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Pakistan Day: 10 Pakistani Celebrities Who Celebrated this Day

Pakistan Day is held on 23rd March and celebrates every year with great enthusiasm.

However, due to the COVID-19, there are restrictions on social gathering and because of this, there is no ceremony held anywhere. Many people would not have even remembered about it, but Pakistani Celebrities tried their best to make Pakistan Day alive.

They not only celebrated the day in their unique style but also made sure of social distancing.

Here are some of the Pakistani Celebrities who celebrated Pakistan Day at their home and made this day alive and also they maintained the social distance.

Asim Azhar:

Asim sung the anthem of Pakistan and shared it on his twitter account.

Screen shot/ To view the video you need to go on his twitter account

Sonia Hussain:

With the few lines of an anthem in the praise of homeland, Sonia Hussain wished everyone Pakistan day on her Instagram. She also advised them to stay at home because it is our duty to protect this land by any means.

Momal Sheikh:

Momal Sheikh posed beautifully with her cute son and celebrated Pakistan Day.

Mansha Pasha with her mother:

Mansha Pasha with her mother not only dressed up to celebrate Pakistan’s day but she also has given the message of social distancing message due to the threat of COVID-19.

Rabia Butt:

Rabia butt posed beautifully with the Pakistani flag on Pakistani day and this picture truly depicts her emotions and love for her country.

Daren Sammy:

Daren Sammy who is honored with Pakistani citizenship also motivated Pakistanis by sharing a tweet in which he wished Pakistani people Pakistan Day.

Zahid Ahmed- Sana Javed- Yumna Zaidi:

Apart from these celebrities actors like Zahid Ahmed, Sana Javed, Yumna Zaidi, and many others also recorded a beautiful video with Qmobile to show the importance of social distance at this time. They also showed how much it is important to show social distance but they also showed that they did not forget Pakistan’s day.

Junaid Khan:

Junaid Khan with his son sung the national anthem of Pakistan to celebrate Pakistan’s Day with full spirit.

People follow celebrities so they have a great influence on people’s minds. It is indeed a great gesture from these celebrities to share the message of social distancing along with celebrating Pakistani Day.
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