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Here are the important English Literature questions on Arthur Miller life and works especially Death of a Salesman and All My Sons. Arthur Miller is one of the most famous English playwright and essayist.

Q1: When did Arthur Miller born?

Answer: He was born on October 17, 1915.

Q2: What was the nationality of Arthur Miller?

Answer: He was American.

Q3: What is the name of Arthur’s wife?

Answer: Her name is Marilyn Monroe.

Q4: What is the genre of Death of a Salesman?

Answer: The genre of Death of Salesman is a tragedy, family drama and social commentary.

Q5: What is the climax of Death of a Salesman?

Answer: The scene in Frank’s chop House and Biff’s final confrontation with Willy at home.

Q6: Who are the protagonists of Death of a Salesman?

Answer: Willy Loman and Biff Loman.

Q7: What are the symbols in Death of a Salesman?

Answer: Seeds, diamonds, Linda’s and The Woman’s stockings. the rubber hose

Q8: Who is Biff Loman?

Answer: He is thirty-four years elder son of Willy Loman.

Q9: What is the name of the woman Willy dreams about?

Answer: He sees a woman in his dream but we do not know her name.

Q10: What did Biff Loman steal from Oliver?

Answer: A Fountain Pen

Q11: Who fires Willy Loman from job?

Answer: Howard

Q12: How old is Willy Loman?

Answer: He is 62 years old.

Q13: What is the profession of Willy Loman?

Answer: He is a salesman

Q14: What were the names of Willy Loman’s sons?

Answer: Biff Loman and Happy

Q15: What was the name of the restaurant where Willy’s sons were going to take him out to eat?

Answer: Frank’s Chop House

Q16: Willy brags about meeting a mayor to his sons at a town, what is the name of the town?

Answer: Providence

Q17: What is the profession of Bernard who Willy made fun of during the boys’ high school years?

Answer: Law

Q18: What sport did Biff play?

Answer: Football

Q19: What was the name of Willy’s brother?

Answer: Ben

Q20: To what state did Willy wish that he had gone with his brother?

Answer: Alaska

Q21: Arthur Miller won a Pulitzer Prize for Death of a Salesman in?

Answer: He won that prize in 1949.

Q22: Willy’s all hopes are focused on his one child but he could not fulfil it?

Answer: Willy had high hopes regarding Biff.

Q23: On several occasions in the play, Willy often talks to his dead relative, What is the name of that relative?

Answer: It was his brother named Ben.

Q24: How does the Salesman die in Death of a Salesman?

Answer: He commits suicide by crashing his car.

Q25: What is the name of Willy Loman’s wife?

Answer: Her name is Linda Loman.

Q26: When did Arthur Miller write Death of a Salesman?

Answer: He wrote it in 1949

Q27: When did he wrote the play All My Sons?

Answer: He wrote All My Sons in 1946.

Q28: A movie version of “All My sons” had one of the finest actors in the lead role, who is the actor?

Answer: Edward G. Robinson

Q29: Which work of Arthur miller describes a relationship between brothers and their family memories?

Answer: The Price

Q30: What are the most recent works of Arthur Miller?

Answer: Broken Glass (1994), Mr Peter’s Connections (1998), Resurrection Blues (2002) and Finishing the Picture (2004)

Q31: What is the death date of Arthur Miller?

Answer: February 10, 2005

Q32: How many children Arthur Miller had?

Answer: He had four children.

Q33: What lies at the heart of All My Sons?

Answer: American Dream is the main theme of All My Sons.

These were the questions on the life and works of Arthur Miller.

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