10 Popular Obsessive Lovers Pakistani Dramas

We have a list of obsessive lovers Pakistani dramas that you can watch if you like this genre. These include forced love Pakistani dramas as well as kidnapping.

Many people are not a fan of obsessive lovers dramas, as they go over the board and portray such negative characters that even rape the woman to get them. Toxic relationships or obsessive lovers are portrayed in many dramas, but we are discussing those Pakistani dramas in which these Obsessive lovers are less toxic or do not rape them just like Pakistani drama Naqab Zun, Ghayal, Sangat and Bay Khudi.

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We are not promoting toxic relationships, but as it is a popular genre and many people are a fan of obsessive lovers dramas, here is the list of Obsessive lovers Pakistani dramas that you can watch.

1: Bunty I Love You (2013-2014):

The story of this obsessive love Pakistani drama revolves around a girl names Dania ad her unrequited love for Bunty. Dania gets married to an old man at the age of seventeen and he dies after few years. Before his death, he gives all his property to Dania. Dania meets a young boy Bunty and fell in love with him. She continually tries to tell him about her love but he is a flirt ad does not realize Dania’s, true love. He dates the girl one after the other and even Dania warns him many times, he does not listen.

Dania is heartbroken and poison him in the end but before that Bunty has realized his love for her. This is a crazy story of love and obsession. Bunty I love You cast includes Saba Qamar and Noman Habib in lead roles. This is one of the popular obsessive lover Pakistani dramas in which a girl is in deep love with a man and does everything for him.

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2: Deewangi (2019):

A rich guy Sultan starts liking a girl and proposes to her, however, the girl played by Hiba Bukhari is not so sure about his feelings and rejects him. Sultan plans an act of revenge and leaves her on the wedding day. He gets married to someone else but guilt and final realization of love compel him to find the girl. On the other side, after so much humiliation Nageen tries to move on and leaves the city. Sultan starts finding her and enters her life and asks her to come back. On her rejection, as she is also married, he threatens her and kidnaps her.

This is one of the kidnapping Pakistani dramas in which the girl shoots the man in the end. Finally, Nageen shots Sultan in the end. This is a Geo tv drama and it has 41 episodes. Deewangi cast includes Danish Taimoor, Hiba Bukhari and Ali Abbas.

3: Inkaar (2019):

Inkaar is the story of a woman who gets stuck in the love trap of a wicked man played by Imran Ashraf. The woman played by Yumna Zaidi immediately realize it and tries to get out of this situation, however, the man is powerful and tries to blackmail her and destroy her life. When he is unable to do it, he tries to kill her on her wedding day. This Pakistani drama is also about getting justice and support from her father who stands by her daughter’s side and they both fight for justice. There are power pack performances by Imran Ashraf and Yumna Zaidi. This is hum tv drama and it has 24 episodes.

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4: Gul-e-Rana (2015):

Gul-e- Rana is one of the popular Pakistani tv dramas. The drama is about a man Adeel who is arrogant and feel humiliated when her cousin Gul-e-Rana rejects him. Adeel ego is hurt and he kidnaps Gul-e-Rana. He threatens her and forces her to sign marriage papers. He returns back home as nothing happened. After marriage, he makes her life hell and humiliates her often. This kidnapping Pakistani drama is about repentance and realization of the love that Adeel go through and it is more about the journey of Gul-e-Rana towards strength and courage This is a Hum tv drama and it has 21 episodes. Gul-e-Rana cast includes Feroze Khan and Sajal Aly in lead roles.

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5: Jo Chale tu Jaan se Guzar Gaye (2011):

It is the story of a girl Zufishan who has engaged and is in love with his cousin Azar. They are about to marry when a landlord Sayed Alim Shah fell in love with Zufishan. He asks Zufishan to marry him but she refuses. Alim Shah kidnaps Azar (fiance of Zufishan) and threatens her to kill him. He forces Zufishan to marry him and she agrees. After marriage, Aim shah gets into an accident and Zufishan takes care of him and gradually fell in love with him. Her fiance asks her to leave this handicapped man but she refuses and continues her life with her husband.

Jo Chale Tu Jaan Se Guzar Gaye cast includes Saba Qamar, Noman Ijaz and Sami Khan in lead roles. It is a Geo tv drama and has 23 episodes. This is one of the romantic Pakistani dramas about forced love and kidnapping.

6: Visaal (2018):

Visaal is one of the forced love Pakistani dramas. The drama is about a rogue man Akram who fell in love with an innocent girl Pari. Akram pretends to be a nice man in front of her father so that he will let him marry. After marriage, Akram comes to know that this is not the girl he was in love with. He feels betrayed and dejected but he uses his wife to get the girl as she is her friend.

Pari is engaged to someone else but Akram compels him to leave by manipulating everyone. He becomes obsessed with Pari and does everything to get her. Visaal is Ary digital drama and it has27 episodes. Visaal cast includes Zahid Ahmed, Hania Amir and Saboor Aly in lead roles.

7: Khaani (2017):

Khaani is one of the popular Pakistani tv dramas and it is about a man who is rich and arrogant. He kills a man who is a brother of Khaani in front of her family. Khaani takes an oath to stand for her brother and seek justice. Hadi threatens her many times but gradually fell in love with her. He tries his best to get an apology and make her fall for him. However, Khaani does not forgive Hadi who is the killer of her brother.

Hadi’s obsession gradually turns into love and redemption while Khaani gets married to a nice man. Khaani is a Geo tv drama and it has 31 episodes. Khaani cast includes Feroze Khan and Sana Javed in lead roles.

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8: Bashar Momin (2014):

Bashar Momin is one of the most famous Obsessive love Pakistani drama The drama is about a man Bashar who have chosen a wrong path ad knows how o get anything by force and money. Rudaba is the sister of his brother-in-law who is engaged to someone else. Rudaba starts living in Bashar house after her father’s death. Bashar is attracted to her and wants to marry her.

Somehow he is successful to keep the fiance of Rudaba away from her ad marries her. Rudaba does not like his attitude and behaviour and he also starts humiliating her as he has had a bad relationship with women in the past. Gradually he realizes the goodness of Rudaba and she also fell in love with her. Bashar Momin is a Geo tv drama and it has 32 episodes. Bashar Momin cast includes Faisal Qureshi and Ushna Shah in lead roles.

9: Alvida (2015):

Alvida story is about a man whose love turns into obsession when he finds out about the lover of his wife. Rameez is a hardworking man who is in love with his colleague Haya. Haya is in love with her cousin Hadi who marries her elder sister. Instead of revealing her love to Hadi, she says yes to Rameez Proposal. Rameez is so happy and all he wants is loyalty from his wife. Since the wedding day, Haya care and attention to Hadi raises Rameez suspicion.

She prefers Hadi over Rameez every time and regrets her decision to marry. Rameez comes to know about her love for Hadi and that she still is in love with him. He cannot bear this betrayal and turns into a crazy person. Alvida cast includes Zahid Ahmed, Sanam Jug and Imran Abbas in lead roles. Alvida has 20 episodes and it is a Hum tv drama.

10: Ishq Hai (2021):

Shahzaib and Isra are in love but Shahzaib mother is against this relationship. She forcefully arranges Shahzaib marriage with his cousin. On the other side, Isra father is also against their relationship. They force Isra to marry another man. Shahzaib is deeply in love with Isra and asks her to take a stand or run away with him. Isra does not agree.

Shahzaib kidnaps her on her wedding day and everyone thinks she willingly runs away with Shahzaib. Shahzaib forcefully marries her and she starts living with him. This is Ary digital drama and it has 34 episodes. Ishq Hai cast includes Minal Khan and Danish Taimoor in lead roles.

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