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Watch Parasite: Oscar-winning Korean Movie

by Naz khaliq
Korean movie parasite
Korean movie Parasite

Everyone is talking about the first South Korean movie Parasite that got Oscar this year. This was not only great news for South Korean people but also for the fans of the South Korea entertainment industry. There are millions of people who watch South Korean dramas and movies in spite of their different language with English Subtitles. It was great news for all of them especially for youngsters who relate to Korean dramas and Musical bands.

Parasite Movie Analysis:

Parasite as the name suggests that it can be based on someone that is attached to someone else and getting benefit from it. It can hurt and even kill the body that it is possessing just like a parasite.

It is not that kind of movie, that can make you laugh. However, if you are looking for good content, strong storyline, this movie is for you. It also spread the message of social inequality and injustice however this time it is not only rich people but also the poor who are doing a kind of injustice towards others.

The movie surrounds around three families, one is rich, one is poor and then there is a couple that we can term as poorer. One interpretation of this movie can be that poor people no doubt live a miserable life. Sometimes they have to live without food. However, if they decide they can become a parasite and attach to some rich person to gain benefit and even can cause their death.

It means they can use that rich person for their benefit and can harm or even kill it. The same kind of thing happens in the movie when a poor family decides to become a parasite of a rich family. They try to gain every benefit from rich families by lies and deception. They enter in that family by lying to them and then they start living their life there and do things without the knowledge of the rich family.

They realize that rich people have no mercy for the poor. However, they do the same to one couple who is also living like a parasite in a rich family house. It is like the food chain where one eats the other and tries to survive.

The movie proves that this class division and difference is like a circle, where we think that someone is harming us. However, in this circle, we also do injustice to someone else. All humans prefer their benefit over someone’s loss.

This movie also has the ability to make you cry and you can feel at least during the movie that how humans do injustice to others and even do not care for each other.

Korean movie Parasite

Although Parasite is in the Korean language, yet it got recognition all over the world. However, watching with subtitles is not a big deal too, if you want to watch something good. Although a large number of people have surpassed this stage by watching an unlimited number of Korean dramas and movies.

Many people think that Korean dramas are just for laugh, however Korean industry has produced a large number of quality content including dramas and movies.

Parasite also incite the thought that exploitation is not class-based, every human on this earth when finds a chance exploit other person. It does not matter whether someone is poor or rich they try to crush who so ever is beneath the.

Class difference is the subject that we have seen in many South Korean drama too. They have depicted many times the difference between the two classes, the arrogance of the rich ones and the misery of the poor ones.

Class difference is not something that is limited to South Korea, it is worldwide and can be found in any country but the way they presented in Parasite, it is remarkable.

However, the way they have presented this thing with deep emotions in Parasite is remarkable.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5xH0HfJHsaY Parasite

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