10 Powerful Villains in Pakistani dramas that you can hate to the core

Have you ever seen Villains in Pakistani dramas who you hate to the core but loved their performances and admired their acting skills? We looked into some dramas where the young Pakistani actors have done Villain roles perfectly and we could not control our hands to write words in their admiration.

An actor real ability test is when he/she can perform any kind of character. When an actor performs a negative role, his image is also at stake. The reason is the audience start hating them, this is the reason many actors hesitate to perform negative roles. However, if we want to see how brilliant an actor is, more than a positive character, a negative character shows us that trait.

We can see many negative characters in each and every Pakistani drama, however, there are some actors who performed such powerful Villains roles in Pakistani dramas that they outshined the whole project. There are some veteran actors like Adnan Siddique, Faisal Qureshi and Noman Ijaz who have proved their perfection in this field too, but here we are going to talk about young Pakistani actors who done wonders in this field.

One thing that is important to note regarding Villains in Pakistani dramas that mostly male characters as Villains are highly appreciated for their performances. One reason can be people do not accept women in a strong negative role. Women play negative roles but these characters are mostly played as side characters (saas-bahu saazish). However, we have also included some young female villains in Pakistani dramas that we think have done a fabulous job as villains.

Here are our 13 powerful villains in Pakistani dramas that are the most hated ones.

10) Ahad Raza Mir as Arman:

People loved Ahad Raza Mir in drama serial Yaqeen ka Safar but he won nation heart with his performance in drama serial Ye Dil Mera. Ahad is surely one of those actors who people want to see as a hero, but as an amazing actor, he proved himself in drama serial Ye Dil Mera. Arman plots a revenge plan against his family murderer and Ahad acting skills proved that he can do any kind of role with perfection. Although Arman is more like a grey shaded character, we can’t control our hands to put him in the best villain list.

9) Imran Ashraf as Rehan:

Imran is highly appreciated for his performance as Bhola. People realized how brilliant he is an actor in that drama. However, he is in our powerful villain’s list because of the drama serial Inkaar. Along with Yumna Zaidi, Imran performed his villain role skillfully and proved that he can also do the villain role perfectly. We have seen also his acting skills as a shaded character in drama serial Tau Dil Ka Kaya Hua. In that drama too, he did his role perfectly.

8) Zahid Ahmed as Rameez:

One of the finest actors of Pakistan, Zahid Ahmed has also various negative roles in his career. He is no doubt another amazing actors of Pakistan. He has done negative roles in Pakistani drama serials Pukaar, Visaal and Alvida. His character in Alvida outshined the other characters completely instead of the fact that he was almost a newcomer. The way he portrayed his character and his expression in Alvida is proof that he is one of the most amazing actors of Pakistan.

7) Minal Khan as Nisha:

Whenever there will be a discussion about the most hated villains of Pakistan drama industry Nisha will be one of them. The drama Jalan is highly criticized by Pakistani audience because of its content, but there is no doubt that first time Minal got the chance to show her acting skills. It was indeed a good change from typical teary daughter-in-law’s performances. The audience also does not want to see women in these type of strong villain character but Minal role in Jalan is no doubt the most powerful and hated villains and the way she portrayed her character is well- appreciated.

6) Feroze Khan as Mir Hadi:

Another handsome man who does his negative roles perfectly is Feroze Khan. He did negative roles in Gul-E-Rana and Ishqiya, but the way he did his role in drama serial Khaani is remarkable. The actor played the character of a rich spoil man who kills the brother of a girl whom he becomes obsessed with. The drama was one of the popular drama but it was criticized too but no one can deny that Feroze Khan did a brilliant job as a villain. Feroze Khan as Mir Hadi is surely one of the most powerful Villains in Pakistani dramas.

5) Ushna Shah as Nigaar:

Another good change from the typical timid type woman character to one of the most powerful villains in Pakistani dramas is Ushna Shah. The female as negative characters are underappreciated, perhaps because of the reason, the nation does not want to see women as a bad person. However one cannot deny the way Ushna performed in drama serial Balaa. Playing the role of a girl who ruins everything that comes in her way Nigaar is one of the most powerful villains in Pakistani dramas for sure.

4) Bilal Abbas as Wajih:

The innocent good looking man that later turns out a beast, Bilal Abbas as Wajih won the Pakistani nation heart. Bilal Abbas is also one of the most emerging talents of Pakistani drama industry. He has done a powerful role in drama serial Cheekh along with Saba Qamar. His character is also one of those powerful villains in Pakistani drama that people loved and his acting skills were admired by the Pakistani nation. The character is the most hated one and the actor is now the nation’s favourite.

3) Syed Jibran as Numair:

One of the most powerful, most hated and most villainous character is Numair in Chup Raho. The drama was criticized for portraying the sensitive issue of rape but the drama was highly appreciated too because of amazing performances of Sajal Aly and Syed Jibran. Jibran portrayed the role of an evil brother-in-law who raped her sister-in-law played by Sajal. The way Jibran portrayed his character shows that he is an amazing actor of Pakistan drama industry and Numair is one of the powerful villains in Pakistani dramas.

2) Asad Siddique as Jawad:

When we talk about the powerful villains in Pakistani dramas, it will be unfair not to discuss Asad Siddique role in drama serial Surakh Chandni. It is true that the drama could not get much recognition and this is the reason Asad performance got unnoticed. However, in our list of powerful villains in recent times, Asad proved himself as a good actor. The drama is about acid attack victim where Asad is the culprit and he does his best to make the girl life hell.

  1. Ahsan Khan as Imtiaz:

Ahsan Khan is mainly famous for his positive characters but after the drama serial Udaari, he has become one of those actors who performed powerful villain role. Whenever there will be the discussion about the most hated and most disgusting villains Imtiaz would be on the top of the list. The drama highlights the sensitive issue of child abuse and the way Ahsan performed his villain role proves that he can do any kind of character. His character instilled fear in people mind and he is still a memorable horrifying villain.

These are our powerful villains in Pakistani dramas from recent times.

Note: We make edits but all images belong to respective owners.

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