Pyar Ke Sadqay: A Breath of fresh air amidst of all non-stop miserable dramas

Pyar Ke Sadqay is Pakistani drama on-air these days. Amidst of all dramas that contain miserable and non-stoppable cries, Pyar Ke Sadqay is refreshing. Pyar Ke Sadqay is Hum TV drama and it has many plots and many bonds in terms of different kinds of relations.

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Pyar Ke Sadqay portraying characters with most positivity and it is not even boring:

The drama has focused on different types of relations but these are not similar to other dramas, these are something refreshing and different.

There are beautiful teasing and loving relationship between mother and daughter played by Salma and Yumna. It is loving, caring and it has a little bit of teasing. Their scenes are so much fun to watch.

The other beautiful relation is between Mahjabeen and her father. The father is concerned about the well-being of her daughter but he is also loving towards her daughter because he knows she is so innocent.

Abdullah and his mother’s relation are also of caring and lovable. His mother supports her son and makes assure him that there is nothing wrong with him. She believes in his son’s abilities and supports her.

Sarwar played by Omair Rana and Abdullah’s mother played by Atiqa Odho are married after the death of Abdullah’s father. Sarwar is younger than her and after he saw innocent and beautiful Mahjabeen, he is more irritated by her wife now. Abdullah’s mother has given all the responsibility of her business to Sarwar and she believes that he also takes care of her children that are from her first husband.

However in the latest episode, she clear to Sarwar that if he will blackmail that he will leave her then she is ready for all of this.

Sarwar has brought up Abdullah by planting in his mind that he cannot do anything. He beat Abdullah often and he has made him weak and due to this Abdullah has low confidence and failure in exams instead of hardworking.

Abdullah’s younger sister knows about Sarwar’s intention, however, her mother does not listen to her and she believes Sarwar. She has listened in childhood that Sarwar was telling someone that he married her mother due to property otherwise he does not care about her or her children.

Of course, if you will watch this drama, you will get more clearance about how different and refreshing this story is. Abdullah and Mahjabeen both are innocent humans.


Mahjabeen has no idea about the evil and conspiracies around her and she moves on in her life without any worries. Abdullah is also innocent and in spite of the fact that Sarwar beat him and scold him often, he calls him father. He fell in love with a beautiful rich girl who has zero interest in him as people believe that he is abnormal. However, he is not ready to accept her rejection.

Sarwar wanted to marry an innocent girl, however, in the pressure of his mother, he married a rich old woman (Abdullah mother). Now, when he saw Mahjabeen, he gets disturbed and regretted his decision. No doubt, he is the evil character in the drama, but he is a really good, natural and handsome actor.

Sarwar is definitely a selfish character, but I guess he is more victim of his mother’s wishes that tries to force her wishes on him. He put forth a marriage proposal to Mahjabeen’s father, but got a rejection and now he is even more selfish.

The bond of Mahjabeen parents is also very understanding. The relationship between Sarwar and Abdullah’s mother is more of a forceful relation. The relationship between Mahjabeen and Abdullah is sweet and feels so good because of their innocence. Until now it is mere friendship.

I really like the way the makers presented some issues but with light-hearted scenes and innocent characters. Yumna Zaidi and Bilal who have done absolutely different characters with perfection in Ishq Zahe Naseeb and Cheekh respectively show that they are one of the best actors of Pakistan.

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