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8 Pakistani Entertainers on youTube that are doing Impressive Work

by Naz khaliq
Pakistani Entertainers on YouTube
Pakistani YouTubers

Youtube is a platform where you can not only show your talent but also share knowledge. Here are some of the Youtube channels by Pakistani Entertainers, some provide entertainment and some give you entertainment with knowledge.

Apart from these Youtube entertainers, there are a lot of other Youtube channels that are run by Pakistani entertainers. However these channels that we have listed below are providing quality content. highlight the positive aspects of Pakistani society, solve the problem of individuals and give them suggestions and highlight the social issues.

Note: The order of channels is random because every channel has different content. Click on the title of each channel name mentioned below to go to the respective channel, the logos belong to the respective channel owners)

Pakistani Entertainers or Youtubers:

  1. Conversations with Kanwal:
Conversations with Kanwal/ Pakistani Entertainers
Logo belong to conversations with Kanwal

Conversation with Kanwal is more like a talk show. The first reason to include it in our list is, the women whom Kanwal is talking to are real-life women and not some characters. These women are brave to come forward and share their life stories. This channel is realistic and without any drama.

Every woman can find her story in one episode or another. It not only highlights women issue but also show a positive side that miracle can happen and you can also get a happy ending. This channel is for those who like to see women struggle and want motivation. She is one of the brilliant Pakistani Entertainers on youtube. 

2) Dekho Suno Jano:

Dekho Suno Jano/ Pakistani You tubers,
Logo belongs to Dekho Suno Jano

This channel is for those who are interested in Pakistani politics or Muslim history. People who get bored with lengthy books can watch this channel than read any lengthy book. The reason is, it can give you more information about the history of Pakistan in a short time than reading many books. The narrator’s way of expression is interesting and you can watch many episodes in one go.

You cannot say that the narrator is biased towards any party or any political leader. (of course, if you are not biased) He fully explains the merits and demerits of every Era of Pakistan’s political history. The channel is informative and I do recommend it for every student and every person who is interested to know the facts of Pakistan.

 3) Desi George:

Desi George/ George Fulton/ Pakistani Entertainers
Logo belongs to Desi George

I found this channel some weeks ago and I really loved it. George Fulton is depicting a positive image of Pakistan society and he is more interested in Pakistan than many other Pakistanis are. Along with Sheniera Akram, he is really a Pakistani entertainer and fun to watch. The videos are really entertaining, funny and lovable. You can laugh loud and learn about Pakistani culture. His interest in Pakistani culture surely attracts our attention. Thank u, George, for ‘Desi George’. 

4) Teeli:

Teeli/ Pakistani Entertainers
Logo belongs to Teeli

If you like intellectual humour, then this channel is for you. The videos depict social evils and criticize social norms in such a way that you not only enjoy them but also it let you think about that evils. yes, but to understand it you cannot just look at the surface. This channel definitely deserves more subscribers. Teeli also has a web series that you can enjoy.

5) Taimoor Salahuddin aka Mooroo:

Taimoor Salahuddin aka Mooroo/ Pakistani YouTuber
Logo belongs to Taimoor Salahuddin aka Mooroo

If we deeply observe some of Mooroo’s videos, we can sense Manto somewhere. He has depicted some serious issues in such a way that people are not used to hearing about them. Mooroo is an intellectual who knows how to address serious issues with logic and reasoning. Moreover, his vlogs are deep and show how a human is trying to understand nature.

 6) Junaid Akram aka Ganji Sawag:

Junaid Akram/ Pakistani Youtuber
Logo belongs to Junaid Akram

This is one of those channels where you can not only find fun but also knowledge. Junaid Akram talks about various social issues and Pakistan’s problems. He invites people that are experts in different fields so that they can not only share their knowledge but also discuss the issues and problems of a common Pakistani. He also started a question-answer session, where he tries to give possible solutions to people’ problems.

7) Sharum Ki Sketchbook:

Sharum Ki Sketchbook/ Pakistani Entertainers
Logo belongs to Sharum Ki Sketchbook

The channel is by Sharum that is based on talented graphic and animated videos. He is really a talented person who presents daily life incidents with his animation work. The channel is entertaining and the animation depicts his talent. If you want to see good animation stories, You should check his channel.

8) Sana’s Bucket:

The channel was started in 2013 and is run by a talented female. Sana is probably the first female roaster in Pakistan but highly underrated. She tries to highlight social issues as well as entertain the audience by her ghost stories. Many people are fans of her ghost stories and appreciate her work in other videos.

There are many channels of Pakistani Entertainers and everyone is doing their work well, however, we only discussed those that are different in their own way. Pakistani Entertainers are surely talented but some need more limelight.

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