full fee. Not only they are asking about university fees but also they are demanding the hostel fee. This issue seems justified and the government should take notice of it.

Students who have paid a huge amount of fees are not satisfied with this system and want to continue their classes after these vacations. HEC also took notice of the protest and posted a series of tweets on its official account.

No doubt, everyone is facing challenges and it is not only public that is suffering it is a tough phase for the government too. This is the first time that Pakistan has faced this kind of situation in which they have to conduct online classes, they have to learn a lot of things and perhaps Virtual university can provide them some guidance in this matter. Virtual University is conducting online lectures since ages and students also learn Mathematics from these lectures.

The government must find some ways so that students would be able to get lectures in the proper way and students should also behave properly during the live sessions. Where it is crucial for teachers to prepare the lectures and try to learn how to do it better online, students should also cooperate with their teachers during the lectures. Students should also behave maturely during online classes as it is for their own benefit.

In this tough phase, if the effort will be from both sides, it will be beneficial for the whole nation.

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