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Powerful Women: 15 points to Understand Them

Powerful women are everywhere around us. Women in this society are powerful, surviving on their own. The world has changed a lot and women are participating in the well being of society. Women are now in every profession of the world. They are contributing to making society progressive in every sense. While there are many women who are enjoying their rights as their families are supportive. There are many women who are bearing the intolerance ad are considered an inferior creatures.

It is also a fact that society is intolerant in case of powerful women. Every woman that is earning and try to live life according to her wishes is considered a threat. They think that the root cause of a women rebellion is knowledge that increases her consiocus towards her rights.

People are afraid to give education to a female because they know education gives them the courage to speak against injustice. It is the knowledge that gives the strength to speak against evil and demand their rights. When people are unable to give them justice they say women are difficult to understand. It is the knowledge that makes them powerful women.

Women’s Rights and debate by using religion

What Powerful women really want?

It seems like an old, boring and repetitive question. However, the question is, where is the answer that would be easy to understand so there would not be any complications, repetition, and jokes on this matter.

The jokes, old sayings and narratives can easily be understood as women started writing very late as compared to men. They were not allowed to get education and very few women used to get education in old times. Now a days, many women are writing and try to change the narrative by expressing their thoughts. Thisis the reason, there are many okes (sexist) on women as compared to men.

Moreover, powerful women are a nuisance to society so it is necessary to look into causes, problems and reasons why it so?

A few days back, I was watching a comedy show in which there was a discussion regarding “what women really want”. There were too many jokes regarding women that were not new to hear and the conclusion was women do not know themselves what they really want. (stereotype)

I deliberated on this question that why it is too much hard to understand women’s needs, wishes, and desires. I admit there are only a few things that I never faced as a privileged part of society but there are lots of issues that I go through and I am sure every woman does. I noticed that still, our society is unable to accept a powerful woman as it hurts the pride of men. For society, that woman is powerful who speaks for herself and stand against the wrong.

I am summing this up so society would know it is not rocket science to understand women. 

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A powerful Woman wants that:

  • A female child would be cherished the same as male.
  • Growing up, she wants that a girl should be equally appreciated on her achievements as the boy. She would enjoy the equal privilege of changing schools or get an education in the same high standard schools as the boys. Her mischief would be tolerated the same way as her brother’s.
  • A powerful woman wishes to walk and play, doing cycling in the streets, enjoy all the freedom as a kid that boys have.

  • While getting an education, her will would be considered the same at what subjects she wants to read, what field she wants to choose. She needs to get higher education too, not because she will earn and feed her parents but because education is equally important for women too.

  • Powerful women want that during a job, their pay should be the same as men of their society and their abilities should be recognized and appreciated as men.

  • A powerful woman wants, while walking on the road or even in some institutions, she would not be encountered by the sexist jokes. Harassment is another matter. She wants to walk on the road without the fear of being harassed or sexist jokes.
  • While doing a job, she would get the freedom of expression and freedom from the male gaze over my body. She wants to be appreciated because of her talent and abilities not because of her looks. She wants that men would not use sexist jokes to make me feel uncomfortable and try to low her morale. (It’s not funny at all, there should be some ethics)
  • In a relationship, a woman wants the equal care that she gives to her counterpart. She wants that her counterpart would consider her wishes and will too while taking a decision or while demanding some specific things.
  • A powerful woman wishes to be cherished as a human being like a man while in a relationship. It’s not when a man wants her to speak, she should, or when he wants to love her, she should be ready. She wants him to listen, to express her wishes, desires, and needs.

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  • Powerful women want that there should be no marriage pressure on them. They also want to enjoy life without the fear of rejection. With due respect, parents should stop forcing their decisions on their children. We know they have spent their lives, have the experience, they love us but they do not know how much rejection can cause depression to us.
  • We want that society will not mock us for having a dark complexion, short height, having fat over bodies and other features that do not fit on so-called standards set by society.
  • We want to do a job or not, this should be our choice.No one can force us to do a job or to leave a job.
  • We wish men’s families would be less harsh while treating a woman who had left behind her home, her parents and her dreams. The irony is, mostly women of male’s family treat them badly.
  • After marriage, the pressure to give birth to a male child is too much for a woman to handle and mostly it is not from husband but other women of the family. Overall its societal pressure, society keeps asking about the birth of the first baby, then they turn their question and emphasize the birth of a baby boy.

 These are all some of the simple facts and needs that women deserve and this is what a powerful woman wants from society. These are the basic wishes of woman and there is nothing complicated.

Powerful Women does not mean a naked women or a woman who wants to live with a man without marriage. When we talk about powerful women in Islam, we are in demand of rights, that Islam give us but society has snatched on the name of culture. On the name of culture, society is crushing women while claiming an Islamic society when its time to serve men.

We want the same respect, recognition of our efforts, admiration and love as men. To give the name of obscurity to a woman’s needs is just to ignore her wishes and desires. Women want the same as men. Men get offended by the fact or not this is another debate.

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